A/N: This came to me this morning and I just had to put it down. It's deliberately short and sexy. Everyone needs someone to cuddle and love them even our curmudgeon of a Commander. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Arriving in Megakat City

His sleepy mind desired one thing when awakening beside a warm body. Rolling close he tried to cuddle the other but his one night stand, as always, moved away reflexively. That was when he would wake completely and frown irritably at himself.

Why he always tortured himself seeking something from strangers he would never understand. Grunting at himself with self loathing, he slipped from the bed and went to the bathroom. As he showered off, the euphoria of the night slipped away as it always did when he had a stranger in his bed.

If it were possible, he would never have one there at all but his body would continually harp at him if he didn't see to its needs. So he would capitulate every few months or so and remain celibate the rest of the time.

All he ever wanted was someone who cared about him, someone to wake up in the morning with and who would cuddle him close, saying such wonderfully sweet things like; 'I love you', 'you smell good in the morning,' 'let's just cuddle here,' and 'I could do this forever.' But such things would never be there for him and he'd resigned himself to mornings of loneliness and desires unfulfilled.


Across the ocean and over a distant mountain range, in the Tymurr Federation another male was just going to sleep...alone. He was resigned to his solitary life, his career being his only outlet and connection to others.

He was tall, lean and well muscled with thick, plush, fur the color of silver tipped with black. His hair was black with a silver streak in a forelock that hung almost into his eyes. Bars of black stripped his arms and legs as well as each cheek on his face but his most arresting feature were his amazing eyes. It was a color rarely seen, a blue that was more purple in hue. They drew many an admiring look but the hard, coldness reflected in them made any prospective date shy away instantly.

He'd long since given up seeking anything but temporary relief for his body. Any hope of a relationship and someone to cuddle up to gone with his youth and dreams of being happy and loved.

Waking the next morning, a rather dismal day of rain greeted him as he dressed for work. His sharp looking red and gold uniform clashed rather badly with his silver coloring but it was the uniform of the Tymurr Federation military of which he was a member.

When he reported for duty, his commander handed him an assignment that made him grimace with distaste.

"Whatever possessed Davers to go there?" He asked, annoyed.

"That's what you're going to find out. Something big must be in the wind for a big time munitions dealer to dare leave his own turf for a danger zone like Megakat City," his superior snorted.

"Or it could be we got far closer to him, forcing him to rabbit, than we'd originally thought," Strader mused.

"I'd like to think so. All those months of chasing him down had to amount to something but taking off to that benighted city wasn't a move I would have thought him scared or suicidal enough to do," the commander said, shaking his head. "Well, whatever his reason was, you're going to have to fetch him. He crossed borders illegally so we finally have something to tag him with."

"What? That doesn't make sense!" Strader objected, strongly. "Davers was canny enough to avoid overtly breaking the law for years even though we knew he was dirty. To make such a bonehead mistake now isn't like him."

"I agree with you. This morning, I received a tip that thought Davers had made a deal with one of those damned omegas and got burned when it went sour," the commander dropped casually.

"What? Pardon me, sir, but no way was Davers that stupid. He may have been making a deal but it was most likely with a third party. He may have learned who the first party was and tried to back out. Now that would make more sense," Strader said firmly.

The commander eyed him thoughtfully. "Hmm, that does make sense and explains his sudden trip to Megakat though more than likely that hadn't been his choice which would explain why he did it illegally," he mused.

Strader nodded and said grimly, "Definitely not his choice and I could just see someone like that hard ass Dark Kat being the one shafted and sending out a party of his ninjas to snatch the person that reneged on the deal."

"Unfortunately, so do I. We were just lucky that someone had spotted Davers leaving town or we might never have known where he'd gone," his boss agreed. "So, you're going to have to try and find out what really happened and bring back Davers. If Dark Kat is involved, we don't want to tip him off that we know about him being involved, so you will be going in incognito. Hook up with Commander Feral. It's his turf! He's going to be upset finding out a gun dealer of Davers caliber is now in his city whether under duress or not. I'll call ahead so he's not surprised while you get on the next flight for Megakat City."

