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"You don't look so good." Kurumu noted worriedly. Her boyfriend looked a bit pale after the barbecue. In fact, they had needed to go to bed early with no fun time between them.

"Sorry. I just feel like... something's wrong." Ichigo's lips twisted wryly. This wasn't a bodily thing he was experiencing, at least not to him. It felt like something impulsive was festering inside of him, similar to that movie where the parasites jumped out of their host. This feeling did not just remain located near his chest, he felt it all over.

Kurumu rubbed his back soothingly even as he randomly burped. "I hope you didn't get food poisoning."

"Somehow, I don't think it's that." He replied, not too sure if his sickness had anything to do with food.

"As long as you don't die... again... it'll be fine." Kurumu spun a little humor into her words, and was happy when it elicited a small smile from Ichigo.

"I'll try not to." He pulled her close as they entered the hallway and headed towards the snack bar.

There they found chaos.

The dorm manager was frantic, calling the insurance company and the like. "What's going on?" Ichigo immediately asked as he walked up to everyone else.

"It looks like the saved up money was stolen." Tsukune remarked, anger in his tone.

"Who would do that!" Kurumu was perturbed at the notion of someone stealing from two helpless girls. Although when she thought about it, there was only one suspect in mind.

"I'm guessing it was Takashi." Mizore voiced Kurumu's thoughts. Her look was stoic as ever, but the rapid twisting of her lollipop was the only indication to the turmoil she was feeling.

"That bastard! We need to go catch him!" Kurumu balled up her fist, incensed by that despicable man and began to head on out.

"Let's go." Ichigo's rough glare was testament to what he would do if he came across the guy.

"Umm, where do you two plan on going if you don't know where he is?" Yukari's words froze the couple in their tracks.

"Bunch of hotheads." Mizore seemed to lament. For their part, they both expressed their embarrassment in their own way. Kurumu by rubbing her neck and Ichigo by not making eye contact.

"I appreciate the gesture." Sun wrote to them, causing the couple to relax a little. Their sempai looked appreciative, but one could tell by the lack of glint in her eye that she was as troubled as the rest of them, if not more so since this was her home.

"But what can we do?" The Okami, Kawamoto Marin, spoke up. "The deposit was taken before we could do anything. Not only that, but all the money we made up to this point is gone as well. No matter how you dice it, we're broke." Her already haphazard form seemed to want to unwind and fall to pieces as Marin slumped into a chair.

Everyone became somber as the manager continued to speak. "You should think about your own future Sun, there's no point in associating with me anymore." She was hurt, but she was still looking out for Sun.

Sun could only stare, horror filling her heart at having to leave the person that took care of her for so long. She quickly embraced her mother-figure from the back, trying best to reassure her. The group noticed they were having a moment and left them alone to talk elsewhere. Yukari, with all her curiosity, had managed to piece parts of Sun's and Marin's story together.

"I hear from the other employees that the Okami here started this hostel with her now dead husband, and now with so many management deficits, there's no point in continuing if there aren't any profits coming in. That's why she was so sad when all the money was gone."

Everyone heard the abysmal news and felt bad. "We came at such a bad time." Kurumu lamented as she hoisted up her bathing suit.

"Things happen I suppose." Mizore too held up hers. Then Ruby held up hers, which made the boys bristle with redness on their faces. Ruby was their reserved and kind friend, but they never realized she had such a wonderful figure or such daring tastes. They had momentarily pictured her with her bathing suit on and fought to not stain the floor red with their blood.

"I get the feeling this might be bad for our health Ichigo." Tsukune muttered softly to the only other boy in the group. Ichigo nodded, intent on not looking in Ruby's direction for a while. This almost reminded him of a shyer version of Yoruichi. As he turned, he noticed Sun walking across the hall, a soft silhouette in the quiet aftermath of the incident. She was carrying a bucket with water. Thrown over her shoulder was a washcloth and in her right hand was some cleaning solution. Despite the turn of events, she still kept up with her duties in maintaining the hostel.

Kurumu broke off from the conversation that revolved on them trying to fix the situation when she saw Ichigo's gaze linger away. She saw what had caught his attention. Her first instinct was to saddle up next to him and try to tease him, but he looked perturbed and the lines across his forehead showed the worry he was feeling inside. She once more stared at Sun, and knew what had to be done. She walked up to Sun after picking up a washcloth of her own, and began help the girl. Kurumu noticed the tears in her eyes and offered a kind smile.

