You want to make that silly word

The one he said


Have just a little more meaning

And a little less of a sneer

So change the 'u' for an 'o'

And make that 't' another 's'

And that's what you feel

Because he said it was just

L u s t


It was more to you, baby girl

Because those tears you cry

Aren't for a lost plaything

You didn't love fucking him

You fucked him because you

( don't deny it )

Loved him


L o s s

Pain and heartache

Because he misinterpreted it all

( boys, always so oblivious )

He thought it was petty lust

Driven by hormones

And years of being the good-girl

But you're still that pure, innocent child

Aren't you, darling?

Because you thought you could win him over

But it doesn't work that way


If it was just lust

Your chest wouldn't ache

And your eyes wouldn't water

B e c a u s e

Lust means no attachments

A quick fuck and then on with your day

But you wanted so much more

And he just didn't understand that

Or maybe

Maybe he didn't want to




A lot

Especially when it's one sided

And you never thought you'd be the girl

Who thought she could tame him

But you couldn't help but try

And now you're cursing yourself for that weakness

Why did you have to be so fucking stupid?


As if it isn't bad enough

To feel your world crashing to your feet

Everyone knows

They see the pathetic looks you give him

And the way he talks about your skills

( if you know what I mean )

They know and they laugh

Because you're nothing but a

'Love-stuck whore'


You feel yourself slipping

Farther from who you want to be

Where you want to go

And you keep finding yourself

In an empty classroom

With your panties at your ankles

And your skirt pulled up to your waist

With sausage fingers grabbing and squeezing

And a raspberry mouth moaning and demanding

But you are just pressed against a desk


And crying

And missing him

Because it was a hell of a lot more than lust