Is It Really A Malfunction?

A Crossover Fanfiction

My Life as a Teenage Robot and Pokemon

Author's Note: Those who know me offline, know that I am just about obsessed with pokemon. While I mainly focus on the video game area of the site, I thought I'd try my hand at a Cartoon fic for once. No, this does not follow the Pokemon Anime, more along the lines of the games.

Disclaimer: I do not own any pokemon, character, or place seen in this fictional piece. I only own my OC and his pokemon. Cameos of other people's characters may be seen, and they will be given credit at the beginnings of the chapters they are seen.

Any likenesses to any people fictional or real, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Summary: When a newcomer to Tremorton causes a ruckus, Jenny finds that dealing with aliens was easy in comparison to dealing with the boy called 'Surma'.


The gentle breeze on the wind, the scent of blooming wildflowers and grass and pine whispering along with it; nothing could quite beat the feeling of being on the open road. Even if one's feet hurt quite badly after a few hours of walking.

But the gentle buzzing hum of bicycle treads over the ground meant that Surma Delani didn't quite have to deal with that for a while. Perched in the basket of the bicycle was a smallish creature, no more than a foot tall, and rather egg-like.

Well, egg-like in the sense that it was encased in an eggshell speckled with red and blue triangles, which protected most of the creature. A spiked head came from the top, and it had a small face. Beady black eyes, wide with youth, looked around at the scenery as it zipped by, a smile on its face. It's arms and legs stubby and small, more like nubs than anything else.

It sat back, looking quite content with letting the young lad do all the work. Surma had been what was called a 'Pokemon Trainer' for precisely two years, eleven months, three weeks, and six days. He had struggled with not having the admiration that his brothers had for many a year before he could start his own 'journey to adulthood' as it was often called.

It'd been hard to get his starting pokemon, a young Torchic, to even follow him. It was rather displeased with having this novice as a trainer, so it refused to listen to him. In the end, his eldest brother, Gregory, decided to raise it. He gave to Surma in exchange, a strange pokemon which was called Magnemite. Surma was overjoyed to have the strange magnet-like pokemon, for it actually listened to him. He dubbed it 'Minimite', for it was very small for a Magnemite, or so Gregory had told him.

And so his journey had begun…

But that was before he figured out that pokemon training was not as easy as first depicted in stories and legends. It was hard work. And he found that out the hard way when Minimite and he encountered their first fire-type opponent. It'd been a cocky trainer with a Slugma. The molten slug was possessing an ability he'd never encountered before, called Flame Body… which inflicted a nasty burn on Minimite when he'd struck with a Tackle.

That was the day when he realized, he was not just doing this journey for himself. He was traveling for Minimite's sake as well. Surma had vowed from hat day hence that all the pokemon he would capture were his friends. And so he did, journeying far from his hometown of Oldale.

It'd been when he was in Vermillion that he'd learned of a ferry going to a place called 'America'. Surma had jumped at the chance to visit someplace new, for he'd already traveled to places where pokemon thrived. In America, there was said to be no pokemon at all, similar to the Orre region.

And now, deep in American lands… he found himself quite lost and without aid. While no pokemon thrived, they were there in hiding. He found that out the hard way when he'd stepped on an Oddish that'd been sleeping with it's leafy top aboveground, disguised as grass.

It'd been enraged, casting up a dense cloud of poison, striking one of his newer pokemon friends hard. Unable to help, he was currently rushing blindly to what he hoped was a town with a decent hospital, his suffering friend tucked away in its ball, so it would be spared from any further damage.

It was nightfall before he saw the lights of a new town. He breathed a sigh of relief, exhausted from riding the bike all day. But as he zipped into the quiet town, Surma was unaware of the trouble he would unintentionally cause in the days that come.

Author's End Note: Yes, I know this chapter was mostly focused on Surma, but I wanted people to get a feel for the guy, before I get into the thicket of the story. He does not have a full team of six, instead having five pokemon, As to what they are, you'll have to be patient… you'll see them somewhere around chapter two. You already know two of them.