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Digimon Championship

Letters have been sent to the "best of the best" for a tournament like no other. Set on an isolated island, the best Tamer shall be decided among plenty of Tamers who think they're the best. But darker forces are at work here. Survival is only part of the prize. Well, if there are any, if you catch my drift. Rated T for safety!

"I think it's a bunch of baloney, is what I think." Mizuto Kobayashi muttered, pointing a finger at his good friends, as they reviewed the letter in front of them over and over. The eighteen-year old blonde haired, grey eyed Tamer squinted at the letter, as if hoping to find some sort of fine print that would tell the foursome that he was right. Kudamon, his partner, was coiled around his neck, rolling his golden eyes. "We're wasting our time with this, Arashi."

Arashi Kitayama glanced up momentarily, emerald eyes boring into her friend as she brushed a lock of her almost silver hair away from her eyes. "Yet you're still participating in this?" She asked him, dropping her eyes back down to her own letter. She pulled on her white earphones, blocking out most of the noise around her.

The two Tamers were down at their usual choice of hangout, that was, the ice cream shoppe near their school. They had received their letters to what claimed to be the "grandest Digital Tournament of the century" that morning and their assignment had come not long after.

Mizuto took a spoonful of Arashi's ice cream sundae, feeding some to himself and then took another spoonful for Kudamon. "Well, yeah, I'm participating; I don't have much of a choice, now do I?" He grinned, knowing that she could hear him through the noise-blocking headphones. After all, he'd been the one to tinker around with them to make sure that they allowed her to hear him, Kudamon, and Sunmon, Arashi's own partner.

"You're just excited to actually beat someone else; which is good. I think Sunmon's getting a bit tired of beating you and Kudamon." She said off-handedly, smiling to herself as she circled a few words in the letter.

Kudamon looked up, frowning. "Hey, I resent that comment, Arashi. He's the one that doesn't know how to be a Tamer; I'm just the unfortunate Digimon who was partnered up with him." The Holy Beast type told her matter-of-factly, uncoiling from Mizuto's neck to slither onto the table.

"Arashi! Arashiiiiiiiiiiii!" Both Arashi and Mizuto looked down, to see Sunmon, bright black eyes shining while he hopped onto Arashi's lap. "Arashi, guess what?" He didn't give her a chance to answer. "I've never been on a plane before….oooh! Can I melt your ice cream?" He asked, hopping onto the table.

Kudamon slithered in front of Sunmon. "No, Sunmon; do you not recall the last time this happened?"

Sunmon looked down, his flame drooping. Mizuto gave Arashi an incredulous look. "Why do you insist on keeping him in his In-Training form, when you can keep him as a sane and powerful Rookie?"

"Hey! Sunmon's powerful now, still! I just think it's much more convenient to carry him like this." Arashi shrugged, feeding Sunmon some ice cream, immediately causing her partner Digimon to cheer up. "Well, we should go pack…the plane leaves in tomorrow morning." She rose, carrying Sunmon. "Pick me up at six, okay?" She told Mizuto, waving goodbye as she and Sunmon left the shoppe.


And that's sort of a prologue…slightly. So, if anyone is interested, here is an application! Very short I know...

OH! I ask that you try not to have your Partner be a Digimon that is blantatly obvious from the first three seasons! I use Digimon Wiki as my reference, so you can too!

Tamer's Name:
Tamer's Age: youngest being 16, oldest being 21
Partner Name:
General Level of Partner: Can't be higher than Champion
(Beside each level of Digimon, put down the personality; they can change in each level~)
"D-Arc" Color: I could care less what color of the rainbow you use, as long as it's not some made up color~
Personality: Please, for my sake, make it detailed so that I may accurately write as your character!

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