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What to expect: The Continuing the story of Goku's life as a girl. Rikku (Goku) meets her brother, Nappa, and the intriguing Saiyan Prince Vegeta. In this installment you will get the story of Rikku's life between the Saiyan Saga and the Cell Saga.

Why Can't You?

Chapter 1: The Calm Ends

~ On a planet in the deepest regions of space~

Nappa chewed on his large piece of meat for today looking over the massive battlefield that had taken place. "Not bad considering there's only two of us. Where do you think Radditz is by now?"

"He should be approaching the Earth anytime now. It takes about a year to get there from where he left." Vegeta replied tapping his scouter anxious to hear from Radditz.

"Do you really think she's even still alive. It's been over twenty years and she's never even attempted to contact us."

"Things happen especially with newborns. She may have destroyed her ship and from what I hear the technology on Earth isn't as advanced as our own. She may be stranded."

"Ah makes sense." Nappa stood and tossed his bones laughing a bit. "What a surprise she'll get. Being rescued and having the honor or being your mate all in the same day."

Vegeta smirked and laughed to himself. He too was looking forward to it.

"One question though. Why did you send Radditz? Why didn't you go yourself?"

"Nappa you surprise me. I'm a gentleman at heart." Vegeta's voice leaked with sarcasm. "Radditz hasn't seen his sister in some time it's only fair I give them the proper time alone before I take her for myself. Besides leaving you two alone would be a big mistake."

Nappa tensed and grunted at the small insult. "Yeah whatever." Nappa through away his leftovers and stood. "Let's get to the next assignment. I'm anxious to blow this planet to smithereens."

"There you go again. Being impatient is an ugly thing Nappa. Nevertheless you're right. It's time we left this drawl planet."

~On Earth~

"Gohan!" Chichi called looking around with a firm pout on her lips. "Where could he be? I told him Lunch would be ready soon." She called his name again then paused seeing Rikku breaking from the woods with a large tree trunk over her shoulder. "Hey Rikku do you think you have enough fire wood? You're gonna hurt yourself one of these days doing that."

"Ah don't worry about me Chichi I'll be fine." Not like the saying ever worked. Chichi, ever since she had the mistake of letting Ryan take Rikku back to Capsule Corps, had never stopped blaming herself for letting things get careless. Now she mad a point to always worry about Rikku and Gohan's safety.

It has been four years since Rikku gave birth to her bouncing baby boy Gohan. Rikku had never expected the joy of motherhood to be so fulfilling and rewarding. She had gone through some hard times but thankfully the Ox King, and Chichi were always there to help support her when she needed it.

"Where's Gohan? I thought he was with you."

"He was but I think he's wandered off again. You better go find him if you want to eat before going to Master Roshi's."

"Right you are. Nimbus!" The fluffy cream colored cloud zipped through the air and let her on. Nimbus too had always been there to support her. Rikku's heart remained pure and untainted by evil thoughts allowing her to have the comfort of Nimbus' flight.

It took Rikku a few minutes before she finally heard her son calling. The whining cry for help made her heart leap to her throat and she zoomed toward the source. Gohan, four years hold with a mop of black hair and his mother's kind face, clung to a mountain branch high above a running waterfall.


The boy whimpered and opened his eyes. Greeted by his mother's warm smile he leapt into her arms and began to crazily spew what had happened.

"There was a bird, flue away, water, rapids, and then waterfall, I was so scared mommy!"

"Calm down Gohan it's alright." She stroked her son's head smiling warmly happy that he was safe. "If you were in the waterfall how did you manage to get all the way up here?"

Gohan blinked and glanced down at the running water fall then over at the branch where he had been clinging. "I dunno." He then looked to his mother his expression so lost and adorable Rikku wanted to squeeze him into her breasts.

The night where Gohan had been conceived was still a blur and who knew where his father was now. However Rikku was determined to give Gohan a happy normal life. Listening to Chichi's advice she let Gohan study instead of train. Considering that the years had been calm and there was no real reason for Gohan to fight she guessed it was the best way. Still it made her wonder. As a child she had always been different, strong, independent and tough. From the moment he was born Gohan was a gentle babe with eyes that were always aware and taking in his surroundings.

Though he was only four Gohan had shown bits and pieces of his hidden strength to her. She wondered if he was properly trained that he would surpass her in strength. It was possible.

"Well, never mind then. Let's go home. Chichi has lunch ready for us."

~ Meanwhile~

In a farmland half way across the world a tiny spaceship broke through Earth's atmosphere and landed smack dab in a glorious field. The farmer there jolted murmuring on about meteors and space junk as he approached the crater. Instead of a meteor he finds the spaceship. The door opened slowly and a tall hunkering body emerged scaring the farmer half to death.

"Finally, Planet Earth. I know you're here somewhere little sister." He looks up at the farmer smirking. His mass of black spiky hair reaching down his back almost to his thighs, the clothes looking like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. The device over his eye blinking and reading the Farmer's pitiful power level. "Weakling. Not even worth my time."

After disposing of the Farmer the alien being, known as Radditz, floated to the sky. His device going off searching for the highest power levels. "Hmmm ah there's a high power level. This must be her. Heh only a level of 350 how shameful. Then again with nothing but weakling Earthlings to fight I shouldn't expect much from her. I'm coming for you KARAT!"