"Yes sir. Uh, is Feral that difficult to work with?"

The commander smiled, a knowledgeable look in his eyes. "He can be a complete asshole with a violent temper but he's also very sharp and an excellent commander despite the bad publicity he gets that says otherwise. I don't envy that big bastard working with such an idiot mayor and having those two vigilantes in his fur all the time. I'd have left that place long ago. Just be polite and respectful but don't kiss ass. He has a second that does that already and he despises him."

"Sounds like he and I will get along fine, sir," Strader grinned, maliciously.

Snorting, the commander said, "either that or you'll be at each other's throat. Just don't get into a row with him, hard as that is for you. Good luck and keep your hide intact. Can't afford to lose my best inspector."

"I promise to take due care, sir," Strader said, amused, saluting then leaving his superior's office to pack his things and catch the next flight out.


After a very long twelve hour flight and two time zones, Strader's plane landed at the huge Megakat International Airport. He prevented serious jet lag by sleeping on the plane to acclimate himself to the different time zone. It had been lunchtime in Tymurr when he left but it was just the beginning of the work day in Megaka when he arrived.

Yawning, he retrieved his single bag from the overhead storage, made a brief stop to freshen up at a restroom before heading to the taxi stand. Within minutes he was heading toward the huge enforcer building that towered above most of the city scape.


In his top floor office, Feral scowled at the pile of reports waiting for him. It was higher than normal due to a run in with Hard Drive last evening. They and those annoying SWAT Kats failed to tag the techno thief.

When the dust had settled, he was no closer to figuring out why the techno thief was down at the docks. That certainly wasn't his usual M.O. which made him think HD had been a diversion for something or someone else entirely. An image of Dark Kat flashed in his mind...too often Hard Drive was forced to do things for that psycho omega and this could have been one of those times.

His desk of files was the result of that suspicion. The reports were on what normal activity was supposed to be going on at that particular wharf, input from his transport officers that monitored the shipping traffic in the area, inputs from their stable of snitches that frequented that part of the docks and any data his department of illegal firearms, drugs, and alcohol managed to dig up.

It would take him most of the morning to weed through all this data. It was normally something his second would take care of but he didn't trust Steele to ferret out the info they needed and his assistant, Sgt Fallon was already too busy handling all the other matters Feral couldn't take care of right now plus his myriad of other duties.

Sighing, he pushed his sleeves up and began to work, a cup of coffee nearby to keep him going. It was going on nine when his secretary interrupted him. He scowled at his intercom as he hit the button.


"Sir, Inspector Strader from the Tymurr Federation is here to see you."

Feral rolled his eyes and sighed. He'd nearly forgotten that an agent from a foreign country would be coming in this morning. 'Damn, what bad timing,' he thought in disgust but told his secretary, "send him in."

"Yes sir." The pretty and efficient middle aged secretary smiled at the handsome tom before her and said, "you may go in, sir."

"Thank you," Strader said, bowing his head politely before walking to the heavy door and opening it.

The first thing the inspector noted was the size of the office which was huge but nearly bare of furniture. Across from the door was a huge wall of windows that held a spectacular view of the city. To the far right of the windows was a big pedestal desk set two steps from the floor. No chairs sat before it, though there was a couch, two chairs, and a table a little ways from the window plus some potted plants to relief the starkness of the space. Next to the door was a coat tree holding a heavy overcoat with commander epaulets on it.

After that quick look, his attention was firmly fixed on the occupant of the desk. Sitting back in his big, high backed, swivel chair, to stare at him, was a huge tom. His shoulders were very broad and he had an impressive chest that was obviously all muscle that strained his dress shirt whose sleeves were pushed up to reveal bulging, muscular arms.

The dark tom had a head of precisely cut black hair, piercing eyes of an amazing gold surrounded by natural black lines that only accentuated their huge size and his fur was an overall dark brown. The face that studied him was rugged with a large square chin and he had a small mustache of black.

