Chapter 1: Past

=Sarubia's POV=

July 14th 1993

I remember this night very clearly. I was 7 years old, and very smart for my age. For I had been moved up from 2nd grade to 5th -obviously I dnt skip 3 grades - I was at my friend's house that night, my parents were at home. Late into the night my mom called me, I was to walk home. The walk wasn't long though it seemed that way when it was pitch-black outside. I was almost to my house, but I stopped. I thought I heard someone scream but I figured it was probably some drunk people fooling around. But as I got closer to my house they got louder and louder. I had started to run, I was only five houses away, but then the screaming stopped. I calmed down thinking about what I had thought's probably some drunks... I quietly entered my backyard. The lights in my house were off. I had thought it was weird at the time because my parents ALWAYS stayed up late. I started to think something was wrong after I found out that the door was locked. I had dug through my bag until I finally found it. I quietly opened the door. Thats unusual, my parents always lock the door... I thought to myself.
"HELLO? IS ANYBODY HOME?" I checked most of the house till I finally gave up. I walked into the bathroom, prepared to take a shower, but as I pulled back the shower Curtin and collapsed. Ten minutes later I awoke, not wanting to believe what I just saw... I was starting to doubt my memory so I looked again. This time finding a note on my mother's cold body. Here's what the note read

To Sarubia

You're probably wondering why someone would do such a thing. You are very smart and will only get smarter. I'm a criminal. I want to have every one in my way eliminated. I asked your parents to kill you or have their life taken instead. Here is the result. Just remember, don't avenge them, and don't come after me, you'll only die that much sooner of you do. I'll always be out there. Until the day that I die, I will always be after you.

Apparently someone had heard my parent's screams and had decided to call the police. The police took me out of the house. After reading the note they decided to move me somewhere, where I could fit in. I moved to Winchester England, to The Wammy House, after my 8th birthday.