~Master Roshi's Island~

Rikku smiled as she hovered above the island where she had once trained as a girl. In her lap was a bouncing Gohan who was overjoyed at the idea of meeting his mother's friends. "Here we are Gohan. You ready?"

Gohan nodded clinging to her as she jumped from Nimbus landing gracefully on the soft sand. "Hello?" Rikku called out hearing the laughing voices inside. The sound making her tummy twist and her heart ache to see her friends.

"Rikku, that's Rikku's voice." Bulma jumped to her feet racing to the door with Krillen and Master Roshi right behind her. "Rikku it's so good to see... You." she pauses seeing her cradle a boy. "Whoa who's the kid?"

"I've never known you to be the babysitting type Rikku." Krillen commented.

Rikku knew that was coming and she smiled and looked at her son affectionately. "He's my son."

There was a moment of dead silence followed by a heard of screams. Rikku laughed at the faces they made and set Gohan down. The boy shyly held Rikku's mantle looking up at the faces of strangers. "Wild huh?"

"Oh Rikku he's adorable!" Bulma commented. "What's his name?"

"His name is Gohan." Rikku looked down. "Go on say hi."

Gohan glanced up then shyly bowed to the others. "Hello." His voice so adorably cute making the mother in Rikku go fan girl. The others bowed back but Krillen glanced up his eyes a little hard.

"Since when do you have a kid? How come you never told us?"

"Sorry about that. It's been a wild four years. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been put under a lot of rules. The chore of motherhood I guess you could say." Rikku smiled when Gohan walked to turtle petting and playing with him.

"So who's the lucky man?" Roshi wanted to know. "What man had the guts to ask you to marry him?"

"Huh? Marry?" Rikku crossed her arms. "I didn't get married. Gohan is what Chichi calls an ill.. Illegitam.. Illegitimate child." after a few tries Rikku finally pronounced it. "Do you remember that party at Capsule Corps we all attended?"

Bulma suddenly gulped and looked up at Rikku. "No way! It's his kid?"

"So You've been raising him all by yourself?"

"No, not exactly. Chichi and I live together and Ox king drops by all the time. I have all sorts of support." Rikku smiles.

Krillen pushed away any anger when he looked at Rikku's face. It had changed a little. The look of love and motherly affection towards her an even softer look. How was it that after everything Rikku had been she always managed to find a smile that warmed everyone. "So is he strong like you too?"

"I don't know." Rikku sighed. "I really want to train him and test his skills but…" Rikku watched as Gohan backed away scared from the waves. "He's been pretty sheltered. I've been letting Chichi teach him his studies and schoolwork instead. He's pretty smart but at the moment he's no fighter." Rikku laughed a little when Gohan ran to her. The hat on his head tipping and the glitter of the four star ball catches Bulma's eyes.

"Oh wow I can't believe I didn't notice that before." Bulma knelt down to Gohan. "That's a dragon ball on his hat isn't it?"

"Yeah I wanted to give Grandpa Gohan's ball as a family heirloom so I went looking for them. I also have the three star ball and the six star ball. Gohan wants to see the dragon but…" She notices Gohan clenching his hat as if to protect his dragon ball. "He'd have to give his up."

Bulma smiled standing up once again. "That sure takes me back. We sure had some wild times searching for those things didn't we?"

"You bet," Rikku agreed. She suddenly tensed feeling a massive power heading straight for them "What.. What is that?" Rikku turned her body this way and that way trying to feel out for the energy. "Oh man I've never felt anything like this."

"Rikku?" Krillen paused sensing the presence as well and searching around for it. "What is it?"

"I don't know but it's heading straight for us!" She looked to the sky. "Up there!" The figure landed across from them and Rikku beckoned Bulma to take Gohan back as she put herself between him and her friends. "Who are you?"

Radditz laughed with sheer glee. "You really are alive. Your face reminds me so of our mother and father." The device on Radditz's face bleeps on and off from reading her power level. "I knew it was you in a glance Karat."

"Carrot? No thanks, I don't like them."

"Cute, you've picked up some Earthling humor have you?"

"Rikku do you know this guy?" Krillen asked. Rikku shook her head trying to push Gohan back away but the boy wouldn't let go of her leg.

"What on Earth have you been doing all these years? Your mission was to destroy all life forms on this planet!"

"Look Mister," Krillen pushed past Rikku. "I don't know who you think you are but I think you have the wrong party." Krillen made a shooing motion with his hand. "Shoo go on or I'll escort you myself."

Rikku's eyes noticed the stranger's ki changing and she shouted. "Krillen look out!" Krillen glanced away for just a second and was hit hard by a powerful force. His body launched back crashing into the side of the house. "Krillen! Are you alright?" RIkku growled and turned back to the stranger her eyes widening as she looked at what had hit Krillen. "A tail."

"Yes, now allow me to introduce myself. I'm Radditz, your big brother."

Rikku's eyes widen staring into the face of the stranger. She had sensed a familiarity with him. It was his eyes, they were like her own only… more cruel. "My…brother?"

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