I just looked at my story and I just relized that I havent updated since december I am soo sorry Ive had really bad writers block and my mom had a stroke just after I found my muse again! So this chapter is really short again im soo sorry!

Now on with the insanely short chapter

Back in the real world Minato and the others were watching Naruto worridedly until they heard a groan from kushina's bed. They gathered around her, only Kakashi stayed in the middle to keep an eye on Naruto should he wake up, as Kushina's eyes fluttered open, and she sat up clutching her head.

*groan* "What the Hell hit me?" she asked no one.

However Kakashi being Kakashi replied anyways, "The floor," causing kushina to jump. Her head snapped up as she gasped, with her migrane she had forgotten that she and naruto had been rescued. She was in absolute shock she had heard naruto when he said minato was out here (and she could now hear him complaining, both at being stuck with the kyuubi and her not really listening, through their mind link) but now she truly understood that she and her and her son were free and reunited with Minato. The road to recovery and family life would be hard for everyone but she was damn sure they would succeed.