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"Charlie you are so going to regret sending me off to this stupid summer camp, I mean do I look 7 to you. I don't think so; summer camp is for kids and I'm a teenager Dad, if you haven't noticed!" Arghh if he thinks I'm going without a fight, he's got another thing coming.

I was in my room arguing with Charlie, on the phone. Apparently someone told him about the drinking incident and so that just tipped him off enough to send me to a bloody summer camp.

"It's not exactly a summer camp Bells, just think of it as a holiday and have fun. You could learn a thing or two from the kids there you know."

Charlie, my Dad, is the chief of police in this little town called Forks. My mom left him with me when I was a baby and went to live in Phoenix. I grew up there, but in March I moved to Forks to stay with my dad because Phil, my mom's new husband and my step dad, was moving around a lot and I knew it made my mom unhappy staying with me so I thought that it was time to spend some quality time with Charlie.

But as soon as I got here I kept staying out late and drinking. I never got into drugs though, not with Charlie living under the same roof as me, too risky. Anyway so he thought I could overcome my 'difficulties' in summer camp. But it's not like I didn't drink before, it's just that Forks is such a small town and everyone knew where everyone else was so it was kind of hard not to get caught , and that wasn't much of a trouble in Phoenix cause it's so big.

"Yes it is dad, how an Earth is this going to help me, cause I just don't get it!"

"Bells, come on don't be like that, it's just something different. You might even like it!"

"Arghh, no I won't, why are you doing this to me. I don't want to go there. I want to spend my summer here in Forks with my friends, not with a bunch of strangers."

"Aww come on you'll know Britney, remember her, your mom told me you were good friends in Phoenix, still are actually and if you spend your summer here you'll just end up drinking Bella. I know how you're like. And soon enough you'll be drinking your whole life away, and I don't want that kind of future for you Bella." Charlie replied.

"What Britney's going… I haven't seen her in ages! I guess it can't be that bad, but if I don't like it can I come back dad. Please?" I whined. Yeah I know, but I was really desperate.

"I don't know Bells..I guess but you have to atleast give it a try." Charlie replied, unsure.

"How many weeks are we talking here Dad?"

"3 weeks Bells."

"3! Dad that's half of the summer!"

"It's either that or 6 full weeks and I don't care if you don't like it." Charlie retorted.

"Alright then, whatever. I'll go!"

"Good. Am coming home now then, bye."

"Bye, Dad." I grumbuled.

I shut the phone in my hand and put it on my bedside table. It can't be that bad I guess, hopefully I'll get a tan, so that's good and atleast I'll know Britney. I'm still not giving up though. I'll make him regret sending me there when I come back. He'll be sorry.

I had just finished packing all my belongings in my suitcases and went downstairs and left them by the door. I quivkly went upstairs and put my phone on charge and put my ipod in my handbag. Tomorrow I'll be boarding a plane to Phoenix to start my summer camp. Arghh, and I thought life couldn't get any worse.

I went to the bathroom with my toiletries, pyjamas and had a shower, trying to take my mind off of everything. After I got changed into my gray shorts and blue tank top I dried my hair and went into bed. I set my alarm clock to 9:30 am and went to sleep. My flight wasn't till 10:50 am so I would have plenty of time. Soon I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


'Beep, Beep, Beep ,Beep'

"Arghh! Shut up you stupid..ahh." I quickly found the off button and pressed it.

I lifted my head from the pillow and checked the time, 9:32 am. Yep today's the day.

I quickly shuffled out of the bed and wnet to open my curtains. Wow it's actually sunny today. I quickly grabbed my stuff and went for a shower. When I came out I dressed in a dark blue tight fitting top with a pair of white jean shorts and some blood red stilettos. On top of the top I put a white waistcoat and put on heavy mascara, red lipstick and some eyeliner. I grabbed my sunglasses before I went downstairs for some breakfast.

I quickly prepared eggs and bacon and set up a plate for me and Charlie. 5 minutes later Charlie came down the stairs looking grouchy. He's just not a morning person.

"Good Morning Dad!" I said in my most cheeriest voice just to piss him off.

"G'Mornin." Was all I heard before he scoffed his breakfast down. I went to grab the carton of orange juice and poured us each a glassful, the tucked into my breakfast.

When I finished I went upstairs and collected the last of my belongings and went downstairs to check up on Charlie.

"Come on Dad. We'll be late!" I screeched at him. Yes I was that stressed!

"Yeah, I'm coming" Charlie replied, slightly frustrated. His fault he booked it in the morning!


When we finally got to the airport I ran to the terminal to get on the plane, with Charlie lagging behind with me heaviest suitcases (He deserves it, he made me late!). The lady by the door was just about to block the way but – no thanks to Charlie – I got through.

I quickly gave Charlie a very awkward hug, he wasn't the emotional type, and made my way through to First Class, yes I said First Class. Renée didn't want me to hate her for suggesting sending me to summer camp, so she's trying to buy me with as much as she can, also because Phil's paying for it.

I couldn't find my seat and went around for a while looking like a right idiot, finally I located seat '2B', by the windows. On seat '2A' there was a boy or should I say man and he looked...err...well pissed off to be honest. I wonder what his problem is? He had bronze messy hair that I just wanted to touch. I stumbled to my seat, passing in front of him. He finally noticed and looked at my luggage! Hello I'm up here!

"I think you need to ask the hostess to put them away." Said the sexiest voice I have ever heard.

I looked up at him and my jaw fell open, just a bit. He was the most gorgeous guy I had ever laid eyes upon. He had scorching gold eyes and such pale skin, his bronze hair completed his look to perfection.


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