A/N: This is a short little 100 word drabble about a Lucius/Draco father/son moment. I was just watching A Very Potter Muciscal Sequal, and I saw the part where Draco writes a letter to his dad, and asks Hedwig if his dad has written him. Hedwig says no, and Draco gets really upset. So here is A moment between the two, bonding 8).

He walked through the halls of Malfoy Manor, his feet sliding across the marble floors.

When he turns his head, and see's the small, platnium blonde boy, kneeling on the floor, scribbling on the red walls in crayon, he glares.

The little boy shrinks away from his fathers stares, tears almost falling through his eyes.

The older of the two kneels down beside the small boy, takes a crayon, green, for that matter, and runs it across the wall, creating a line.

The small boy stares at the man, his eyes wide, and runs his own crayon, silver, across the green line.

This continues, until they finally stop. Each sign their name at the bottom, and step away from the wall.

The picture before them shows a small, platnium blonde boy, holding the hand of a tall, blonde haired man. Each one is smiling.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this!