A sudden hot warmth suffused his body as he stared at the impressive tom. He realized with a jolt that he found the tom very attractive and so very hot. It took all his hard won skills to keep a bland expression on his face and not be panting with his tongue hanging out at the stunning image before him. He was grateful for the coat his was wearing as his cock had decided to show an interest too.

Feral eyed the stranger and felt his heart gallop the moment those amazing purplish-blue eyes stared into his. 'Wow! What a looker!' He thought giddily, glad he had perfected his stone face or he'd be devouring the male with his eyes. All that silver fur tipped in black made him want to sink his fingers in to see if it was as plush as it looked. He'd couldn't remember the last time he felt this way about a male.

The inspector was dressed simply, obviously incognito, since Feral knew the Tymurr's uniforms were a very bold red and gold. What he wore now was a navy suit paired with a powder blue dress shirt, dark blue tie with silver streaks through it, and highly polished black shoes on his feet. He looked soo yummy that Feral felt his cock rise with definite interest.

Neither male realized they'd been staring at each other an unseemly length of time until the visitor got a hold of himself and walked up to the desk. When he moved, Feral was able to come out of his own stupor and stand up to walk down his pedestal to greet him.

"Hello, sir. My name is Dimitri Strader," he said extending his paw.

"Ulysses Feral, pleased to me you," Feral said, shaking the paw and feeling a zing up his arm; causing him to suck in a quick gasp of air, his nose catching notes of lanolin, jet fuel, and cinnamon wafting up from the tom as well as arousal. That last nearly made him blush. 'Oh, so he's attracted too,' he thought inanely as he carefully released the tom's paw, pleased with the nice firm grip as he did so.

Strader's paw was nearly swallowed up in Feral's and felt so right there that he had a hard time letting go. It didn't escape his notice that the big tom found him just as attractive.

'Well, at least we're not going to be butting heads but keeping our paws off each that might be a problem,' he thought to himself, as he carefully took a slight inhale of air to catch the tom's scent. Arousal was there as was a stew of odors; gun oil, coffee, some kind of herbal body wash, and a deeper scent of musk laced with cedar.

'Okay, I've got to have this guy before I leave this city, but right now work is on the agenda,' he promised himself as he carefully put some distance between the two of them.

Feral felt Strader step back and assume a professional mien, his paws clasped behind his back. Shaking himself mentally, he got himself in paw as well and refocused himself on the reason for the inspector's presence here but promised himself that he would see if the tom would like to get together after this.

With their personal agenda's set the pair of males got down to business.

"I know my commander has spoken with you on why I'm here. Do you have any new information on where I can find my target," Strader asked politely.

Feral sighed, turned and waved at his desktop. "See that? That's all the information I've been able to have collected and I've already spent the last hour combing through much of it but haven't found anything yet."

Strader stared at the stack of reports and files and frowned. 'Why on earth hadn't Feral given most of the research to his assistant or second,' he wondered then remembered, 'he can't because his second is a nitwit...he must be short handed.'

"Then may I offer my assistance in the search, sir. We may cover it much faster that way," he offered, quietly. "Did you start this search due to our problem or did something else happen while I was in transit?"

Feral eyed him a moment then stared at the desk. "Your commander informed me that a gun broker was making a deal through a third party and got cold feet when he learned who the first buyer was. You suspect Dark Kat was the actual buyer and that he stole the broker away in revenge and brought him here. Before I could investigate your claim, Hard Drive caused trouble on the docks and made a big mess. I have suspicions that he was only there to cause a diversion for something Dark Kat was having done. Those reports are everything we could get on things both legitimate and illegitimate on the docks. Your help would be useful now to get through that mess faster. I'll give you the reports from the transportation inspectors and half the files from my BTF unit." He went to his desk and pawed through various reports making a stack. He handed those over to Strader. "All yours. Here's a pad and pen as well."

"Thank you, sir," Strader said, carrying the stack to the sitting area to get started. The additional information Feral had given him, firmed his suspicions that Dark Kat had taken Davers now all he had to do was prove it and find the missing crook.

Feral sat back down and shoved the distracting emotions about the male to the back of his mind and set to work again.