Title: Screamworks

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I don't own the following wrestlers. Do I wish? Oh yes. But do I own? Oh no. XD.

Summary: "Jeff could feel everything that was being done to him," Matt whispered, the feeling of Evan's fingers in his hair soothing him only a bit, "…but he just could not move." SLASH.

Dedicated to: Emri-May



"Jeff?!" Matt cried out, "Jeff! Are you okay?!" his voice was bordering on hysteria as he tried to force his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

"I've got him." Randy murmured, keeping his arms locked tightly around Jeff's waist. "I've got him," he repeated as Jeff stopped screaming, his shrieks turning into loud squeaks of horror. Randy blocked it out, focusing his eyes on where he'd seen the figure standing. He moved slowly, pulling Jeff with him as he scrambled to think up any ideas as to escape.

"It's not just us anymore is it, Randy?" Cena asked into the dark. So, John had also seen the person. It didn't really surprise Randy. John had always been alert, using his senses to extreme lengths even back when they were young kids fighting off gangs. It did surprise him that no one else seemed to have noticed.

"W-what do you mean?" Evan whispered from somewhere in the darkness. "W-who else is here?"

Randy didn't get to answer.

"Well, there used to be three of us…" the voice was followed by movement as the figure walked around the house with heavy footsteps.

Everyone tensed up, shocked to hear such an unfamiliar voice. It was a rolling rasp…strange and eerie.

"But now I guess you'll just have to settle for two…right, Jeffy?" the voice gave way to a sinister chuckle, sending chills running down everyone's spines. Jeff whimpered and buried his face into Randy's chest as his body began to shake uncontrollably.

"Don't you fucking go near him," Adam snarled, his fingers flexing, "I'll rip your head off!"

There was another chuckle before the lights suddenly flashed on, blinding them all for a moment. When their eyes adjusted, they could see a single male standing barely a few feet away from them all.

Jeff didn't dare look, his eyes closed tightly as he fisted Randy's shirt. He was shaking so hard that he was actually starting to shake Randy also but the older patient didn't even notice, his eyes locked on the imposing man.

"Didn't you miss me, Jeffy?" the man frowned mockingly, "I'm hurt." He was tall. He surpassed even Adam, who was the tallest of them all, by a foot and some inches. His face was covered by a surgical mask but he was also hidden from sight from a hooded jacket, the dark hood pulled up over his head and the only visible part of his face was his eyes.

If that wasn't unsettling enough, his eyes didn't match. One of them was a dark brown and the other one was nearly transparent. They were narrowed, their gaze turned on Jeff. The man held his arms out, fingers making a "clutching" motion, "Come give me a hug, Jeffy."

"You son of a bitch!" Matt gritted out, "I trusted you! I'm going to kill you!" he made a move towards the man but was stopped by Shawn. "Let go of me, Michaels," Matt growled.

Shawn shook his head, his blue eyes hard, "It is not safe to jump at the chance to attack him," he said slowly, "he is armed. He must be."

Trish swallowed, "Shawn is right, Matt," she glanced at the large man, "He…would not come here unarmed. He is outnumbered easily; of course he has a weapon."

The man chuckled, "Pretty smart." He pulled a gun from his pocket, pointing it at each one of them slowly. He paused at Shawn, and he laughed, "Hello, Dr. Michaels."

All eyes turned to Shawn, whose brows furrowed in confusion. "How do you know me?" he demanded, voice tight.

"We're all doctors here," the man said pleasantly, "I've heard of your work with my…with our lovely patient," he tilted his head, "I actually know of you quite well."

"Doomsday, shut your mouth."

Matt whirled around, his face pale, "Dr. Pain," he whispered, his eyes going wide. Everyone turned also, and Gil glared at the large man when he looked his way.

"It's good to know that you recovered, Mr. Hardy. Your son was very concerned about your well-being when he was under my care." Dr. Pain was shorter than Doomsday, but he was just as menacing. His voice, if possible, was even worse than Doomsday's.