"Don't worry Sun-sempai, I'll help. Have a little hope, we'll help you out so this hostel never closes and you can keep on working with Marin-san as long as you want." She looked back, noticing the group had followed her, and were nodding in a agreement with her words. Ichigo looked at her with fondness and a hint of pride, making the girl's heart speed up a little. She grinned up at him before he turned around to face everyone.

"You heard her." Ichigo told everyone. Everyone nodded, splitting up and doing whatever they could to help out. It was still morning, a bit early before they would open for lunch, so they did whatever they could. Of course, somewhere down the line, it became a competition between Ichigo and Tsukune.

"What are you going on about?" Ichigo crossed his arms to the grinning Tsukune.

"I'm saying that even though you can beat me at fighting, I bet I could kick your ass at cleaning the floors." Tsukune replied hotly.

A tic mark appeared on Ichigo's head before it disappeared and a vicious grin appeared on his lips. "Oh yeah? Care to put your money where your mouth is?"

Tsukune was already in a runner's starting position, leaning forwards with the cloth between his hands and the floor. "You bet." Tsukune did not back down, and even held Ichigo's gaze despite the position he was in.

Ichigo immediately fell right next to Tsukune, assuming the next position. "On three." Tsukune told Ichigo, who nodded.

"One." The boys tensed, power flowing into their coiled leg muscles.

"Two." Tsukune shot off, catching Ichigo by surprise.

"Bastard!" Ichigo roared as he darted, not daring to lag behind.

"All's fair in war and war!" Tsukune let out a chuckle before a shadow loomed over him. A painful feeling erupted from his back as his stomach was forced to connect rather painfully to the floor. Kurumu used an illusion to simulate an anvil falling on Tsukune.

"All's fair in way and war." Kurumu copied with a chuckle before she felt a cold chill blow by her.

In reply Kurumu's actions, Mizore froze the floor, making Ichigo go careening. However, he had experience in dealing with ice and was able to slide on the ice. That being said, he had no idea how to turn on ice and so he slid face first into the wall, falling back on his butt as he clutched his face. "What the hell!" Ichigo cried out.

The girls turned to one another, rearing up for a fight. Claws were extended and ice claws were sticking out. This was interrupted by a panicked Ruby.

"Return to your human forms at once." Ruby demanded right away, fearing that they'd been caught. The girls, caught off-guard by the strength in her tone obeyed.

Ruby sighed, holding a hand to her chest, "Thank goodness. You know the rules: You can't show your true form in the human world or risk any human's life or you'll get expelled."

They couldn't retort. They already knew this rule, but somehow they'd forgotten about it. They both looked abashed, but that didn't stop them from sending dirty looks to each other. Finally a cease-fire was brokered between the two. No harm done.

Yukari looked out the window and noticed how beautiful it looked outside. The mist left by the waves clashing against the shore rose up, occasionally reflecting a tiny rainbow in its midst. Yukari sighed, wishing the stolen money thing had never happened.

"What's the matter Yukari?" Tsukune asked while still holding onto his back.

"Nothing, I wish we could at least spend lunch eating outside." Yukari sighed as she contemplated on what it would feel like.

Kurumu looked at the young witch as the beginnings of an idea began to take shape. It molded itself like the jell-o she makes in her kitchen at times. They needed money and they wanted to have fun while doing it. The idea finally formed and she voiced her thoughts with enthusiasm.

"Hey, why don't we?" She remarked and everyone turned towards the bubbly girl.

"What do you mean boobs?" Mizore's taunt went unheeded as Kurumu beckoned everyone to come closer.

"Alright, so here's the game plan. We..."


The manager sighed. She sipped on her beer before placing the now empty can on a desk littered with its counterparts. She looked at a photo of her long-gone husband and spoke to it, "Sorry. It looks like this hostel is finally finished. I don't have any more drive since you died. I haven't helped either, drinking all this sake and blowing what little money we have left."

She stretched a slender finger, caressing the photo as if the man inside was still there. She sighed, having no more tears to shed. "Since Sun-chan came, I've felt like she was the daughter I've longed for. Thanks to that I was beginning to change but it's not good. I really am good for..."

