I grabbed my order and as I was walking out the door I felt him grab my arm. I turned to face him. He stared at me with those beautiful green eyes. He continued to stare I felt he was searching my soul.

"Would you like to join me for dinner?" he asked, never releasing me from his trance. "I…" I stopped. I finally looked away from his eyes and remembered why I was here in the first place. The mere thought of him made me want to crawl into a ball and bawl my eyes out. I looked up at Adrian gave him a small smile and said,

"I can't, I have to go." I really didn't have any place to be but I just didn't want to go down this road. He frowned a little. "Well at least let me walk you to your dorm?" said with a small glimmer of hope.

I hated to hurt his feelings but I didn't think I should put myself in a position to get hurt again. But as I tried to think of an excuse to say no I couldn't think of one. "Okay." I said with a small smile.

While we waited on Adrian's food we sat at a table. "So are you ever going to tell me your name?" he asked raising one of his eyebrows. It sucked knowing I was the only person who could still not do that and even worse it made me think of him.

"No, but you can guess."

"Do I get a hint?"

"Nope" I said popping the p

"Okay, well someone as beautiful as you has a beautiful name. Is it Angel?"

"Smooth," I chuckled "but no".

"Isabel?" I shook my head. He pondered for a second or two. "I got it Eden." I made a buzzing noise. "Strike three you're out" I laughed.

"Alright if you're not going to tell me your name then I will continue to call you Little Dhampir." Before I could even reply back his order was called and he stood up.

As soon as I stepped outside I was met with a freezing gust of wind. I jumped trying to hide behind Adrian to protect me form the cold. It wasn't working very well as I was still cold. I felt him drape his coat around me. I began to protest when he said,

"My room is just around the corner, we can go there to eat so you can get warmed up before I walk you to your door." I studied him closely, he seemed honest with his words not wanting anything more. I accepted his invitation and we were off.

Adrian wasn't lying when he said his room was around the corner, only it wasn't a dorm. "How the hell do you have a whole floor of a building to yourself?

"Let's just say I have special connections." He says with a smirk and then he led me inside.