Unlike Doomsday, he wore a rather unnerving mask to cover his face. It was the kind of mask Randy had only ever known someone to where during Halloween. A plague doctor mask. The eyeholes were protected by a glass-like material and the sharp hooked nose was designed to resemble a bird's beak.

He wore a large black cloak that covered his tall frame completely, a hood raised up to shadow over the rest of his features. Randy's eyes narrowed.

'Why are you hiding?' He thought, glancing once more to Doomsday. The taller doctor was hiding his identity as well but not as much as Dr. Pain…

Randy looked down at Jeff and was surprised to see the small male staring straight over at Dr. Pain. Jeff's eyes were glued to the mask, his pale face completely expressionless. His eyes were unwavering, unblinking, as he stared over at the man who had nearly killed his light.

"Hey," Randy nudged Jeff's cheek with his nose, forcing their eyes to meet. He watched as Jeff's eyes began to water and Randy bumped their noses together softly, trying to comfort the only person in the world who'd made him feel hope. Trying to return some of that precious hope.

Jeff's eyes closed in a long blink, tears sliding down the corner of his eyes but he nuzzled back against Randy as a soft sigh escaped his lips. His eyes opened slowly as Dr. Pain began to speak again.

"How lovely it is to see that Jeff still has the ability to beguile any man that lays eyes on him." Dr. Pain tilted his head to the side. "Now, Matthew, you're not just going to trust anyone with your brother, are you? Don't you remember what happened the last time you did that?"

Matt had to be restrained again as he made a lunge for the doctor. Gil placed a comforting hand on his son's shoulder and glared heatedly at the doctor, "You're a monster. My boy was a child. A baby. Your sordid acts have awarded you with a special place in hell, you sick bastard."

Dr. Doomsday narrowed his eyes. "Watch it, old man. If you keep lashing out your tongue that way then I may just have to put a hole in your head." He reached into the pocket of the heavy jacket and pulled out a gun, pointing it at their direction.

"Now, now, Doomsday," Dr. Pain said calmly, "We're here for one person only. Give us back the patient and we'll let the rest of you live. It is not my intention to harm any of you."

"You try to take him from me," Randy dared, his eyes dark, "You fucking try it."

Dr. Doomsday laughed, "What a horrible thing to say. You'll regret that."

The light suddenly disappeared, leaving them all in darkness once more.

"Oh, man," Chris muttered, waving his arms around in the dark, "This is not good."

"Everyone stay together," John ordered, wrapping his thick arm around Ted's waist and keeping his left hand on Randy's shoulder. "We don't know if…" his voice trailed off, when a loud popping sound echoed around the room and then the sounds of him inhaling quickly following. "Oh…shit."

Already, Randy could feel the effects of the knockout gas entering his system. He struggled to keep his hold on Jeff, who was fading quickly, his body becoming lax against the older man's chest.

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no,' Randy's mind echoed, feeling Jeff slip out of his arms as they both landed on the floor. He caught quickly onto Jeff's hand, trying to keep their skin touching. He could hear everyone else coughing and falling, their bodies making thudding noises when they connected with the ground.

"Do you regret it, boy?" the voice of Dr. Pain asked into his ear and Randy could feel his body shuddering in utter fear as his hand went limb, vaguely feeling Jeff's hand being ripped out of his grasp.



Jeff woke up with a grimace on his lips, forcing his eyes to open against the blinding light in front of him. He groaned in misery when he realized he couldn't move and thought for a terrible moment that he'd be drugged but when he was able to look down at his lower-half, his mind jolted with the knowledge that he could actually move but not much. He was tied to a chair, his arms strapped tight behind the back of it.

'They haven't…the drug isn't in my body. They didn't give me the drug.' Jeff's next thought hit him like a baseball getting battered by the bat, 'Randy…' He jerked his arms, whimpering when the roped held him tight to the chair he was sitting in. He turned his head quickly when the sound of a door opening caught his attention.

"You're awake."

Jeff could only stare as feet, clad in those heavy boots, walked towards him in a calm pace. His eyes trailed up the man's body until he was staring into his face and Jeff blinked in surprise.

Dr. Pain had aged.

