Chapter 3: Two Lonely Souls

Feral rubbed his tired eyes as he finished clearing up the mess Dark Kat had left behind. He'd learned what the omega was up to finally, and was appalled at how close they'd come to total oblivion. If Dark Kat had managed to succeed in his mad plan nearly half the city would have been wiped off the map and he could take over with ease. So Feral was thoroughly relieved the black widow hadn't imploded its cargo when it landed on the ground.

They discovered this nasty surprise when he sent in his enforcers to collect Dark Kat's unconscious form and the few living ninjas aboard. A sharp eyed trooper had spotted the deadly little device in the bomb bay still nestled in its launching tube while he was searching for more of the crew.

His bomb squad were nearly freaked by what they'd pulled out. He knew it wasn't good when they called for backup and a stronger container for whatever it was they'd found. It made an even more profound impact on him when the bomb crew brought out their now filled container with exaggerated care and loaded it on a specially padded vehicle, not even willing to try and disarm whatever it was on the spot.

When he got the report later, Feral paled. How in god's name did this Deavers character get his paws on a nuclear warhead? Angry, he set his special ops division to searching out all the tom's known associates and connections to the arms trade and plug the leak.

He was fervently glad Deavers was dead since it meant his skill at procuring such deadly toys was now at an end.

It was nearly nightfall when he finally shut down his computer, locked his desk, and went to get his coat on. Sgt Fallon had come in about two hours earlier to deliver Strader's invitation which he was now eager to accept despite feeling exhausted. The prize was so worth the loss of a night's sleep.

Stifling a yawn, he locked his door and headed out. Climbing into his hummer, he set off into the light traffic for Strader's hotel.

By the time he arrived, his stomach was grumbling. A valet took his keys as he alighted and made for the double glass doors. He passed the reservation desk and headed straight for the elevator bank. A car arrived within seconds and he pressed the floor where Strader's room was located.

Something smelled delicious and made his nose twitch when he reached the right door. Raising his paw, he knocked firmly, receiving a response within minutes. A warmly smiling Dimitri, dressed in white linen slacks and open necked powder blue shirt, greeted him and gestured for him to enter. Smiling back, Feral stepped through the doorway and into the medium sized room.

A queen size bed was near the rear of the space but the table that was normally near the window now stood just a few feet inside the door and was set for a meal. A delivery cart with covered dishes sat nearby while a bottle of wine was open to breathe, waiting for them on the table itself.

"Hmm, something smells heavenly. How did you know I'd be hungry?" Feral asked as he took off his coat and handed it to the silver tom.

Chuckling, Strader carried the heavy great coat to his tiny closet near the door and hung it up as he answered, "because I've done my own share of late night catchup and knew you wouldn't take the time to halt long enough to eat more than a small sandwich and coffee."

"You'd be right." Feral looked around and saw Strader had prepared for the evening with attention to all the details for a night that wouldn't end until morning. A feeling of warmth and excitement spread through him despite his tiredness.

He turned his head to watch Strader come over to the table. Eyeing the handsome tom appreciatively, he murmured, "...planned for everything did we?"

Strader gave him a small devilish smirk. "You like?"

"Oh definitely."

Pleased, Strader gestured to the table, "I'm glad. Shall we eat?" He took the wine and poured two glasses full before sitting down.

Dinner was enjoyable and captivating. Feral hadn't had someone he could truly confide in since his early days as a lowly officer. At his present rank, he had more enemies than friends and none of those understood what he went through to keep this city safe. Ever since Dimitri's arrival in the city, Feral felt some of the tension from his myriad of burdens ease significantly during their many talks.

The feeling of comfortable camaraderie wasn't one sided either, because Dimitri felt exactly the same. He had found it thoroughly cathartic to unload his many frustrations with politics, rampant underfunding, favoritism in the ranks, and all the other little irritations that made up his job, on Ulysses and have the big tom truly understand, listen and commiserate with him. It made the burdens they each bore, so much easier to handle and wonderfully freeing as well.

It was then they truly realized how well matched they were. Even though it had only been days since they'd met and they hadn't share a bed, they still felt a powerful connection that transcended mere sexual attraction.

