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"You're gonna wish you didn't punch me when I've finished with you." He chuckled darkly. I started to thrash against him, but him grip was too tight and I didn't have the strength to scream. I closed my eyes tight as I continued to struggle against him but stopped when I felt a cold hand on top of mine.

"What do you think you're doing James?"


I heard someone shout; they had a southerner drawl to their voice and smelt mouth-wateringly good!

I immediately opened my eyes and saw that it was the blonde boy that was standing beside Alice when Sharon was handing the rings out.

He looked really handsome in the dark; his eyes were the exact same scorching amber colour as hers. I hardly realised as James let go of me. I took a step away from both of them and just observed him, the boy.

He was holding James hands behind him back. I could see how much restraint it took him, the murderous look in his eye.

The wind picked up and was thrashing against my skin, I shivered. "Th-thanks, erm.."

"Jasper," He replied. His voice was sound almost angelic without the venom in it as was when he saved me from James.

"Jasper, thank you." I whispered.

"Get the fuck off me!" James thrashed against his hold. I looked to see him desperately trying to get away from Jasper.

I finally got my courage back and took a few steps in front of James. "Who the hell do you think you are? You disgust me!" I yelled at his as I slapped him across his cheek. My hand hurt a bit but I tried not to show it. I swiftly turned my back and walked into my cabin.

It was dark inside so the others were probably still in the Heart Space. I unlocked the door and turned the lights on.

I went into the bathroom and had a shower and brushed my teeth. I yawned as I got changed into my PJ's. I leant on the window ledge as I opened my window as I looked up in the sky. There was a full moon tonight.

I wish I was at home, in my crappy room with my squeaky window.

I got down and went into the fridge to look for something to eat, I was a bit peckish. I grabbed a yogurt and got a spoon out of the drawer, then sat down on my bed, eating it.

I heard my phone buzz and saw that it was a text from Charlie. I never got a text from Charlie, like ever. I didn't even know that he knew this type of communication existed!

Hey Bells, how is it going? Hope you are okay. :)

Erm, okay. A bit weird. He hardly ever texts. I quickly wrote a reply.

Hey dad, yeah it's alright so far. I'm good. Going to go to sleep now, bye.

I threw the empty yoghurt pot in the bin and turned the lights off. I got into my bed and slowly drifted off to sleep thinking of what Edward was doing right now.


I caught up with Alice after the counsellors left.

"How was the plane ride Edward?" She asked as soon as she saw me moving towards her.

"You do not know how much I want to thank you right now Alice, but you could have at least warned me." I replied.

She shook her head. "If I told you, you would have been beyond worried and wouldn't have gotten here till Wednesday. Besides it wasn't that bad, you got to meet her didn't you? Oh I think I'm going to mingle now. Bye." She merged into the crowd of people at the center of the room. There was something shifty about her today.

I sat down on one of the chair surrounding the edges of the room. I looked around to see where she was, I know she was here because I heard her name being called out before and I saw her looking at me.

After the bracelets and rings were given out, the counsellors left us to mingle. I moved to the dark corner of the room and stared at the beauty that was Bella. She walked in between the swamp of people dancing and talking away. It looked as though she was looking for someone.

'Now's the chance to rekindle myself with the ever lovely Bella.' I snapped my head up to see James looking at Bella inappropriately.

Alice pushed me back down in my seat just as I was getting up. I looked up at her annoyed. 'Don't Edward, you'll cause a scene. Jasper will go.' She motioned to Jasper and he complied.

"See? Nothing to worry about." The pixie smiled.

I shook my head and looked up to where Bella was, she wasn't there anymore though. I heart a drumming heartbeat and followed my gaze to where it was coming from. Bella was leading James outside, on her own accord it seemed.

My frozen heart dropped down even lower as I saw the look on James's face. I looked down and turned my attention elsewhere.

Why was I feeling like this, this emotion was unknown to me? It just felt like the ground had swallowed me in and I had nothing left to exist for.

I looked around the room and spotted a few girls giggling and smiling my way. I shuddered as their thoughts entered my head. I had to get out of here. I took the back exit just as I heard Jasper's thoughts.

