It has been a Long long time since I have touched this. I read through it, and I see that it is okay. The chapters a short. There are some errors, but I have deliberated on it, and I have decided to continue on a few more chapters. I hope I haven't crushed any hopes or dreams. Haha, I have also not decided to totally re-write the first five chapters even though they need to be. I am sadly, way too lazy to update with my more matured writing style. I hope you can forgive me and accept this new chapter. I hope the drastic change, or small change, in writing doesn't startle you. Enjoy.


Chapter 6: Disoriented Interrogation

Saїx watched in tensed unease as his leader tried to center his thoughts. Xemnas swayed unsteadily from side to side, long, dull, rustled, silver hair swung against his back and itched his buttery brown shoulders. He sat down his steaming plate chewing lazily on the food he had just put into his mouth. Not quite visibly, Xemnas seemed to suddenly be engrossed and far away.

"Sir?" Saїx asked. First, he was commanded to stay in the recuperation room (obviously for a confrontation), and then there was nothing. It was as if Xemnas had drawn something on that constantly scribbled white board, and then in the swipe of something unknown, it was whipped clean of every though he'd scrawled.

"Sir?" Saїx asked again and tried not to teeter on his edgy legs. The silence was making him eerie. Was it happening again?

"VII." Xemnas started, but again there was a pause.

Saїx began to grow agitated. Whatever he had wanted to say, why couldn't he just say it? Perhaps he had really done something unfavorable, but how would he know if Xemnas didn't just spit it out and be straight forward like he usual was.

"I apologize." Xemnas picked around one of his plates. His stomach growled in agony, but quite frankly he had just lost his appetite. "Could you…" Xemnas rubbed his temple. "The knob." He huffed through his nose. Saїx didn't understand the source of his new frustration. "The door." He repeated in another broken phrase. "Leave the door."

Saїx scrunched his brows, and peered down at his sweaty palm clenched around the false door knob. One push through a swinging door, and he could leave and avoid this whole conversation. Unfortunate, he could not do that. Obey orders. Obey orders. Obey orders. He released his hold squinting briefly at the stitches rowed jaggedly into the pattern of Xemnas' teeth. It stung, but Saїx was only reminded now.

"Yes, Sir?" He asked for the last and final time. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Hmmm." Xemnas hummed closing his eyes and pulling up his thighs to rest his elbows. His food went unattended to, sure to be cooled as their conversation sluggishly rolled on. "Sit." He slurred, eyes remaining closed. Saїx stalked unhurriedly around the bed to resume his spot at the side chair in the room. He kept his eyes trained on Xemnas' general area like a hesitant animal.

"Not t-." Xemnas shook his head and exhaled. "Not there."

Saїx sighed.

"Here." Xemnas patted the space next to him. The deliberate motion caused hidden mattress springs to creak.

Saїx moved at an even slower pace. As a subordinate, being asked to sit next to him was unheard of. It was the equivalent to being spoken to on an equal level. It made him feel even more uncomfortable. Had he really done something so wrong to be treated this way? Hadn't he aided in preserving Xemnas' life? At that thought, something in him filled with meager dread. Ah, yes, that's right. Xemnas' life. It was a sewing thread thick tight-rope wasn't it? More noise was made as Saїx sunk down next to his leader. He crossed his legs, and his arms making sure to keep to his own small amount of space on the other side of the limited bed.

"Why?"Xemnas finally says something to the point. So simple and to the point, that it startles him.

"Why?" Saїx mirrors. Why? What answer could he give? "I presumed that you were dying, Sir." He frowns.

"I—" The edge of Xemnas' lips twitched upward in an uncontrolled tick, rather than in more of his frustration. "Understand that." He continued. "Why?"

"Why not?" Saїx wiggled his foot.

"I could think of a few." Xemnas grumbled.

"I was doing a duty, Sir. Did you not want me to aid you?" Saїx turned his head to the side focusing on the footprints left in fresh dust on the white washed, tiled floor. On a schedule, air vents had begun to rumble above filling the equally rumbling silence.

"I am thankful for your timely assistance, Saїx. However, you have confused me." Xemnas scowled leaning over to catch the subordinates purposely wondering eyes.

"Then I apologize." Saїx scooted back, thigh hanging over an edge, when Xemnas leaned in. His eyes locked on to his like a venomous viper. If he was the prey, Saїx could not tell. Xemnas' deep tangerine eyes were cloudy and almost uncoordinated when he noticed their slow dilation to an almost cat like size.

"Are— you in your right mind?" Saїx's nostrils flared.

"No." Xemnas almost snarled at the stupid question. "Are you?" He tilted his head.

"…" Saїx bit his lip, and racked his mind for a response. His pulse rushed in his ears and fluttered under the flushed skin of his neck.

"I know you." Xemnas whispered. "I know your purpose. I know who you work with. I know what you want. I know where you came from, VII."

Saїx remained silent, his dry tongue brushed against the raw inside of his cheek. His eyes re-trained on the stitches etched into his right hand.

"I also know what you want of me. You don't care much for me. Do you, Saїx?"

Xemnas' constantly scribbling whiteboard is for the third time whipped clean of all thought. He rumbles trying to regain it again.

"I also do not understand what had come over me, Sir." Saїx stung at being so unraveled. It had pricked more than his other injury. Ironically inflicted by the same person. "This will be another scar." Saїx thought at random. As random as it was, it fit.

"If you do not care for me, why act as though you do?"

"Why does it matter?"

"Because, apparently, I matter. You had an opportunity." Xemnas took hold over the other man's shoulder to regain his direct attention. "Why didn't you take it?"

"I do not know."