Chapter 1

"Billy! Are you almost done in there?" Embry Call called from the living room of the Blacks' house. Billy Black rolled himself out of his room and into the living room.

Embry stood up and walked over to him.

"About damn time old man," Embry stated taking the handles of Billy's wheelchair and assisted him outside of the house where Sam, Jared, Paul, and Quil were waiting.

"Quiet you or I'll run you over," Billy responded back as Sam and Paul helped him down the stairs while Embry lock the door.

"Yeah, yeah sure thing," Embry said as Sam wheeled Billy to the passenger side of his car.

"I can't believe Leah's getting married," Paul stated.

"I know me either, it's crazy isn't it?" Quil piped up.

"Guys shut up," Sam said bitterly.

"Oh yeah forgot, ex-boyfriend alert," Paul snickered. The guys laughed. Sam glared at them as a car pulled up into the dirt road leading down to the house.

"Expecting visitors Billy?" Embry questioned. Billy didn't respond as the car came to a stop. The guys watched as the passenger door opened. Out stepped a man in an all white suit and white hat. The guys looked in awe as he turned around and looked upon them.

"Jakeā€¦" Billy whispered but everyone heard it. The tall man walked towards them and took off his hat.

"Oh my god," Sam said.

"Jacob!" Quil yelled in excitement as he ran towards him. Jacob smiled as he gave Quil a manly hug.

"Jake you're back! Oh my god I can't believe it! It's so good to see you man. Damn you look all professional!" Quil rambled on. Jacob laughed and put a hand on Quil's shoulder to silence him.

"It's good to see you too Quil," Jacob said and turned to his father.

"Dad," he said as he kneeled in front of him.

"Jake you're back," Billy said and then pulled his son into his arms. Jake hugged him back. His father let him go as the guys came around to welcome Jacob back.

"Jacob, why are you back?" Billy asked once everyone got their hellos and welcome backs out.

"I've requested to come home since I've been gone for two years. They gave me 3 months and then I have to return to the naval base."

"Hey you made it just in time for Leah's wedding," Paul stated. Jacob looked a little surprised.

"She's getting married?" Jacob asked turning to Sam.

"It's not to me, we're not together anymore," Sam said sternly. Jacob's face fell a little.

"Oh I'm sorry Sam. I-"

"Didn't know, yeah I understand," he continued. Jake nodded.

"Hey we better get going or Leah is going to kill us. Come on Jake, it's her rehearsal dinner. I bet everyone will be happy to see you again, especially you know who," Jared said as everyone got into their car.

Jacob smiled at the thought of her. His Bella.

AN: So I was kind of inspired to write this story while watching the Marine II. IDK why it inspired me but give it a try. Sorry for short chapter. Review =)