He looked worn but definitely not weak. His eyes were much duller than Jeff remembered and his facial features were rougher, lines near the corners of his mouth and his frame was slightly slumped.

The small glimpse he'd seen of him in the hospital was so brief that Jeff didn't even get a chance to properly see how defeated the man seemed. None of this was comforting, though. Jeff still flinched when the doctor lifted a hand towards him.

He felt fingers caressing his chin and he shook, eyes closing tightly when the man's calloused thumb traced over his lips. His eyes snapped open when Dr. Pain spoke.

"Did you let him kiss you?" Pain asked, his voice soft. "The boy with his arms locked around you, did he put his mouth on your lips?"

Jeff breathed in through his nose, too afraid to make a sound. He jumped slightly when Dr. Pain growled and he struggled to not cry as the man roughly grabbed his throat, slowly applying pressure.

"Has he kissed you?" Dr. Pain asked again, eyes darkening when Jeff jerked his head up and down quickly. "Have you done anything else with him?"

Jeff shook his head, lips parting with soft noises as Dr. Pain still had a tight grip on his neck. He coughed as Dr. Pain released him, inhaling hard. He struggled with tears, ducking his head to hold in his sniffling.

"You grew up exactly how I pictured you would, Jeff." Dr. Pain began, his voice gentle, "No…you grew up better than I would have ever imagined. Here I thought you'd be locked away in some home, plagued by the horrors I've forced upon you." The doctor sighed, "I pictured you hidden away in a small room, with a chair facing a window that you would sit in, and stare out at the world you were deprived of…"

Jeff listened, because what else could he do? He stared at his knees as the man spoke and he felt his pulse quicken with each word aimed in his direction. Jeff was worried. Dr. Pain was so calm. So collected…

Jeff worried for his brother. He worried for his father and his friends but mostly, he worried for Randy.

"How has your life been up until this moment, Jeff? Did you dream? Were those dreams beautiful? You've been kept sane by your family, obviously. Your brother has matured and your father seems to be in decent health, but you…you have the same look in your eyes that you had the moment you became my patient."

Jeff sat up straighter as Dr. Pain faced him again. Before he could turn his head, his jaw was gripped with bruising force and he was made to look into the eyes of his most feared demon and all the pain, all the terror that he'd fought through all his life made his own eyes narrow and darken a fraction.

Dr. Pain blinked, seeing the disdain in those emerald eyes. "You have courage now. Tell me, does the boy with eyes like a serpent make you feel like you have a chance?"

At the mention of Randy, Jeff could feel his heart flutter and Dr. Pain sneered at the sudden glimmer of hope on the young boy's face.

"Well, then…I'll do away with him first." The doctor promised, glaring down into the pale face.

Jeff watched as Dr. Pain stood up to his full height and began to walk away. Just as he was hoping he'd be left alone for a while, he heard Dr. Pain address Dr. Doomsday.

"Get him ready. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Jeff didn't even know how to react when hurried footsteps approached him and the giant form of Dr. Doomsday became visible. He cried out loudly as his cheek was smacked hard enough to bruise and then his screams became muffled as Doomsday grabbed his chin, squeezing a sticky substance onto his pursed lips.

Once he realized what the sticky stuff was, Jeff whined in the back of his throat, eyes closing tight as Doomsday blew onto his mouth, making sure the glue held.

"You deserve this, you bad boy. Kissing other men. What a little whore you've grown up to be." Doomsday released Jeff's chin, grinning as the patient cowered away.

He inhaled through his nose, eyes tearing as he tried to open his mouth with no luck whatsoever.

"It's super potent glue," Doomsday smirked, "No one will hear your screams…but then again, you won't be screaming. Not yet, anyway. We have someone else in mind before we get to you."

Jeff's heart ached.

Suddenly, he realized where Dr. Pain had gone.


A kick to his shin caused Randy to jerk awake, nearly toppling over the chair he was strapped down to. He looked around wildly, eyes blinking quickly before he was able to focus on John's face. The other man was also strapped down to a chair, facing him directly with only a few feet separating them.

