In my usual bass-ackwards fashion, here's something I came up with as an opener for "Fear and Loafing", to introduce Alice, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Let me know how it works for opening the story.

I don't have much time. Not much air, either.

This is the sole survivor of Third Shift Karen Avenue Patrol out of Sahara Casino. Never mind the name. We were sent to search for medical supplies in Sunrise Hospital. We failed. Now I'm hiding in the trunk of a Plymouth. The infected are all over the car. If you're hearing this, you're hearing them. I've never seen so many come together so fast. Too many. Too fast.

It's going to look like it was just bad luck. Even we thought that's all it was, until the end. We didn't want it to be more. When our scouts never radioed in. When the truck wouldn't start. When our rear guard were overrun without firing a shot. Even when we heard that sound. It wasn't a scream. It sure wasn't one of ours.

One name I'll give: Deputy Colt. If any of us ever had a chance, it was thanks to him. His real name- it's Sheldon Smith. He said he had a wife named Katy, two kids, Kevin and Sarah, in Gallup. If anyone hears of them- tell them he loved them, always. Tell them he died a hero. And tell them I'm sorry we couldn't make it mean something. Me, I'm the one who put things together. Then I ran. I heard them die. I don't think they blamed me. So please, nobody hate me.

The pain in my leg stopped a while ago. Now I feel pins and needles in my hip. Never got a good look at what hit me. I think it broke. Even if they find me, it may look like nothing but splinters. I don't suppose they'll look too closely. If they don't find this tape... If they don't see the dart... Good god, if they don't find out about her...

There it is again. Maybe you hear it, maybe the infected will drown it out. But I hear it like it was the only sound in the world. Hard to believe anything that was ever human could make a sound like that. It's not the zeds, it's her, and them. I don't know if they can really talk. But they laugh. They laugh like banshees with the giggles. They laugh while we die.

Somebody needs to know. But... but that's not what matters. Forget my name, if you find it. But if you ever run into a lady named Elizabeth Dixon, blonde, thirtyish, out of Phoenix... Tell her Harry says he's sorry, and he tried to come home.

...As the voice subsided into muffled sob, a lesioned hand pushed the stop button.