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"Come on, Clary, just one more round." Asked Jace, with his usual smirk.

His girlfriend just glared at him. "We've been training for two hours, Jace. I think it's time to give it a rest."

"You just don't want to spar because you know I'll win." He taunted her smugly. "It's okay if you're scared; it must be terrifying to have to try and fight the greatest shadowhunter of the century."

She growled at him, cocky ass she thought. Leaping at him without warning, he was forced into a defensive maneuver. They sparred back and forth, switching dominant positions, but Clary was clearly winning the match. Within several minutes, pouring sweat and pinning Jace to the wall, Clary had her own smirk.

"I win," she gasped breathlessly into his ear.

It was then that she felt something cool and smooth slide onto her left hand finger.

"Actually," Jace chuckled, "I think I do."

Clary pulled back just enough to stare in wonder at the diamond sitting on her left ring finger.

"Marry me?" he asked confidently, but with a small smirk in place.

"Aren't you supposed to ask me first, and then put the ring on my finger if I say yes?" her brain was scrambling, frantically trying to make sense of what was happening.

"I already knew you would say yes." His smirk grew, and his annoying arrogance shined.

Clary decided to play with him and teach Jace a lesson. She drew back.

"No," she said clearly and simply. Hoping that a mischievous glint was not present in her eyes, she proceeded to remove the ring. However, before she could slide the silver band off, Jace's hands stopped her own.

"What do you mean no?" his voice was hard, and a little worried.

"I mean no, I will not marry you." When she saw a flicker of understanding followed by a dangerous sparkle in his tawny eyes, Clary knew he figured out what she was up too.

"Is that so?" he leaned closer.

"Yes," her voice sounded strong, and she hoped she looked like she meant it.

Faster than she could comprehend, he pinned her up against the wall just as she had done to him mere minutes ago. "Are you sure?" he breathed as he dragged his nose up her neck and whispered into her ear.

"Positive," Barely a waver hinted in her voice, and she was proud of herself.

"Really?" he sounded mock surprised. He pressed her harder into the wall with his body while his hands teased the edge of her tank top.

Clary couldn't think straight with his hands moving against her bare skin and his lips slowly making their way to her own.

Peppering kisses along her check and down to the corner of her mouth, he whispered against her lips, "How about now? What were you saying?"

"I won't…marry you." She was breaking as she gasped against his lips, reaching out to pull his head to hers and kiss him, but he grabbed her wrists and held them against the wall.

"Why not? Who better to be promised to than me?" He spoke against her skin as his lips down her neck and flicked his tongue against the hollow of her throat, earning a gasp from her. Placing open mouthed kisses down to the neckline of her shirt, he released her hands and slipped his own under her shirt and rubbed smooth, even circles into her bare skin, causing her to gasp and moan at the same time.

"You're…to…arrogant…for your…own good." Clary managed to gasp out, her palms pressing into the wall.

"Is that so?" Jace smirked against her cleavage. "What if I asked nicely?"

"P-perhaps I-I'll say y-yes." She stuttered.

Without warning, Jace crashed his lips against hers, and slid his hands up her sides to the edge of her bra, while her hands latched themselves in his hair and tugged, causing Jace to growl.

Keeping one hand in his hair, Clary snaked the other under his shirt and traced his abs and learned the planes of his smooth chest. Abandoning his hair completely, she devoted both her hands to removing Jace's shirt.

Jace moaned as Clary dragged her nails down his newly exposed chest, and she took this opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth. And so began the battle for dominance. Jace pushed her higher against the wall, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Tearing his mouth away, Jace spoke breathlessly. "I love you Clarrisa Fairchild, will you marry me?"

It wasn't the way she always thought her marriage proposal would be like, however it wasn't the way proposal was done, but who had done it.

"Yes," Clary breathed. "I love you Jace, yes." She half-shouted the last word. Laughing, Jace picked her up and span her around. Once her feet meet the ground once more, her fiancé placed one chaste kiss upon her lips.

"I love you even more, Clarissa Lightwood."

Clarissa Lightwood, she could get used to that.

After they arranged their clothing and Jace put his shirt back on, they walked out of the training room hand-in-hand.

"Clary," they heard Isabelle call, as she rounded the corner. "Oh there you are. Do you know where I put—oh my god!" she squealed as soon as she caught sight of my left hand. "You're getting married!" she attacked me with a smothering hug.

Clary laughed, along with Jace.

"How did he propose? Was it romantic? Why didn't you tell me before? And why did you wear the ring to training?" Izzy kept the questions coming, but Clary cut her off.

"It was an…interesting proposal."

And that was all that was said.

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