Warnings : Gay Characters! Don't like don't read.

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Twoshot (two chapters)
Yeh! -Faint-

Chapter 1


It was unusual for Kaoru to be so quiet. He just sat there drawing on paper. He made sure that no one could see his work by pressing himself into a corner. The clients were being entertained by Hikaru but some had started muttering plans to see Kaoru's work.

It was usual for Kyoya to be so quiet. Nobody pressed him as he wrote in his clipboard from the other side of the room. He didn't glance away from his writing and he didn't stir at the girls muttering. There was nothing different as he scribbled in the infamous note pad.

'Kaoru, what on earth are you doing?'
With just seven words Kyoya had the attention of the room. Nobody made a sound, just stared at the subject of the question. Amazedly neither boy looked up from his work.
'It's just a design that came to me.'
'It's a little, er, intricate for a design.'
How did he see? The sentence went silently around the room silently.
Kaoru's cheeks held a light barely noticeable flush, he looked… caught out.
'Do you really mind?'
'Not at all, but if the girls get their hands on it I'm holding you personally responsible for the heart attacks.'
Both boys smirked. Many of the fan-girls had to rub the backs of their neck from turning too fast.
'Do you like it Kyoya-sempi?'
'The drawing or your subject?'
The audience drew collective breath. More than just fan-girls strained to hear if the subject would be named.
'Either, both?'
'Pleasurable, to say the least.'
'Say more.'
There was stunned silence slowly being filled with fan-girl speculation.
With Kaoru's sudden voice the host club, and its clients, were again silenced.
'What you're writing…'
'…it's rather poetic.'
Gasps were plainly audible.