She didn't finish. She heard clamoring outside. She heard the voices of many people, some even shouting. Was there a riot going on outside? Curiosity grabbed her and made her move away from the painful memories to the source of the commotion. When she arrived, her eyes widened as the bustling place.

"Okami-san! Please help us! We don't have enough manpower to keep up!" One girl pleaded towards her, and Marin wondered what could've cause the place to come to life so suddenly.

"What's going on? I haven't worked the snack bar since my husband died." She said as she hastily put on an apron, looking out and still amazed by all the guests.

"Well, it's thanks to Sun-chan's friends. They're busy calling in customers."

"Calling?" Her voice questioned. Her answer came in the form of her supposed 'guests' who were dressed in swimsuits and trunks.

The girls were all in their swimsuits and the guys in their trunks. Groups of people waded in and out of the ebb of people. Many of the guys clamored to get closer to the girls even though Ichigo would occasionally cover Kurumu with the sign he was holding that was meant to welcome customers, not act as on-the-spot coverage of his girlfriend's body. Kurumu absolutely loved the attention she was getting from Ichigo.

That being said, Ichigo was also getting some female attention. At first he replied like any normal person would, but when the girls started getting a bit too "grabby" for Kurumu's tastes, well, something had to be done.

Ichigo blinked. "I guess they weren't hungry." Ichigo said aloud as he noticed the girls suddenly run away. He turned back to Kurumu, who was smiling happily. Though, he got the strangest sensation that that smile hadn't been too friendly a moment ago.

"Y-Yeah, I guess." The cadence in her tone confused Ichigo, but he shrugged it off. Kurumu blew out a relief filled exhale.

This continue for a while. Tsukune stepped up next to him and whispered. "So, what do you think about Ruby?"

Ichigo made a dire look, but that didn't prevent his ears from turning red. "I'm trying not to." He conveyed a sour tone.

Tsukune chuckled, but had to agree. "Yeah, this is awkward. Who knew she had such a nice body?" Then his face turned slightly serious, "Not that I'm trying to sound traitorous to Mizore or anything, it's just unexpected."

Ichigo remembered the mini heart attack he just about had when Ruby had come out to join them. In fact, he was pretty sure everyone else did as well.

"I'm just trying not to look around. I've had enough of women trying to strip in front of me." Ichigo spoke from memory of Yoruichi's tactics, but Tsukune rose an eyebrow at that.

"You've had this happen before?" Tsukune was totally piqued and suddenly became skilled enough to write in the notebook one-handed and without looking.

Ichigo's dire look turned into a glare. "Don't remind me."

Tsukune nodded sagely. "I see, I see."

Ichigo sent him a skeptical look.

Time flew by and Kurumu noticed the relieved and happy smiles of Sun and Marin-san. They had to close early because they actually ran out of food, and it was so packed that they even emptied out the nearby marts from their supplies as well. They seemed to be whispering and writing to each other, something precious being shared between the two. Kurumu's heart reached out to them, and she felt warm and fuzzy just looking at them.

It was also nice that Ichigo came behind her and held her around the waist. "We did well." He surmised succinctly.

She leaned into his shoulder. "We did, didn't we?"

"Honestly though, I think it would've gone much better of Gin had helped out." Ruby wasn't one to complain, but they had been pretty busy and they could've used every hand. Icihgo turned, forgetting that all she was wearing was basically a piece of string as a swimsuit.

"Ah..." Ichigo's ability to form words slipped from his mind as he took in her lithe and supple frame. His ears burned brightly.

"That's pretty daring of you Ruby, I didn't think you were like that!" Yukari skipped happily up to the older witch. Yukari noticed how tight it formed around her buttocks, like a rubber band. Grinning mischievously, she pulled on it slight and let go. Like a rubber band, it smacked her derrière with a loud slap. Ruby squeaked, leaping forward with chest protruding and sucked Ichigo's arm into her well formed breasts.

Ichigo reflexively clamored sideways, nearly knocking Kurumu over. Ruby hastily apologized even as her heart hammered.

"I-It's alright." Ichigo accepted her apology even as he tried to avert his gaze elsewhere. He covered his view with his free hand, not noticing the pout Ruby had when he did that.

