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Sunyshore High

Chapter 1

It was a nice, sunny filled afternoon in the city of Sunyshore. Birds singing, bees buzzing, squirrels gathering acorns, having their fun.

In the middle of town, a young girl was on her way to her new house located further east in the city. After a few minutes, she arrived at her house. Then, she went inside to be greeted by her mother.

"Hello Haruka, how'd your walk go?" Her mother, Yoshino asked.

"It was fine mom." Haruka replied.

She was about to go upstairs when her mother called her.

"Oh wait Haruka. Here." Said her mother as she gave her a pamphlet.

Haruka took it and read it. After a few minutes…

"Do I really have to go to such an expensive looking school?" Haruka asked as she stared at the pamphlet. It was for Sunyshore High. A boarding school.

"Well, one of my friends recommends me this school. Apparently, it is one of the most prestigious boarding schools out there. Besides, the tuition has already been paid and the head mistress wants to see your capabilities at the school." Yoshino answered.

Haruka sighed and went to her room in the double-storey house. Her room was painted sea blue and had lots of sea accessories such as glow in the dark sea shells and lamps that look like sea horses.

Haruka, her mother Yoshino and her father, Fujitaka had just moved into Snnyshore city. They used to live in a peaceful town that was hundreds of miles from here that went by the name of Verdanturf but Fujitaka got an amazing job offer for a new company and just couldn't refuse.

So now, Haruka was just a fifteen year old girl stuck in a place that was way too modern for her liking. In Verdanturf, everything was like the olden days where technology was not too modern. But here, it was way different. I mean, just look. In Verdanturf, every double-storey house had stairs, but here, they had escalators!

Haruka sighed and plopped down on her bed. Her new, sea blue colored bed. After her dad had gotten the job offer, the company gave him a real high sum of money for them so they could make their house to their liking and feel more welcome in a new city. It was her mom's idea to put the escalator saying the reason is that it will be easier for all of them.

New bed, room, house or not, Haruka still wished she was back in Verdanturf town. She missed the open, green fields and the flowers that surround the town. She especially missed her friends there.

Haruka sighed once more and head out of her bedroom and down the escalator. She grabbed her sweater from the coat rack. It was a lot colder here than in Verdanturf, which she dislike as she was used to warm weather.

"Mom, I'll be back before dinner. Okay?" Haruka said and then walk out.

Haruka silently walked down the streets of Sunyshore. Even though it was almost dark out, people were still bustling on the streets. It felt weird to her. New buildings, new views, new people, new school, new life. She kept thinking about the new school. She was nervous because she usually attend public school. A boarding school is so much different.

She continued to walk towards to the one thing that she liked so far about Sunyshore.

After a few minutes, she arrived at the beach that was so close to the city. She always loved the water. It's deep blue color, the same one in her room. The gentle yet sometimes vicious waves crashing against the beach,

Haruka stood on the sand for a while. Enjoying the view of the gentle waves and the setting. She took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh sea air. How she love the beach. It really calms her nerves about the new school.

She was paying so much attention to the beautiful scene; she didn't even notice that someone was watching her.

He stood a few meters behind her. The beautiful girl that was standing on the beach, watching the waves and the sun set.

Her mid length, hazel brown hair being pushed around by the gentle breeze. He wished that he could see her face. See the color of her eyes. To see how beautiful she truly is. But she was just to captivate by the scene before her that she just couldn't turn away.

The blonde haired boy was mesmerized by the sight before him. Suddenly, he felt like an obsessed stalker.

As heavy as it would seemed, he quietly sighed as he turned away and left.

Haruka's sky blue eyes took in the setting one more time before she turned away to go back home. It was getting late and her mother would be worried.

She then realized that there is one problem though.

She did not even have the slightest clue to get back.

Haruka groaned and felt like smacking herself repeatedly. This is so typical of her. She has the worst sense of direction sometimes. How could she be this dumb though?

Haruka sighed and walked up the steps to exit the beach. She thought she would just ask for directions.

"Um hello… uh, I'm kind of new here and I got lost, do you think you could tell me to get to this direction?" Haruka asked. Aside from having no sense of direction sometimes, she was known for being very shy.

The first person she saw was the person she decided to ask. It was a young girl, about her age. She had mid length, black hair that was in a ponytail. She also has green eyes. She was very pretty.

"Oh. Sure. Just go straight from here and turn right, keep going a bit further until you reach a crossroad. From there, turn left and keep going straight and there you go." The girl answered.

Haruka smiled and thanked the girl and then ran off.

Upon returning home, Haruka was scolded by her mother for being late. Then she was scolded again for at least not bringing a map with her. Afterwards, all was forgiven as her mother told her again about the school.

After dinner, Haruka got ready for bed. Her last night in her new room. For a while, anyway. She would be back for holidays and weekends. So, it was pretty much a temporary room to her.

Her mother had reminded her about packing her stuff. After an hour or so, all her clothes were neatly packed into suitcases. Important belongings were also packed in separate bags.

Haruka sighed. She would definitely miss her parents that are for sure. She then began to wonder. She wondered if she would make any friends. From what her parents told her, all the kids from her school had grown up going to school together.

"Lucky them." Haruka said as she sighs again.

The school was about six miles away from home.

"Ugh." Haruka said. "What if all the kids were preppy and mean? What if I was stuck with an annoying roommate?"

She sighed once more and then drifted off to the land of Nod.

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