Warning: Migraine induced angst.

Summary: Set post JE. Donna sleeps off a migraine attack.

Disclaimer: The BBC owns Doctor Who; but in my own small way I helped pay for it.

A/N: Written after having yet more migraines; I use my medication-induced sleep time to try and think happy thoughts, so why wouldn't Donna? Big thanks to luinel_anduril for being my beta.

Donna groaned as the unease pulsed up through her stomach to her mouth and joined the chorus of pain behind her eyes to take over her head. She hadn't intentionally watched that TV programme marking the anniversary of the planets in the sky, she really hadn't; but she had known this migraine was inevitable as soon as she'd accidentally caught a peek of it.

Lying in bed, she shivered, waiting for the strong pain relief prescribed by her doctor to take effect. She longed for the pain free, almost coma inducing, sleep it brought and the dreams she could have. Donna knew she dreamed because a small trace of happiness was left behind. Nothing more tangible. No plot; no images. Just the knowledge that her dreams were happy places. All that she knew otherwise about them was that as she slowly drifted off she would start to see a man. A man who welcomed her into his world. A man who was a bit like Willy Wonka, and then again not. He held the key to another world of being, of existing, far from the norm and the ordinary.


As the medication took over, she drifted away with him. He held her hand as she stepped into space.

As she stepped through the dream-mirror, he smiled at her. A large encompassing grin. She loved that grin. It made her feel …. Brilliant, that was the word.

"Oh Donna! I've missed you," he beamed, squeezing her hand tightly.

"And I've missed you, Spaceman," she beamed back.

There really was no other way to view this moment; she absolutely loved it.

"Where shall we go this time?" he asked, making for the console.

"Somewhere happy. Yeah, let's try for happy," she replied standing opposite him.

"I can't guarantee that. You know that I can't." He looked momentarily crestfallen.

"I know. But as long as we're together for a little while, it doesn't matter," she told him. Because to her it was true.


Sometime later, when the Doctor woke up, he felt so much better. Guilty that Donna had obviously had another 'migraine' attack, but much better. He knew that you had to grab life's little moments of happiness with both hands. He knew that all too well.