Otani opened the door to Koizumi's bedroom, suddenly quite embarassed to be there.

Her room was surprisingly clean, the way she acted, you would think she was some sort of slob.

There were pictures on the wall, stuffed animals in one corner and on the bed, posters of umibozu on the walls, and various bunny paraphernelia decorating every surface.

Opening her closet doors, Otani found that most of her coats and sweatshirts were hung on a rack, and the rest of the clothes were stored in a small bureau. He yanked a sweatshirt off it's hook and tossed it in a backpack he found hanging on a hook on the inside of the closet door, and started to open the bureau's drawers.

His first find made him nearly fall over from sheer shock. Apparently her first drawer was her feminine drawer, so he shut his eyes and grabbed a couple things before slamming the drawer shut as hard as he could.

After going through all the other drawers, Otani had assembled the backpack's contents, and only had to grab the stuffed bunny of Koizumi's bedide table before he was out the door and down the street.

As he made his way back to the hospital, Otani stopped at a stoplight to cross the street, and a street vendor selling flowers caught his eye.

Why not?

Otani bought a red carnation and continued on, a sudden urge to skip taking over his feet. What the heck was going on with his brain today? Deciding he was just crazy, Otani hopped up the hospital stairs and made his way to Koizumi's room.

He hummed a random tune as he walked down the halls, then stopped at Koizumi's room and opened the door.

It was completely empty, the bed stripped of sheets, the monitors unhooked.

"ACKK!" Otani yelled, backing up so fast he almost hit a nurse. Did Koizumi die?

"Are you looking for Miss Koizumi?" The nurse asked as he backed up into a wall. Otani squeaked something unintelligible, and the nurse took it as a yes, and started to walk down the hall, Otani tottering along behind her.

They walked in silence down some more halls before the nurse led him to another brown wood door.

"This is it" She said. Otani didn't move, only stared at the door. The nurse watched him for a second, then opened the door before giving him a weird look.

Otani shut his eyes as he walked in, afraid he would see Koizumi's mummified body laying on a table... Mutilated beyond repair, beheaded, sha-


Otani opened his eyes to see Koizumi sitting on the edge of her bed, and almost fainted.

"Otani?" Koizumi said as he stumbled to regain his balance.

"They...They moved your room, and mrpgheldgrr" Otani said, looking at his feet.

"Say what?" Koizumi asked, a frown creasing her face.

"I THOUGHT YOU DIED!" Otani yelled, dropping the backpack and hugging her as tight as he could.

"...What?" Was all Koizumi could say.

After a few seconds, Otani still showed no signs of letting go.

"Um, Otani... You can get off me"




Koizumi shook her head and wound up her fist, punching the side of his head so hard he flopped to the floor.

"Owww, what the hell Koizumi?" Koizumi only glared.

"You were hugging me"

Otani's eyes went as wide as dinner plates, and he slumped to the floor from sheer shock of what his body had done from lack of brain.