"Hey, Yosuke, what's love?"

Yosuke, who had been glaring down at his carton of ice cream for the last half hour, turned sharply to subject Teddie to his glare. "I'll tell you what it is, Ted! Love is a bitch. Love is the girl who's the prettiest being you've ever laid eyes on, the sweetest thing ever, and you know what she does? She hits you."

"H-hits you?" Teddie exclaimed, eyes wide with shock. "W-why would she do that?"

"Oh, I'll tell you why. She does it because she doesn't even know you love her! You do all you can to show her you're interested," Yosuke paused to stuff a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth, "an' she duh-n't wuhnna hang ou' wif you!" He finally swallows the bite, wiping his mouth with an arm. "And study dates? Yeah, forget that, man! She'll slap you. What did I ever do wrong?"

Teddie wore the most disgusted frown he could ever muster as he said, "That's horrible, Yosuke! This love thing sounds like a real pain. Why does everyone want to fall in love then?"

Yosuke gulped down more ice cream, shuddering at the cold. "Because they don't know jack. They think that everything will be perfect, how could anyone possibly reject love?" Teddie would have answered had he not been so distracted by the way Yosuke was waving around his spoon, but Yosuke continued anyway. "Seriously, like any of them even know anything! They don't know what heartbreak is, they don't know what it's like! Idiots, all of 'em."

"Yeah, tell me about it! Love really is a bitch."

"No kidding. Want some?"