"Hair Dye"

Alli flung open the door to the Dot, pulling Clare inside. Clare quickly adjusted the blue baseball cap she had on, trying to make sure every strand of hair was concealed by it.

"I can't believe you ruined my hair!" Clare hissed softly. Alli shrugged.

"How was I supposed to know that the hair dye box was mislabeled? It's not my fault!" Alli said, taking a seat at a table in the back.

Clare sat down across from her and adjusted the cap again. It had been Alli's brilliant idea to dye Clare's auburn hair to a slightly darker shade, but it had turned out to be a flaming red color. And apparently it would ruin her hair if she tried to dye it again, back to her natural color, in less then 7 days after she dyed it the first time. So she was stuck with fire red hair for a week. Clare didn't know how she would face people. What would they think? That she was rebelling? Her hair was sure to make a statement, and the last thing Clare wanted was people talking about her. She groaned and adjusted her cap, again.

"Will you stop that? People are gonna see it one way or another so stop wearing that ugly hat." Alli said, reaching across the table and snatching the hat off of her.

Clare gasped and snatched it back, quickly stuffing her hair back in it. But the damage was done. A bunch of students from Degrassi were staring at her.

"Alli!" she screeched.

"Don't be a drama queen Clare. That's my job." Alli tapped her fingernails on the table and giggled.

"You're not the one with... devil hair!" Clare concluded.

"Oh come on, you look hot with red hair. No homo." she laughed again.

Clare rolled her eyes. "You should let me dye your hair now. You know, so we're even."

"It's not my fault it turned out that way! And I'm not letting you anywhere near my hair with hairdye."

Clare rolled her eyes again as Peter approached their table with a pad of paper.

"What can I get you... woah, nice hair Clare." he said, stifling a smile.

"Urgh!" Clare grimaced as she tucked a hair that was sticking out back into the cap.

"What made you decide to get that?" Peter asked.

"It wasn't really my decision." Clare crossed her arms and looked over the table at Alli.

"Alrighty, well I'll have a chocolate milkshake and fries." Alli said, changing the subject.

Clare rolled her eyes. "Same thing please."
Peter wrote down the order and left their table. Then, the door to the Dot flung open, and Adam and Eli stepped inside. Clare groaned to herself, the last thing she wanted was to have Adam or Eli see her hair. She could already think of the comments and teasing she'd get from them. She sank down in her seat, hoping they wouldn't see them.

"Clare!" she heard Adam yell as he approached their table. Clare winced.

Eli trailed behind him. Clare quickly adjusted the hat again.

"Nice hat, Blue Eyes." Eli said, smirking of course.

"Thanks." Clare said sarcastically.

Adam grabbed a chair from another table and sat down opposite of Clare and Alli. Eli did the same.

"So, what's up with the new get-up?" Adam asked Clare.

"I just had a serious case of bed-head. It's just a hat." Clare said as Alli tried not to laugh. Clare grabbed a sugar packet off the table and chucked it at her.

"Woah, nice new hair color Edwards." Eli said as he grabbed the hat off her hair. Clare's messy bright red curls shook out and Clare covered her hair with her hands.

Adam looked at her then burst out laughing. Eli joined in and soon enough Alli was laughing along with them. Clare was mortified, she felt the color rush into her cheeks.

"Okay, if you're all just gonna make fun of me then I'm leaving." Clare said, peeved as she got up. Eli reached over and grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down into her seat. Just that simple touch from him sent Clare's heart racing. Clare and Eli were dating, and even the smallest things still made her heart skip beats and her stomach get filled with butterflies. What Clare didn't know is she had the same effect on him.

"We're just kidding Clare." Eli said. Clare pouted and crossed her arms like a little kid. This sent Adam and Alli into another round of laughs, but Eli just smiled at her.

"So what inspired you to change to this?" Eli said as he motioned to her hair.

"You can thank her." Clare said, chucking a french fry from the plate Peter just set down in front of her at Alli.

"Oh my gosh, are you ever going to let it go Clare? I didn't mean to change it to firetruck red, it was supposed to be a dark auburn!" Alli said, chucking the french fry back at Clare, which bounced off her shoulder and fell onto the floor.

Eli and Adam laughed again.

"So why don't you just dye it back?" Adam asked.

"Well, it would destory my hair to dye it again. I'd rather have red hair then be bald." Clare said.

"Well I think it looks nice. Brings out you're fiester side." Eli smirked as he motioned to the french fries Clare kept chucking at Alli or Adam whenever they laughed.

Clare then grabbed one and chucked it at Eli. He caught it and ate it and smirked.

"Fiestier side?" Clare asked.

"Yeah. It's kinda sexy." Eli's smirk turned into a grin and Clare could feel the heat rise up into her cheeks. Of course, this set Adam and Alli into a fit of laughter again.

Clare reached down to her plate to grab another fry to chuck at them but the plate was empty. Clare sighed and pushed the plate away.

"Maybe I'll keep the red hair for awhile longer then." Clare smiled and Eli leaned in and kissed her. The simple peck quickly turned into a makeout, and Eli and Clare were oblivent to anything but each other's lips.

"Gross." Adam and Alli said at the same time.