"Hey look." Thankfully, Tsukune managed to direct everyone's attention elsewhere. They all noticed Sun there, staring and smiling as she wrote something down.

"Thanks everyone." The words put everyone in a good mood, and to add to it, the manager herself also thanked them.

"Everyone, thanks for today. You were able to call customers thanks to those bathing suits. Thanks to that, we'll be able to stay open for a little while longer." Her smile was smaller than Sun's, but it was no less appreciative of their efforts.

"Hey, you don't need to say 'for a while longer,'" Kurumu chastised slightly, "If you ever need help, feel free to call us again!" Everyone nodded in agreement with Kurumu, making the manager and Sun's hearts warm up.

Marin's visage turned forlorn even while still looking happy. "That's right... I have to try my hardest for both Sun and my dead husband."

A doorbell rang, and not wanting to make her saviors sad, she went over to answer it. As she did, she recalled the tender moments with her husband as they smiled together. She remembered the time when their hostel had nearly been considered the best of the best in the area. The look of joy on her husband's face had been that of a child getting a brand new toy, full of wondrous joy.

And then he had come in. A mysterious strange man with long, beautiful silver hair. He might've been a model, that had been her first impression. They had let him board for the night, his politeness seemingly genuine. Later that night, as she washed dishes, she overheard music playing. At first she had wondered if in his joy, her husband decided to randomly start playing music. She had gone up to check.

She shouldn't have. Her husband's blood spilled from every crevice in his body and the man with the silver hair had wings, like some sort of demented angel. Then more like the demon he was, he gutted her husband. The impairment from the shock and fear left her immobile as the man stood up. He didn't even cast a glance at her as he casually left her life. Never to be seen again.

Until now.

She backed away towards the wall, hitting it roughly. Her body trembled as her lungs began to hyperventilate. "Y...You. From that... time." She tried desperately to melt into the wall, but the monster paid no heed to her.

In fact, his words told her he didn't even remember her at all. "Excuse me miss, but is there a young lady named Sun here presently? We are called 'Fairy Tale' and we'd like to talk with her."


"He was killed by an Ayashi? Marin-san's husband?" Kurumu nearly shouted causing a stern look to be directed towards her by Mizore.



Tsukune turned towards Sun. "So Marin-san knows about the existence of Ayashi?"

Sun could only nod.

Mizore sighed, feeling bad for the woman. "I guess we shouldn't let her in that we're Ayashi ourselves?" She asked rhetorically.

Sun nodded, feeling the pain of what it would be like to be rejected. She wrote on her pad, "That's right. If I am found out as an Ayashi, I'll be forced to leave Marin-san."

Her pad shook, the sorrow making its way through her fingers and onto the pages where the words were held.

Kurumu leaned over towards Sun, smiling reassuringly. "I don't think that's going to happen. You too are so close to one another, almost like real daughter and mother."

Sun looked up at the bluenette and smiled appreciatvely.

"Hoh, I just heard something interesting." The group turned to see whose voice it was. A man with brilliant silver hair stood there, calmly as ever. In his left hand, he held Marin with a tight grip. "This means that all I have to do to get you to discard the human world is to get rid of this woman?"

He paused, a thought occurring to him. "Excuse me. I am the section chief Fairy Tale's 7th branch 'god' Kanade. I've come to welcome you Otanashi sun."

The silver-haired man looked around. "Hm. I was hoping she'd be here. Oh well."

Tsukune interrupted the man's musings. "Why are you looking for Sun-sempai?"

Even as the man elaborated how they wanted her for Sun's power, Ichigo was sweating. He changed his shorts, thinking nothing would happen. His instincts told him this was a dangerous opponent to the group, but he left his soul badge back in his pants. He couldn't attack this man. No matter how powerful he was as a Shinigami, as a regular human, he couldn't do anything.

Even so, when the man made a move towards Sun, he didn't hesitate to step in front. Kurumu saw this, and knew Ichigo couldn't fight in this form. She helped out. Soon, Sun was being covered from view the be entirety of the newspaper group.

"What's with you people? So rude, I'm in the middle of a talk you know." He looked disdainfully at them. No one noticed the instrument he was carrying earlier. It was a harp and he gently plucked it once.

He opened his mouth, a small light forming at the back of his throat.

And one of the most mesmerizing songs escaped from his throat.

