Disclaimer: I got bored wrote this as a one shot. I do not own Twilight or its Characters. I want to thank Stephanie Meyer for giving the world these characters.

Renesmee was sitting alone in her dorm at Harvard studying law. She always wanted to become a lawyer after watching Legally Blond with her Aunt Rosalie. It was about 8pm at night; she was watching rerun of Glee. Her only guilty pleasure, Nessie would watch it late at night with her mom Bella shielding her. Leaving Edward to believe she was actually asleep. She was taking a break from her studies. And, decided to write back home to her mom and dad telling them how everything was going.

Dear Edward and Bella,

I miss you both. I am doing well, and enjoying life as a college student. NOT! As If! Edward (Dad), do you really believe I would do such things? However, there are a few students here that wouldn't be missed much. Tell Jasper to take a chill pill and relax. Again, I didn't do anything. No, I haven't gained yours or Auntie Alice's gifts. It just that you' all are that predictable. I'm cool with my roommate, she's hardly is here anyways. Dad, really for Heaven's sakes; It is the twenty-first century after all. Secondly, it's her life she can choose whatever she wishes to do. Anyways, got to go. Tell everyone that I love them and miss them. I can't wait for the semester to be over.

Love Always Truly;

Renesmeé C. Cullen