Falling silent, they thought about how their lives were and how much better they could be if the two of them were together. The very air seemed to fairly vibrate with the intense longing the two of them felt so keenly, to never be alone again. However, a desire so personal was hard for them to express or speak of aloud so they sat there a bit shy and uncertain with each other.

It was Dimitri who made the first move to break the stalemate as he downed the last of his wine then rose to his feet.

Feral eyed him silently as he finished his own wine and waited to see what Dimitri would do first. He was surprised when the silver tom moved to stand behind him, placing his strong fingers over each shoulder and beginning a firm massage of Feral's broad shoulders which were tight and knotted from stress.

The dark tom moaned with relief as Dimitri's massage eased the tension he simply endured rather than sought professional assistance to correct.

Dimitri smiled when he heard Uly's moan, knowing he was helping the tom relax as he continued to forcibly knead the unhealthily knotted shoulder and neck muscles. He wasn't surprised Feral was this stiff, knowing he was probably the same but maybe not nearly as bad.

He dug and worked the muscles until they finally loosened and the dark tom was purring, totally at ease for the first time in recent memory. Leaning down close to Feral's ear, he murmured softly, "feel better?"

"Ohhh, much better...thank you," Ulysses rumbled, rolling his shoulders, appreciatively. Turning his head, he found they were eye to eye. "I do so love those incredible eyes of yours...never seen anything so beautiful before," he murmured softly, closing in to kiss the tom lightly on the lips, tasting the wine Dimitri had drunk.

Dimitri murred heatedly. He was pleased the dark tom chose gentleness as a prelude to their joining.

Though Feral didn't know it yet, Dimitri much preferred a slow, thoughtful study of each other rather than a violent and wild taking which some of the males he'd been with in the past seemed to desire. The slower route allowed each to take their time to get better acquainted; touching, caressing, and kissing while building the tension more strongly toward the actual mating.

Feral smoothly moved from his seat to standing, his arms encircling the silver tom's body to pull them into a more intimate embrace as he continued the kiss, tasting and delving into that hot, tasty mouth. He could sense, Dimitri liked this slower approach which pleased him greatly.

There was no feeling of urgency to hurry toward the bed, meaning more time to explore which he did, kissing Dimitri's mouth, face and neck, while his paws caressed and stroked the lean back as his powerful arms kept them close.

Their need thrummed between them, proclaiming more than anything else, how badly each tom craved the touch of another. It was obvious they'd been too long denied this simple comfort which others took for granted.

After a long pleasurable interlude, by mutual consent, they began moving toward the bed. Their paws stripped one piece of clothing off at a time, leaving a trail of ties, shirts, belts, shoes, pants, and socks behind, ending up at the bed with only their boxers still on.

Still remaining wrapped in each others arms, they fell to the bed. Hot for each other from their preliminary foreplay, it was time to satisfy some primal urges. But these were two males were very dominant so no one was giving in that easily to playing the sub part.

A loving wrestling match commenced with Feral taking an early lead. The air quickly filled with grunts, groans, and oofs of displaced air as they struggled for dominance. Kissing was interspersed with wrestling holds, nuzzles, and licks to ears and face that sent messages of heat and need through their bodies.

Feral adored the feel of Dimitri's thick, plush fur beneath his fingers. It was as lush as he'd been dreaming it would be and he couldn't wait to bury his face in it but Dimitri was giving him far more resistance during their play wrestling then he'd expected, forcing him to fight harder to win the right to mate first which only made things more exciting. It was fun and he hadn't played like this since...he couldn't remember when.

Dimitri was having a joyful time play fighting and wrestling with the dark tom. He felt like a kitten again except they were two harden warriors and were evenly match. But Dimitri planned to break the deadlock with a move Uly wouldn't expect.

His desire for the dark tom soared making him take a risk he wouldn't ordinarily do, that of getting his right arm nearly broken when Ulysses had it pulled back behind the silver tom's body and wouldn't let go. Forcing Uly to lean toward the side of the pinned arm allowed Dimitri to thrust his left leg through the tom's thighs, curve around the right leg and pull. Already off balanced, Uly was forced to release Dimitri's arm as he went flying backward to the bed.

Chuckling wickedly, the silver tom whirled around and straddled Ulysses' waist and crowed delightedly, "I win!" Smirking, he leaned down to give Ulysses a hot kiss while rubbing his cock against the tom's larger one through their boxers.