'Stupid boy! How could he be so naïve. I need to explain to properly to him, he needs to understand. I can't lose that kind of gift.'

"Jasper?" I called out.

'I'm here Edward.' He replied back in his head.

"What's up?" He asked as I rounded the corner. I took in his stance, he looked uncomfortable.

"Nothing, I just came out here, had to get away from it you know." I dug my hands in my pockets as I looked at him.

He chuckled as he nodded his head, "Getting too much again? Hah, I'd love to see how you'd do if I gave a big blast of lust in a room full of girls. You wouldn't be able to make it out alive!" I rolled my eyes.

"Talking about girls, what was all that about?" I motioned to where Bella left.

"Oh, erm nothing. Just some trouble from James."

"The sleazy one?" I asked.

He chuckled, "Yeah, I don't know what his problem is you know. He just has to cause trouble."

I backed Jasper again the wall as the anger seeped through me. "Jasper get your shit together, if he tells anyone the Volturi will surround us in a click of your fingers. We do not need any more trouble! You better keep him on a fucking tight leash." I growled.

"Sheesh, what got you running around in circles?" Jasper pushed my hands off him. "It's not a girl is it?" He laughed as he headed back in.

"Jasper," I whispered.

"Okay, I'll talk to him and makes sure he understands." He sighed as he went back to Alice.

"You better," I said as I walked back to my cabin.

I waited until the humans were asleep before I left the cabin in search of my siblings. They were waiting under a big oak tree deep in the woods.

"Took you long enough." Rosalie tapped her foot as I caught up to them.

I ignored her as we trekked deeper into the woods, away from the humans.

"Come on Rosie, let's get this over with so we can spend a little time together." Emmett boomed as we split up.

I ran for two minutes until I could smell mountain lion. I closed my eyes as I concentrated on where the smell was coming from and then took off. I had the lion down by its neck in a matter of seconds and bit down on its jugular. I could feel the blood flowing down my neck as I sucked the carcass dry. I found another two after that and as soon as I finished the third one, I went back to my family who were waiting under the same tree.

"Before you ask, yes I have. They're glad we're having fun and want to make sure we're being careful." Alice chimed before I had time to say a word.

"Great, how's Carlisle doing with the Vancouver project?" I asked.

"Eughh, I didn't ask… Hey, you only thought about that now. Quit screwing around with my power Edward!" She whined.

I chuckled as I sat down on the branch of the tree. "It's okay, I'll ask him later. So is there anything else?" I asked as I searched her mind. All I could see hear was the French national anthem translated in German. "Alice, what are you up to?"

She looked shocked and threw a stick at me. "What, is a girl not allowed to have privacy anymore?" I rolled my eyes as I crushed the twig into crumbs.

"So folks, we're going to head back in, see you bright and early forest troopers!" Emmett joked as he ran back into the forest with Rosalie to do god knows what.

Jasper left soon after them with Alice in tow. That left me by myself, again. This was probably the only time I really felt alone, when everyone went off in their pairs, leaving me by myself. I looked up at the starlit sky and heard the utter silence of the night. This was what I wanted, complete and utter silence, no noise or chatter in my head. I thought I'd do a little jog around the camp, there seemed to be nothing wrong but that James guy still bugged me, I couldn't trust him.

I ran around the camp twice before I heard my name being called. I thought someone had seen me but no one was there, it was that same angelic voice I had heard in the aeroplane so I knew it could only be her.

I ran to her cabin, she was next to the window, the moonlight illuminating her face.

"Edward," She whispered again, just like on the plane. I wanted so badly to just reach out and hold her, it seemed like her body was aching for my touch. But it was too risky, the cabin was full of girls; at least one of them would've caught me if I did.

I sighed as I leaned against the window. I don't what it was about her but something always made me come back to her. I didn't have to help her at the airport but I did, and spent a helluva time trying to figure out way, but nothing made sense. She was a human, and I'm a vampire. Nothing can come from us being together, just trouble from the Volturi.

I was too lost in my own thoughts to realised Bella had woken up and was staring straight at me through her window.

"Shit," I whispered as I started back at her. I had about a second to react until she would scream and I had no idea what to do.

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