Ichigo and Tsukune both fell the floor, barely withstanding the attack even though they were partially blocked the forms of their girlfriends who protected them.

Kurumu was on the floor, shaky and disoriented. "W-Was that the song? I can barely m-move." She tried to get up but only succeeded in falling down once more."

The dorm manager who had been discarded finally woke up to see the silver-haired man's form once more. Anger filled her as she grabbed a lamp stand that had tipped over and hoisted it up as a weapon.

"You are the one that killed my husband four years ago." She trembled as blood trickled down her lip. The song had affected her even though she hadn't been in range of the attack.

The man didn't view the murder in such a serious manner. "Four years ago hm? That's about the time I was dispatched to this branch."

"I was pretty pissed about it then. I didn't really like coming to this little hole that stunk like fish. That's why when I went here and there, killing a whole lot of humans..."

He turned towards her a psychotic joy of look on his face as he continued, "I was just clearing away the gloom, so why would I bother to remember each and every one that I killed."

The lump in Marin's throat tensed as her anger made her heart beat roughly. She gripped the lamp stand and ran towards the man with a vengeful scream.

But the lamp stand soon left her hand as she was sent hurtling sideways by Sun. She looked at Sun, hurt and angry, "Let go! That guy..."

Her anger melted away as the one she could call a daughter held her tight, tears in her eyes and fear evident. Marin's own tears spilled. "Why does someone like this guy exist?" She grabbed Sun and held her close, "Just when I thought I was about to forget what it was like to have a family, Sun was able to remind me. I was about to treat it all as a bad dream until you showed up again."

She clenched her body, the man gazing as if it were none of his concern. She looked at the creature with all the anger she could muster in her shout, "Go away and disappear! I hope a monster like you never steps into the human world every again!"

But her words had unintended consequences. Sun's embrace weakened as she heard Marin's true feelings towards monsters. And the real monster in the room had a devious grim before he cascaded into full-blown laughter. "Did you hear that Sun? That woman doesn't know anything."

"What are you laughing for?" Marin said through gritted teeth, indignation and anger coursing through her as he continued to laugh.

"Alright, listen well." He pointed to himself and spoke loudly in a triumphant tone, "Sun is also a monster. The same as I am."

He taunted her, berated her for her cluelessness. "What 'family' what 'human.' You were being tricked moron!"

Marin didn't want to believe it, she couldn't believe it. Her daughter was a monster? It had to be a lie. "Like hell that's true." She picked up the lamp stand once more, fully intending on breaking the creature's face.

The man grinned, aiming an fully ending this miserable woman's life once and for all. He sang... and was countered.

"No way." Marin's voice held disbelief as she turned around to see she had been protected by Sun, not by physically protecting her, but by singing. Sun held an apologetic and saddened glance as she got up.

"I'm sorry Marin-san. Goodbye." Her somber words were written, still as elegant as ever as she stepped up to fight this creature. But not having used her abilities in a while, she had only protected Marin. The rest of the group was hit, though not with the full force as they had been the first time around.

But Ichigo's body didn't seem to note the difference as he fell.

"Ichigo!" Kurumu cried out as his body began to convulse.

Ichigo, in human form, barely withstood even the first attack even though Kurumu had mostly blocked it. He felt every blood vessel in his body begin to boil and threaten to erupt. This second attack was destroying him and he couldn't do a thing about it.

He marveled at the weakness of his human body as he struggled to get up. The attack was launched and Kurumu did her best to protect Ichigo again. He felt liquid pool in his eyes and ears and mouth. This was it. This was how his earthly body was going to go. He gagged and threw up.

Only, there was no blood. Only a pale grey substance seemed to ooze out the aforementioned areas. He spit it out, violently and with the hurried pace of starving lungs. He was finished and he clenched his stomach, his body trembling. He gasped, Kurumu's worries being voiced into his ears.

The grey blob began to vibrate before coalescing into a quadrupedal form. A massive maw appeared to what would be the front, lacking any form of eyes or ears. It shook its relatively diminutive body, its front "looked" at Ichigo momentarily before turning towards the angel-like being and growling at it.

"What is this? Some sort of cheap trick?" The man's suave voice grated Ichigo's nerves as the grey monstrosity seemed to respond in kind by increasing its growling.

