Oga Tatsumi is pissed. He looked at the cause of his aggravation and got even more pissed as she quietly sipped her tea and read her book while seating on his swivel chair. He glared at her longer wanting her to feel discomfort and acknowledge his growing anger.

She raised her head, looked at him nonchalantly and raised her brow. "What?"

"What do you mean what?" Oga's still furious! Because of the sudden turn of events, he's now stuck sharing the same room with this demon woman and the spawn of the devil baby for god knows how long! "Until when are you staying here?" he seethed the words, trying to control the anger in his voice.

The devil woman smiled, "Indefinitely." She answered as if she's toying with him.

"What the hell!"

Hilda squinted her eyes at him out of displeasure. "Don't use the word 'hell' so candidly. It's insulting."

Oga, intimidated by her look tried to justify his earlier outburst "It's an expression! An expression! Damn woman! If you're going to live here you should adjust to us!"

"I don't like your tone." Hilda squinted her eyes again.

'Fucking bitch, there's no use talking to her.' Oga thought. He then looked at the sleeping baby on his bed, and can't begin to fathom why it became attached to him. "Stupid baby."

"For the time being we will stay here until Master realizes how useless you are as a parent."

"So it's possible for him to get attached to someone else?"

"Yes. If it were up to me, I would have chosen someone with political influence and holds a higher economic status."

"If you're moving on what the hell is the point of you convincing my parents that he's our baby anyway?"

"I never said anything, your family thought they figured it all out. I just did not say they were wrong."

"Damn bitch! So manipulative!"

Oga was about to lie down and he looked at the baby lying in the middle of the bed, he looked at the devil woman who resumed her reading. 'How are we going to fit here?' Did she expect to take the bed and for him to sleep on the floor? "Oi! Where will you sleep?" Oga asked.

"In here of course. I will sleep where the master sleeps."

"Hildachan!" Oga's sister barged in holding a nightgown. "I have something for you to wear tonight…" She looked at Oga who is now lying down beside Baby Be'el in bed and at Hilda who is sitting on the floor staring at them. A nerve started pulsing hard on the side of her head. The nerve of her brother not offering the mother of his child the bed!


Oga swears that if it was not for his fast reflexes he would have died from his sister's attack. He stared at her sister's elbow leaving the pillow where his head was. "What's the meaning of this?" His sister pointed at Hilda who is looking like the diligent mother sitting at the side of the bed.

"You're about to go to sleep without even offering Hilda the bed? You're child needs his mother!"

"Where the hell will I sleep then!" Oga shouted.

His sister glared at him and before she could open her mouth to shout at him, Oga immediately ran out of the room, quickly went downstairs and grabbed the futon stashed at their storage room.

"I'm so sorry Hildachan! I have to admit that even though my brother is an idiot, you just have to look past his negative traits and look at…" Oga's sister paused as she couldn't think of any positive traits of her brother, "… look at the wonderful baby you created together." She smiled and looked beamingly at Baby Be'el.

Oga came back by then and instantly made the bed on the floor.

"Why don't you lie down on the bed Hildachan? Tatsumi doesn't mind sleeping on the floor."

Oga was about to protest but not before Hilda stated, "I'll sleep on the floor. The young master needs him."

"Young master… you mean Baby Be'el?" Oga's sister finds it odd, 'It must be a foreigner thing to call their babies young master.' "I guess they do need to bond, Tatsumi has been an irresponsible father up until now, he needs to make it up to both of you." She then handed Hilda the night gown. "I guess I'll have to go with you to shop for new clothes since you don't seem to have much. You can use the bathroom downstairs, mom prepared an extra set of toothbrush and the yellow towel in there is for you to use."

Hilda smiled at her, "Thank you for your hospitality."

"You're family now. Think of me as your big sister and if Tatsumi gives you any problems, you come to me." She smiled beamingly at Hilda before glaring menacingly at her brother again, "So you better not give her any problems TATSUMI."

When his sister finally left Oga stared at Hilda and the manipulative woman stared right back. "NOW WHAT?" he hissed, controlling himself from shouting so he won't wake up Baby Be'el.

"I need to change." Hilda stated nonchalantly, "Please leave the room."

Oga stepped out of the room angrily, 'Shit!' he can't believe this will be the pattern of his life while these two freelancers are here.

"I'm done."

Oga had to look twice to recognize the evil woman, she now has her hair down and the golden hair cascaded down her back and framed her face. He must admit, the white nightgown suited her better than the gothic Lolita clothing that she seems to love wearing. "I'll show you where the bathroom is."


That night, lying down, he couldn't sleep. He unconsciously waited for her night after night coming from the bathroom downstairs. When she comes in, she seems to fill the room with a sweet smell. Oga meant to ask her what that smell is but he always forget as the smell lulls him to sleep. His last thought being, 'Even at night, that bitch is still manipulating me.'


'Summer is almost over.' Oga looked at his family members huddled together watching the television. He's sitting at the table waiting for Hilda to serve whatever terrible concoction she decided to cook that night. He misses his mother's cooking but his mom thinks it's good training for Hilda. He couldn't believe that it has been four months since the two moved into their household turning everything upside down.