'Ooohhhh...he's so hot, I could just eat him alive,' Feral thought heatedly as he reached down and tugged at the boxers trapping that hot cock away from him.

Grinning broadly, Dimitri murmured darkly, "oohh, we're in a hurry now are we? Well, we'll just have to do something about that. Would you grab the lube near you while I get us ready?" He climbed off the bed, stripped his and Uly's boxers away, pausing to stare in pleased delight at the huge tool waving in the air at him. Tossing the underwear over his shoulder to the floor, he took the tube Uly gave him.

Preparing his partner, Dimitri tossed the tube to the floor then then lifted the dark tom's legs up on his shoulders. Lining himself up he eased in carefully, taking his time as he suspected it had been awhile since Uly had sex.

Feral's face bent in pain only a couple of times before Dimitri was finally firmly seated, the wonderfully tight channel squeezing him pleasurably. He began a slow thrusting in and out, leaning over to capture the dark tom's mouth for more passionate kissing.

Feral was flying high. The feel of that hot pole pistoning within him was fantastic and sent his senses reeling. He hugged the silver tom tightly against him as they plunged wildly seeking every ounce of pleasure they could from this first union.

The end came quickly with Feral than Dimitri coming hard and roaring, sooner than either wanted but was explosive just the same. They lay in a heap of panting bodies, catching their breath and feeling the drumming of their hearts.

When it was Feral's turn, he chose to take Dimitri from behind, loving the feel of all that dense fur against him as he thrust joyfully into the madly bucking silver beneath him. The ride was just as wild and intense as the first, and they came together, something rarely attained, making the joining all the more thrilling for both.

Resting often, they took turns for several hours more, enjoying each other to the fullest until exhaustion and utter satiation ceased the fun just after midnight.

With dawn's early light shining in his eyes, Feral woke to find himself in a strange place but memory snapped into play when he felt the warm plush body of Dimitri wrapped around him.

Smiling to himself, he enjoyed this quiet moment to nuzzle and cuddle against the tom. This was what he'd wanted and needed for so long.

Dimitri felt someone nuzzling his neck and hugging him tight. He slowly opened his eyes to behold those beautiful gold ones he'd been so taken with the night before. Smiling lazily, he returned the hug and nuzzle.

"Good morning, Ulysses," he murmured softly, enjoying the cuddle.

"Morning, Dimitri...mmm you feel so good. I just love your fur," he whispered softly, almost hesitantly, afraid of the rejection he'd normally gotten from males he'd slept with.

As if sensing Uly's worry, Dimitri banished it by softly saying, "...and I love being held by you in the morning. It feels indescribably wonderful."

Ulysses moaned, emotions too intense for him to articulate, made him cling to the tom and kiss the silver's face all over with joy.

Dimitri felt just as overwhelmed as he returned the heartfelt kiss.

For long minutes afterward neither spoke, letting their bodies tell the other what this moment meant to them.

Finally, Dimitri spoke, "well, I guess this means I'm moving to Megakat City then, hmm?"

Feral pulled his head away and gaped at Dimitri in shocked surprise. "Oh, I never assumed...I mean...your career...we've just met and that's a serious decision you shouldn't make so quickly based on such a short meeting and night..." he stuttered.

Dimitri chuckled. "Ulysses...easy. Yes, I can make a decision that quickly just as you can. First, I've been just as lonely as you; second, you can't leave here and I'm not so attached that I can't leave my home...didn't you remember me grousing about it? ...third, I can't imagine being with anyone else but you and I knew that the moment I laid eyes on you. The feelings only got stronger and more sure over the days we were together. The night we spent was glorious but it was this moment...this sweet and tender moment here in your arms being admired and wanted...that's what made the decision so easy and desirable for me."

He reached a paw up and tenderly caressed, Uly's cheek. "Tell me you don't feel the same way?"

Feral simply stared at this handsome tom for some minutes, trying to absorb what he'd said then leaned down and kissed Dimitri warmly before pulling back and saying, "I can't because I've learned to care too much for you as well. Also, though I never make such snap decisions where emotions are involved, I find that I've fallen in love with you and don't want you to ever leave me."

Dimitri smiled warmly back and whispered, "That's what I thought and I love you too."