"Fine then. Even though Sun is countering my song, if I change my tune I can still summon my minions." He opened up his mouth. The ground below them started to shimmer and shine brightly. Discs with golden arcs pulsated as they brought something through. Creatures that resembled half fish and half man spilled out. Their gills flapped and rows of sharp teeth filled their jaws.

"If I use this technique, I can call as many members from my branch as I want. There's no way you can run now. Give up and come with me Sun."

One of the merman shot a bullet of compressed water towards the creature that had evacuated Ichigo's body. It swallowed it, and the force of the impact made its rear end grow slightly as it hit towards the back. The grey blob whined slightly before it went back to its normal shape. It then growled viciously as it stomped towards the merman. It was a slow trod, as if testing its legs. Then it blurred into motion. No one saw where it went. They only saw the half-eaten bodies of the merman it had chewed up. It panted, blood caking its mouth and porcelain teeth were stained red. Then it did something nobody thought it would do.

It grinned. The very human-like expression on a creature with barely half a face disconcerted everyone in the room. It locked its sight onto Ichigo and Ichigo heard the tell-tale sound of Sonido being used. The dog was in front of him, wagging a non-existent tale as it leapt up and down in front of him before depositing a nail from one of the merman in front of him.

Ichigo had seen a lot of disturbing things, and this seemed to take the cake. "Uh. Thanks?"

He couldn't really think of what kind of creature it could be, so he settled on a dog since only dogs returned things to their owners. The dog yipped in affirmation. Then it cried out in agony as multiple water pellets peppered through its skin, goring deep holes into its mass. It wobbled slightly, but remained upright. It turned to growl at the man before shutting its mouth. The skin where the wounds were bubbled before smoothing out as if it had not taking damage.

"Impressive, but can you handle more?" He sang once more and a dozen merman appeared. But it was useless.

One by one, the girls unleashed their transformation. The man known as Kanade was shocked to see the girl with wings simply tear through his minions like they were nothing. Even when he commanded his troops to fire in unison, it was blocked by another one of those damn brats. This time, the girl with the lollipop froze the water and sent it back as sharpened blades which pierced deeply into their flesh.

"What the hell are you people?" Kanade was at a loss of words. Despite the success of his first attack, most of them were back on their feet and fighting his small army fiercely.

He heard more cries from his troops as a witch with a book grew two pairs of wings, the feathers stretching and wrapping many of the merman that had come through the portals. "We are those who wish for a harmonious existence between humans and Ayashi."

The other witch, much younger, used her wand to make heavy objects appear and smash the heads of the remaining merman. "We won't allow the overthrow of the human world." She finished Ruby's speech with great emphasis. All around him his plan was backfiring and he was stumbling back into a corner. But he wasn't going to lose. He saw, from the corner of his eyes, that woman that Sun loved was at the breaking point.

"Th-They're all monsters. Sun and Sun's friends." Her body trembled as she looked back and forth. The girl she loved as a daughter was of the same kind as the one that murdered her husband. Could Sun be trusted? Her eyes were wide and nearly hysterical as her legs continuously tried to make her back out.

"How is this possible... what should I believe in." She murmured to herself before she locked eyes with the murderer of her husband.

The man smiled at her before a shimmering circle appeared in the ground behind her. She looked back and saw one of those strange fish-men crawl through. It opened its mouth as water condensed in its mouth. Sun saw what was about to happen and stepped in the way of the bullet. It pierced deeply into her left shoulder, blood oozing out as Sun's song stopped.

"I knew you'd protect her. I've stopped your song, Sun." He smiled with the gratification of knowing he had won. "Now you'll be able to hear my death melody."

As he opened his mouth, a shadow formed over him. The dog-like creature from earlier had returned, now truly massive. It was at least two heads taller than he was, and much wider. What frightened the Siren the most was the fact that it had moved at such a speed that his eyesight hadn't registered the creature moving until it was right in front of him. He hadn't even blinked. It stood between Kanade and the group, mouth open like an abyss. The self-proclaimed god paused, still gathering the energy needed for his song. His eyes widened as he was swallowed whole.

Or would've been if a voice hadn't rung out.

"Stop!" Ichigo demanded. The dog stopped in its tracks, its teeth already sinking into the fragile flesh of the Ayashi. The Siren couldn't even react quickly enough to scream, but the damage was already done as his ribs and spine were broken from the momentary hold the dog had on him. Said creature hopped around, making a full 180 and stomped over towards Ichigo, each step digging into the ground and creating mini-quakes.

