**Whoa, I haven't uploaded anything in a while. A while being almost two weeks. Flames will be burned with green fire and murdered with a hockey stick**

You see that Canadian beauty over there?

You do?

That's my Canadian beauty. Mine.

Do you know the definition of that word? If you don't, I'm sure England has a dictionary for you to use.

Because that is my Canadian.

I'll even prove it.

Cuba's talking to him, I strut right over and say; "What'd I do this time, Cube?"

Russia's talking to him, I march over and get in his face; "Want another Cold War, ya damn commie?"

England's talking to him, I skip over and say: "Hey Iggy! I know I'm beautiful and all but I ain't that pretty!"

France's talking to him, I stalk nearby until I'm close enough and whisper; "I think he doesn't want his vital regions invaded."

Ukraine's talking to him, I walk over and shout; "Canada! I'm taking you to the Ihop for some huge pancakes! Let's go!"

Prussia's talking to him, I jump in between them and yell; "He's too awesome for you ya son of a bitch!"

Seychelles is talking to him, I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around him; "Hey Mattie, talking to Chelles? Can I join?"

Iceland's taking to him, I stand next to him and say; "Talking about being little brothers huh?"

Every single time I do that to anyone talking to Canada, his reactions are different.

"America, we're just talking..." he says while rubbing a spot on his head.

"America, don't start please." He says while trying to pull me away.

"A-America – uh, heh..." he says while blushing and looking at his feet.

"America! Pervert!" he yells while trying to grab my shirt collar.

"America, was that a hint?" he whispers to me as we walk down the street to the Ihop.

"A-America? You really think that?" he asks while I guide him down the hall.

"America, it's rude to butt into a conversation." He pats my head before continuing to talk with her.

"America. We are talking about trade." He looks at the other, apologizing.

And whenever I'm alone with him later on, I always say something different – but the same.

"He thought you were me again didn't he? Aw, get me next time – I love you."

"I was trying to protect you Mattie! I love you."

"You're really pretty Mattie. Beautiful. I love you."

"Hey, I was just saying! He isn't supposed to even do things like that to you, I love you." (Although this one ended in a strict lecture.)

"Uh... well, no. Maybe, yes – no. Uh, I love you!"

"Of course I do! You're too awesome for him and much cuter to! I love you, awesome."

"I butt in 'cause I love you"

"Trade with me more often! I'm closer, friendlier, and I love you!"

Why do I do this?

Because that little Canadian beauty over there is my little Canadian beauty.

Hey, Mattie! Where do ya wanna eat tonight!