Looking around, Randy could see the conscious forms of Adam and Matt. They were seated directly across from Jay and Evan, who were on Cena's left side. To Cena's right, Randy could see Chris and Ted slowly waking up, their eyes blinking slowly to adjust and next to them sat Trish and Shawn. Turning his head once more, Randy could see that the man to his right was Hunter and the man seated next to Hunter was Gil.

'Jeff…' Before Randy could ask, he watched John shake his head slowly, a frown frozen on his lips. "But…where…?"

"We don't know." Adam said flatly. "He's the only one missing."

Matt didn't look well. His eyes were blurred over with unshed tears and his lips were quivering. Lifting his face slowly, he locked eyes with his father, who stared back helplessly.

"I'm sorry, father," Matt spoke, voice barely more than a whisper, "I let them take him again."

Randy could feel his shoulders shiver and he turned his head to the dark haired man, "I had him! He was in my arms. They took him from me not you." His teeth gnashing, he looked up towards the ceiling. "And I'm going to get him back."

"What makes you so sure he's even alive?"

They all jerked towards the voice, Matt and Randy struggling against their restraints as Dr. Pain became visible.

"Where is my brother? I swear to god if you've hurt him-!" Matt growled, his thrashing causing the chair he was sitting in to screech against the floor loudly.

Dr. Pain didn't even look towards the ravenette and instead focused his attention on Randy. "...He worries for you. Did you know?"

"Return him to me," Randy's voice was bordering on psychotic, "Bring him here, safe and sound, and I will make your death less painful than what it should be." His muscles were tightening, his head was aching, and his heart was thudding painfully.

"You worry for him as well," Dr. Pain observed, his voice thoughtful. "How did you come to care for him so much? How did he…come to love you the way that he does?" As he spoke, he walked, taking steps closer and closer to Randy.

Randy could practically feel the voices in his head chanting for him to rip the man apart. His teeth were gnashed so tightly that they hurt. "Return him to me," he repeated, his voice barely more than a hiss.

Dr. Pain stopped in front of Randy, "He does not belong to you. He never did and he never will." He knelt, so that he was more or less at Randy's height, "His mind, his body…all of him belongs to me."

Randy couldn't help himself. He chuckled, eyes deranged, "You may have taken his body and you sure as hell shattered his mind but I will always have his heart." Admittedly, Randy knew that what he just said would get him in trouble. But he never expected the needle that was stabbed into his neck.

"Shit!" John cried out, struggling against his bonds as Randy went limp, cobalt eyes wide in surprise.

"What have you done?" Adam yelled, watching Randy's body freeze entirely.

"The drug," Shawn whispered, "He's put the drug inside of Randy."

"Your words will have no way of leaving your mouth when you watch what we do to him," Dr. Pain muttered, low enough so only Randy could hear. "I'll have my patient back."

He untied Randy's bonds, pulling the stiff, immobile man onto his shoulder.

"And when you watch me tear him apart once more, you won't be able to move." Dr. Pain began to walk back towards the direction from which he came, ignoring the yells and pleads from the people he was leaving behind.

"Your body will be still and you won't feel anything but the pain in your heart knowing that you can't save him. You won't even be able to force sounds out of your throat."

Randy tried to flex his fingers, to wiggle his toes, to twitch…but to his horror, he could do nothing. He stared at the dark ground as he was walked towards an unknown destination.

He landed hard on his side when the doctor dropped him, and his eyes zeroed in on Jeff, whose own eyes were widened upon seeing him. Randy tried to move his lips, watching as Doomsday and Pain walked towards the blonde.


"Your screams won't work, boy." Dr. Pain finished, his hand grabbing tight onto Jeff's hair. "But his will."

Randy wished he could close his eyes when Doomsday wheeled over a surgical table with items meant for torture. He wished he could cry out when the scissors ran down Jeff's clothing, cutting them away from his body.

He could do nothing but let tears leak out of his stinging eyes, watching as the man he loved stared back at him with misery and terror on his face.

And then…just when he thought he'd lose his own mind with guilt and grief…

Randy felt his shoulders spasm.


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