It stared at Ichigo, as if asking what its next command was. The Siren himself was at a loss. Never had he been so overpowered as in that moment. His ribs were crushed, making breathing and singing hard. He could barely stand as he was sure that part of his spine was now broken.

In a corner of the room, Marin was huddled up with Sun in her bosom. The fact that she was a monster no longer mattered to her. Her daughter was in her arms, bleeding and not responding. "Sun, come on Sun, wake up!" She cried out to the girl. She cursed herself, "Why was I getting mad at you? You're still the same Sun. No matter how much your appearance changes, you're still exactly the same."

"Hey, please." She begged, not sensing even the slightest stir in the girl. "Please wake up. I don't want this. I don't want to lose another precious member of my family."

She hugged the girl with all her might. "I always want you to stay by my side Sun. So please... wake up."

Kanade's blood began to boil. Power flowed through him. Sun was gone, now was his chance, he could defeat these kids. He let out a roar despite his injuries as he released his transformation. His human skin melted away as he became something truly monstrous. He took on an avian appearance with sharp teeth and a slender body. He stood up, the grievous wounds done to him gone.

"How dare they, those damn brats. How dare they." His monstrous voice rumbled across the room as everyone gazed up at him. Ichigo looked up. The siren still wasn't defeated? He gritted his teeth and stood up.

"Hey you." Ichigo spoke to the massive dog in front of him, the aforementioned creature's tongue lolling out as it panted happily.

"Can you learn any tricks?" To his surprise, it nodded. Ichigo smirked.

"Good." He looked at Kanade who kept rambling on about how much his power increased now that he was in his true form. He pointed to him and said, "Sit."

The creature barked, its utterance sounding more like a cannon firing than an actual bark from a dog. Kanade only had milisecondcs to realize what was about to happen. He shifted his attack towards the creature, but having no ears or eyes, was not affected very much. The Siren's career as a member of Fairy Tale was now over, buried under a mountain of grey flesh.

The dog waddled its form back over to Ichigo. Everyone noted that Kanade was not dead, but merely had most of his bones broken. Whether this was better than death, no one knew.

"Sun!" Marin yelled excitedly as Sun regained consciousness. Though her injury had blood, she was fine as the attack hadn't penetrated too deeply.

Sun found herself deep inside an embrace as Marin continuously called out to Sun, "I thought I lost you. You are the only family I have left Sun. Don't leave me. Let's keep our promise and re-build this Inn together."

Sun's eyes widened before tears filled her eyes. She opened her mouth and cried out silently as she returned the embrace joyfully.

"Marin-san." Sun spoke as softly as she could.

She finally had a true mother.


Soon the bus driver came. Along with him Nekonome straddled along. They hoisted the bodies of the merman and Kanade away. The twinkle in the bus driver's eyes almost made Ichigo sorry for the Siren. Almost.

That being said, the incident was put past them as the Inn was closed for repairs officially, but mainly because Marin wanted to thank her guests for doing so much and let them have the hostel all to themselves for a while.

"Yahoo~! Let's eat!" Kurumu fist-pumped the air as she sliced the watermelon into even pieces for everyone with her claws. Ichigo clapped, slightly embarrassing Kurumu, but she preened at his praise.

"Now now you two." Mizore chastised as she froze her watermelon.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Yukari looked to see the watermelon glistening in the ice.

"I'm freezing the watermelon. It makes it tastes like Sherbert." Mizore explained.

"Eh? Really! I want to try some!" Kurumu butted into Mizore's shoulders. Mizore obliged regardless and promptly froze a slice for the ditzy girl.

Marin-san laughed. "I guess it doesn't matter if you're ayashi or human, everyone loves watermelon."

"Wahh! Why did you guys start the party without me!" Kahlua entered the scene, wearing sunglasses and a yellow sundress and still retaining her white gloves.

Ichigo sputtered as he demanded, "Where have you been?"

Kahlua turned towards Icihgo. She blinked before a smile grew on her face. "You missed me!" She ran towards Ichigo, arms extended outwards with the clear intent to embrace him.

