Something I started years ago. Going to lead to an UchihaxNaru sammich so if you don't like ItachixSasuke, UchihaxNaru, threesomes, tentacle (in this case vine) love, or just yaoi in general, you won't like the rest of these chapters. (Get out while you still can)


They found Sasuke. Right now he was standing on a ledge above them looking straight down at Naruto. In the next instant, he was practically pressed against the blond boy, his lips next to the boy's ear. Naruto stayed staring straight ahead until whatever the raven-haired boy said made him turn. This resulted in Naruto's lips brushing against the others. A slight blush appeared on his cheeks and Sasuke just smirked making the blush intensify.

Sasuke looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Sakura standing with teary eyes and a look of disbelief while his "clone" was staring at them with his head tilted. Sasuke made a split second decision and lifted his katana up behind Naruto. Sakura's eyes widened and he saw the clone get ready to move but he was too fast. Naruto slumped against him unconscious due to the hilt of the katana knocking him out. He then hoisted Naruto over his shoulder, sheathed his katana, and jump back up onto the ledge.

He heard Sakura call out his name and turned a little to look behind him. His eyes widened a little because, instead of just standing and calling out his name like he was a dog that would come back, she was jumping towards him with her arms out and a slight maniacal gleam in her eyes. He jumped away and saw her arms close around air. He had to jump again because the clone was in front of him and was making a grab for him? No. For Naruto.

With a burst of chakra, he jumped up into the trees and took off as fast as possible into the forest, losing the two chasing him. He landed in a clearing and glanced back to see if he truly did lose them. As he went to turn back around he felt Naruto being pulled from his shoulder. He was going to lash out at the one who did that but the person tripped him and kept him down with a foot on the middle of his back.

"Foolish little brother." A voice said quietly yet powerfully.

Sasuke's head swiveled to the side and he saw his Aniki holding the still unconscious Naruto in his arms bridal style while looking down at him from over his collar. Sasuke glared and pushed against the foot on his back, which surprisingly let up so he could stand up.

"Give him back Aniki." Sasuke demanded.

"What if I don't want to?" Itachi responded silkily. Sasuke walked up to Itachi and grabbed onto Naruto but Itachi wouldn't let go.

"Let him go." Sasuke said.

"No." Itachi said smirking at Sasuke.

"Aniki! He's mine!" Sasuke said not caring if he sounded childish.

"You sound like a spoiled little brat brother. And who says he's yours? Maybe he's mine." Itachi said holding Naruto a little closer.

"I saw him first!" Sasuke winced internally at how lame that sounded but kept glaring at Itachi.

"I saw him when he was a baby so if we are going by who saw him first then again, he is mine." Itachi stated smugly.

Sasuke grit his teeth and glared at Itachi who just looked back at him coolly. He then looked down at Naruto (still unconscious) and saw how his lips were slightly parted. He then remembered that he was the first person to give him his first kiss. (Even if it was an accident. But what a great accident it was.) He looked back at Itachi and gave him a smug little smirk.

"Hn. I kissed him first."

"…." The smug look in Itachi's eyes dimmed a little. He glanced down at Naruto, then at Sasuke, then back at Naruto. He then started to bend down towards Naruto. Sasuke, realizing what Itachi was going to do, bent down also. This resulted in an unwanted three-way kiss. (Or so they tried to convince themselves) Considering how stubborn Uchiha were they kept their lips on the blonde's. Itachi, though, was the first to slip his tongue into Naruto's mouth. He felt Naruto's tongue brush against his making him try to deepen the kiss but then he felt another tongue besides his. Feeling that, things got a little heated, and the next thing he knew he was kissing Sasuke and Sasuke was enthusiastically kissing back.

Neither noticed Naruto stirring or opening his eyes, which widened when he saw the very hot sight of the two Uchiha's making out. He would have just kept staring if he weren't jolted out of his trance by being dropped on the hard forest floor. Once he was on the ground he scuttled back making sure his feet didn't get caught between the now embracing brothers. He scuttled to the edge of the clearing keeping his eyes on the, now nearly grinding against each other, brothers to make sure they didn't catch him getting away. (He just wanted to watch as long as possible.)

Naruto got up, jumped into a tree, and hightailed it out of there as fast as possible. (Which wasn't as fast as usual due to the arousal he's feeling.) He finally stopped when he made it to another clearing that had one giant tree with a ton of vines hanging down from it. It was then he realized he had no idea where he was.

He jumped into the clearing and looked around trying to get a bearing when all of a sudden something wrapped around his leg and he was hoisted into the air. He looked up at his leg and saw a vine wrapped around it, so he looked around to see if anyone was nearby performing a jutsu. He was about to grab a kunai to cut himself down when more vines shot out and wrapped around his arms and his other leg. He ended up with his back to the forest floor, his arms tied together above his head, and his legs spread apart with his knees slightly bent. A few more vines appeared in front of him and the more he struggled the tighter they held. The vines then started to wiggle under his jacket and that's when he totally freaked out and tried to sense if someone was around.

He tilted his head back towards the giant tree in the middle of the clearing since that was where all the vines were coming from and noticed a weird aura emanating from it. He then heard a ripping noise, which was followed by a breeze across his torso. He looked down and saw a few tatters of his jacket left.

The vines holding his arms suddenly lifted them up so he ended up in a reclining position with a few more vines cradling his back. A vine trailed across his torso leaving a white, sticky substance that he realized was sap. He wiggled a little bit in discomfort at that. He wiggled even more when a few vines went down his pants and started pulling them down. Due to the kunai case being in the way on his thigh though the pants didn't make it very far before they were just shredded off. So now he was bare for the world to see except for some fabric trapped under the vines holding him, his shoes, and vines trailing all over him.