The Mists of the Past

Ulquiorra stared at the figure of the ex-Sexta Espada in absolute rage. Grimmjow noticed and smiled. "Oh come on Ulquiorra are you going emotional on me?" The Grimmjow taunted. Ulquiorra looked back at his and Kakashi's teams as well as Noel then at Kakashi who had lifted his headband to reveal a Sharingan eye.

"Every one leave these two to myself and Kakashi. Stay back and protect Tazuna." Ulquiorra ordered.

Zabuza laughed and used his Hidden Mist Jutsu. "So which weak spot will I hit huh?" Zabuza's voice said from the mist.

"Doesn't matter I'll fill the rest of them full of holes." Grimmjow's voice chuckled. At that point Ulquiorra ripped out his left eye and crushed is in his hand. "Zabuza be careful!"

Zabuza had appeared behind Kakashi and was about to cut him in half but the dist that used to be Ulquiorra's eya ripped him to shreds but it turned out to be a water clone the dust then hit a second Zabuza clone and the two jumped onto the nearby lake but they were expected. "Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!" Kakashi and Ulquiorra were trapped in water speres. One by Zabuza the other by Grimmjow. Zabuza made more clones to attack the teams and the bridge builder but they weren't expecting Roxas to be ready for them.

"Ice Style: Black Dragon Blizzard!" Roxas thrusted his hand forward and a black dragon made of ice flew out to attack the clones. Most were hit and froze and then were shot by Margeret. "We'll take care of the clones! Get our senseis out of those prisons!" Roxas yelled as Noel and Margeret unleashed a true storm of bullets at the clones. Sasuke and Naruto nodded at them then at each other. Sasuke threw a giant shurikan at Zabuza who caught it but the a second appeared but the ex Mist ninja jumped over that one but then it turned out to be Naruto who thew a kunai making Zabuza release the prison to avoid getting hit. Grimmjow was too concerned over his partner to notice Ragna coming up from behind him and striking with a rising sword attack called Inferno Divider then linked an uppercut and a dropp kick smashing Grimmjow into the water freeing Ulquiorra whose eye had regenerated.

"What the hell? Are your students monsters Ulquiorra?" Grimmjow asked.

"Nope. I have a Nobody, and assasain, a liuetenent and a mass murderer." Ulquiorra chuckled. Kakashi and Zabuza were deuling it out only three feet away but Zabuza was freaked out by Kakashi's skills and was blasted by a huge torrent of water while Ulquiorra unleashed a cero on Grimmjow who flew into the water. When the water cleared the two hired sword had needles in their neck and a young child with a Hunter Nin's mask was in the tree.

"I would like to thank you for helping me with these two criminals Now then I must return them to the village." The Hunter Nin disappeared just as Kakashi and Ulquiorra collapsed.

Ulquiorra was once again in Nathanial's room and he was drinking tea with a really old man that Ulquiorra recognized as the Soul Society's head captain Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto. "Oh I see you used a cero." Nathanial said. Ulquiorra nodded and took a chair at the table. "If you're wondering what happened it's because you used a cero without awakening your true form first. Once you figure out how to use your release than you'll be able to usecero's without the strain.

"This is madness!" Yamamoto said staring at Ulquiorra. "He should be dead and done with!" Nathanial looked at Yamamoto.

"Are you questionong my judgement?" Nathanial asked looking calm but his eyes were filled with hate. "I would hope not. If it weren't for me...well let's just keep it there shall we?" Nathanial waved a hand at Ulquiorra and he disappeared. "Next time I kill you do you understand Lord First?"