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(Johan's POV)

I sat in a room designed much like a board meeting room. There was a long table made of teak and even the desk chairs with the tall backrests. I sat on the end of the table, my green eyes examining a round metallic device in the middle of the table. Glancing upward, my eyes trailed to a figure that almost mirror me except had their hair unspiked and cleavage.

That would be my sister, Jazzlyn. She and I are twins born on April 23rd. If it weren't obvious we're identical fraternal twins, with me being older by 3 minutes. And like most twins, our appearance are similar however our personalities are just like night and day. One could find quickly that I was the calmer of the two however probably the naïve of the two of us. Currently, Jazz stared boredly at the same device I watched.

Suddenly a light emitted from the center of the item, creating a projection of a man. His eyes were the color of coals and salt-and-peppered locks done in a professional coiffure with his mustache matching. Immediately I felt myself straighten in his presence. The man greeted. "It's nice to see you both again young Andersens. First and foremost, congratulations on your admission into North Academia, I'm sure your parents would've been proud."

Jazz and I remained silent, waiting for the clean-cut male to continue. "as you well know, you're our youngest agents and one of the most eligible for the long term mission that you've been assigned."

The projector switched to holographic version of different buildings. "North Academia along with it's sister schools are renowned for their education in dueling. However strange incidents have occurred within the schools."

Virtual articles and pictures appeared across the air. With each incident mentioned an article enlarged displaying it's contents. "Strange hieroglyphic markings in West, assaults by unseen attackers in South, bizarre animals and weather in the East, a whole dorm's residents gone in Duel Academia, and your problems are the student sickness and disappearances."

"That isn't gonna be a problem for us, sir." my sister spoke as the screen returned to the man debriefing us. "Anything North Academia's got to throw at us, we'll be able to conquer it no sweat."

A chuckle came from the superior that was addressing us. "You are your parents' child…Anyway, we will provide you with facilities for your work. I wish you both luck."

Simultaneously, Jazz and I replied. "Thank you, sir."

With that, the screen fizzled off and I could finally breath a sigh. The conversation we just had should've made it apparent, I'm not an ordinary teenager. I work for this international organization called Echo, whose mission is to regulate supernatural, unnatural, and extraterrestrial activity across the globe. As an agent of Echo, my title is a paranormal anomaly detective, or PAD for short. In some aspects, me and other employees are above authorities since some crimes and such are really the work of 'legends or myths'. Above that we're so secretive, no one knows of our works. It sucks not to get the glory but at least it pays way better than a typical after school job.

I headed for the exit to the room, only for the door to whoosh open and a lady to stand before me. She was beautiful with a body like a supermodel's. Her purple locks were like threads of silk that framed her doll-like face. Her eyes shifting between a brown and green shade. A slightly Russian accented voice said. "Johan, I was about to go get you two. We've landed."

Yes, you heard right, landed. The conference room I received my mission from was moving, apart of a hovercraft that was designed much like a penthouse apartment. This was how many PAD got to their destinations, internationally and interglaclatically. The airships are named GHOST, an acronym for Getaway Hovercraft for Overseas and Space Travel.

"Coming." I told her. Together, I walked with a suitcase rolling along the ground with my twin trailing behind. That is where we entered an lounge area that was probably one of the only areas in the vicinity that didn't resemble scenery often described in sci-fi novels. There was a man leaning against a suede red sofa. He was way taller than me and his muscles also displayed that I wasn't stronger than me. His brown-skinned arms were crossed, his eyes unreadable since a pair of sunglasses concealed them. "Have you packed everything?"

"Yes, Dev."

He questioned. "And all your weapons stripped off?"

Green spheres met mine. We forgot to do that. My hands went towards miscellaneous parts of my clothes. Shirt, inner holsters on my pants, socks, and shoes. I didn't keep too many weapons on me, only various guns. However, just that alone could get me expelled. I glanced over where I saw multiple weapons placed onto the sofa. Just like our personalities, our preference of weapons differed.

When we finished emptying our inventory nods from both me and Jazz answered his question. Suddenly arms wrapped us as the woman escorting us cried. "I can't believe you're leaving us! You just grow up so fast!"

In case it weren't apparent, I'll let you know, neither of the two were related to me by blood. Their names were Leanne and Devi. They are me and Jazzlyn's legal guardians. As the man expressed as he congratulated us, we lost our parents when we were ten. However, both Leanne and Devi, loyal teammates to our parents, and our godparents at the time, continued raising us. And to me…they were an irreplaceable aspect to my strange family.

"Leanne, we're only going to school!" Jazz cried, squirming in the said woman's grip. "You act as if we're going to the next nebula!"

The embrace tightened against me and my sister. I think I was starting to lose oxygen… "S-She's right…we'll be back for missions and holidays…" Watching the sight, Devi sweat dropped. "Uh…Lea, I think you're strangling them…"

"But it'll be so lonely without you," the Russian accented female complained, "I'll only have Dev, and you know how he is."

"Thanks, honey." her husband replied, clearly sarcastic. None of us could suppress the laughter that followed.


The GHOST, like our jobs, couldn't be seen publicly so it had to be parked a distance from the drop-off point for the incoming and returning North Academia students. I arrived along with my family to the bus terminus built exclusively for North students' travel needs. I researched about the school I had been assigned to, both out of 'gathering Intel' and curiosity.