And she would've hugged him too if she hadn't been hit on the head with a fan that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"Ouchie." Kahlua murmured, stopping in her tracks.

"He asked you a question." Kurumu crossed her arms, hastily tapping her foot.

Mizore and Tsukune shared a look.

Soon Kahlua forgot about the pain as she raised a hand, lifting up her index finger as she counted off. "First I went shopping. Then I got asked out by these guys who paid for my dinner. Then I ran away from them. I walked around the city looking for the hotel but accidentally went into a love hotel and spent the night there. I woke up and walked around until I felt a barrier being formed. I was pretty far away, so it took me couple of hours to walk here."

"Just how far was she?" Was what was on everyone's minds as they sweatdropped.

"So where are your clothes?" Mizore pointed out.

Kahlua looked around, blinked, and stomped her foot as she pouted, "Oh darn! I forgot them back at the love hotel!" She looked towards Ichigo, who suddenly grew uncomfortable.

"Hey Ichigo, want to go back and help me look?" Her eyes twinkled with innocence even though her intent was anything but.

"I think he wants to stay here and relax for the rest of the evening." Kurumu replied for him. He didn't butt in because, really, that's exactly what he wanted to do.

"Oh yeah? He didn't say he did." Kahlua shot back testily.

Marin looked at the spectacle and turned towards Mizore and Tsukukne. "So what's the deal with those three?"

"Unrequited carnal desire." Mizore replied plainly, and for a second it sounded like a normal reply until Marin thought about the words.

"W-What?" Marin asked, thoroughly confused.

Mizore was about to raise her hand in mimicry of how sex works using her index finger and the "O" she formed with her free hand, but Tsukune quickly brought down her arms.

"What she means Marin-san, is that even though Kurumu and Ichigo are a couple, Kahlua still has eyes for him."

"Ah young love." Marin sighed at the romantic notion.

"Yeah. Love." Mizore phrased the last words in quotations with her tone, but Marin didn't catch it as she continued to observe Ichigo, Kurumu, and Kahlua.

Tsukune sighed and turned to the side. "Hmm? Gin-sempai?" He looked at Gin's shirt and noticed something. "Why do you have blood on your shirt?"

Gin panicked slightly, but quickly came with a cover-up story. "Ah well, a lot happened. While I was walking around I happened to run into a friend of mine. Right Haiji?"

Said man walked up, wearing a Karate Gi. He stood ramrod straight, but everyone could tell he was lying through his teeth as he replied, "Yes! We had an enjoyable time shopping for rods!"

Kurumu sputtered. "The hell! He's got even more blood! What kind of shopping were you guys doing?"

"Ah! You're that lolicon from the Karate tournament!" Yukari pointed hastily before backing away slightly.

"I remember you cute little girl. How about a hug?"

"Get away from me!"

Haiji took a step forward, but then felt a familiar aura. "This Youki belongs too..." He turned and his thoughts were proven right.

He looked the smiling girl, who looked so sweet and demure. He blushed as he ran over to Sun and picked her up. He cried exultant tears of joy as he held her up, "Waah! Sun-sempai! I wanted to see you!"

"Someone stop that pervert!" Yukari called out, but most of the group began to laugh since Sun didn't seem to mind.


After thanking the group and spending the remainder of their days peacefully, Marin and Sun bid their goodbyes to the group.

Before Gin got back on the bus, he stepped up to Marin. "Oh yeah. I picked this up somewhere. It's Marin-san's isn't it? It must've fallen."

Marin was thoroughly surprised as she grabbed the book. "This is my bankbook! I thought it had been stolen!"

Before she could thank Gin properly, he was already walking up the steps in the bus. "Haha, good thing I found it then."

Kurumu stared at Gin as he got on the bus. For once, she held some respect for her sempai even as she saw clearly the meaning of his actions. "You idiot, you're too easy to read." She playfully stated. Then in a slightly more serious tone, "Is it alright? Not saying anything? You like Sun-sempai right?"

Gin didn't say anything, but coolly walked to the back with the other guys.

"Hey guys look!" Yukari called out towards the back of the bus. The group tried their best to fit and see what was going on. The girls became slightly emotional as they saw a banner with chibi forms of Marin and Sun, words floating above their heads telling the Newspaper Group to come and visit again.

Everyone waved back, and thus concluded the end of their Summer Camp.