North Academia, like all the other duel schools, were located in the most bizarre areas. My school in particular was located within a mountainous region with stalagmite-resembling miniature snow-capped alps surrounding it. The school itself was seated on a plateau. Since it's actually erected pretty high in the mountains, it did often snow, making long-sleeves and pants bound to be the fashion of our uniforms. Buses and helicopter were only way students, staff, and parents could reach the school, a double edged sword in my head.

At the bus terminus, masses of teenagers and their caretakers milled about. Friends beckoned to each other with yells and flailing arms. Some appeared completely clueless, probably like I was, and more than likely freshmen. Groups formed with adolescences speaking in their native tongue (in North, students had to know English, German, Spanish or French to attend). All the chatter, and I understood them, perfectly, yet another perk of being a member of Echo.

I itched to duel someone. I mean c'mon, that's why we're going to this school! My head whipped about, trying to decide what group to ask. None of the language barriers existed for me which created both variety and the problem of who I wanted to duel. Unfortunately, I didn't get to decide as black colored double-decker buses with bands of either red, yellow, or blue halted on the roadway. A man in a suit with a megaphone said. "All students, take buses according to their dorms. Blue for Obelisk, Yellow for Ra, and Red for Osiris."

Leanne hugged us again, and forced her spouse into the group hug before we said our final goodbyes. A slap against my back was a good-bye from my sister. "Looks like this is where we part too. I'll see ya, bro." Jazz and I had taken the exams and ended up in different dorms. I was in Obelisk, and my doppelganger was in Osiris. In reality she wasn't dumb, but we needed to keep surveillance on the 'two extremes' within the school.

A driver took my luggage and directed me towards where I was to board. I wandered with my duel disk and a small knapsack towards a blue-striped bus and started up the stairs. The bus held rows of three seats with boys and girls busy talking with their seating acquaintances. My eyes scanned for a seat on the lower level. When I found none I ascended to the upper floor. There I saw an open seat near the middle. I raced towards it. My hand reached it the same time as another person's hand.

Heterochromatic eyes met my gaze, before a creep of red formed on the face that held the blue and green spheres. I spoke first. "Uh…I'm sorry I trying to get a seat."

"There are no more besides this one and the buses are just about filled up." the person, a girl I noticed (no, not they way you're thinking!), informed. I smiled. "So I guess that one of us would be stuck without a seat, huh? How about we find out who with a duel?"

Green locks fell into her surprised face. "Right now?"

I nodded. "Winner takes the seat, while loser's stuck standing."

The student seemed to contemplate my proposal. Finally she turned to me and answered. "Alright, just don't complain when you lose."

I laughed as I activated my Duel Disk and drew my cards. My opponent doing the same. Then I realized, "I'm Johan by the way, what's your name?"

A smile came from the female. "Hajimemashite (1), Johan, I'm Sakura Taylor."

"DUEL!" the whole bus chorused.


(Jazzlyn's POV)

You know…I just don't get what's up with this school hierarchy. Just because one wasn't the most knowledgeable with books, didn't mean they deserve the short-end of the stick, much less barely reputable facilities. That and…even if you did have an hierarchy based off the Three Phantom Gods, anyone that's has any knowledge in it would know the Winged God-Dragon of Ra was the most powerful. I just think the Duel Academia and it's branches' creator, Seto Kaiba, was just a little full of himself by making the God card that was primarily his the top in the school.

But, no matter how much or what I thought, no one would see me as any more than an Osiris student, a near-drop out and failure. Of course, I didn't mind that since it just made me oh the more satisfied when I smear their cocky smirks with a grimace. An underdog, that's what I believed would be the Osiris dorms for these next four years.

I had an old man try and take my bag. He looked so old where the manual labor would strain him so I declined and put my own stuff into the cargo hold underneath the bus. I stepped onto the bus and noticed a few things. One, there was heating, and that alone was annoying since it was currently chilly and only get colder. Two, there were predominantly males on the bus that didn't even fill up the whole bus. Though I already knew that, and prepared to be among them. Three, the whole bus appeared haggard and unkempt. Some of the seats were ripped open for Ra's sake!

Eyes fell on me, before whispers spread. "Another one?" "Aren't we lucky?" "Nah, there are so many more in the upper levels." I sighed and went up the stairs to the second level to see it virtually deserted. That is the exception of a guy and two girls, which was surprising since most girls either passed exams or bitched to the administration to change. I waved and greeted. "Hey ya, guess we're the only girls here?"

"Hi!" both of the females returned the gesture since the guy was asleep. One was short with short black hair and blue eyes. The other was taller with white reminiscent of ivory with ebony ends accompanying them, her red eyes examining me like I was an intruder or something. Or was I just paranoid?

I took a seat across from them and the black-haired duelist introduced. "I'm Miku! Nice to meet you."

"Kyoko!" the other piped up, cheerfully. I extended my hand. "Jazzlyn, but call me Jazz or I might have to hurt you."

The bus began moving and we were on our way.

(Third Person POV)

The scenery began to fade from the countryside where the bus terminus resided and shifted to a rocky appearance. It was then both Jazzlyn and Johan thought the same thing:

North Academia get ready, because the Andersen twins are gonna take you by storm!


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