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Letters have been sent to the "best of the best" for a tournament like no other. Set on an isolated island, the best Tamer shall be decided among plenty of Tamers who think they're the best. But darker forces are at work here. Survival is only part of the prize. Well, if there are any, if you catch my drift.

Chapter 4: Shadows, Revelations, and…Yue?

Everything in the room was dark and a bit…suspicious to say the least. There were rows upon rows of video screens on one side of the wall, each separate screen observing something different. It was like one of those security rooms in those movies, where the main villain could all but stalk the heroes or any other characters. It was like that…but so much creepier. No one was in the room at the moment, save for a Dorumon and the purple coated Digimon was sleeping. Well, he was at the current time.

The Digimon looked up suddenly as he caught movement from one of the screens on the left. These screens were the important ones at the moment as they showed parts of the Digital World and his Tamer was waiting for certain Digimon to show up. The screens on the right were to watch the area where the Tamers would come for the Tournament, but as the plane hadn't landed yet, it was pointless to watch those screens. So Dorumon made his way over to the screens, keeping his eyes on the third row, fourth one over. There. One of the traps had caught something. On closer inspection, it proved to be one of the Digimon his Tamer was aiming to catch.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. The automatic doors to the room 'swished' open and in strode Dorumon's Tamer, a wide smile on his face and blue eyes twinkling with delight. The Tamer looked around for Dorumon and then his smile turned to a frown. "Why do you insist on keeping it so dark in here, Doru?" He sighed, heading back to turn on the lights.

When the room was flooded with light, the Tamer smiled again, brushing away a lock of his black hair. "What's so interesting about that screen?" He asked, a joking tone behind his voice, but only slightly. He was a very serious man, especially since his whole plan would most likely crumble if he wasn't serious. But he was fun loving, you know? Fun loving! That was why he organized the whole Tournament, after all. Or something like that.

"We caught one." Dorumon answered, moving aside to allow his Tamer to stand beside him. The Digimon looked up at his Tamer, blinking as the news of the capture registered in the human. It was interesting to be partnered up with this human; he'd changed so much in the time Dorumon had known him. For better or worse, he could not say. But he would always be devoted to this human- Tamer and Digimon. There could be no closer bond between two different races.

"Oh! That's a Guilmon, huh?" He smiled, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "We'll send one of the others to retrieve it…or Jayden, when he lands. Think he's aggravating the participants enough?" The Tamer smiled at Dorumon, all thoughts of Guilmon's capture gone from his mind. Motioning for Dorumon to follow, the Tamer headed back to the entrance, shutting off the lights, plunging the room into darkness once more.

The screens buzzed ominously in the room.

"I…would guess so." Dorumon shrugged, or whatever came close to it. "If he gets out of control, then Wizardmon will restrain him." He liked Wizardmon. Wizardmon's Tamer? Not as much. But then again, Dorumon always pitied the man called Jayden. His tale was a difficult one, which lead part of the Digimon respected Jayden for the trials and tribulations he had faced.

"Wizardmon…ah, yes." The Tamer chuckled to himself, his eyes distant and stuck remembering the past. "You, Wizardmon, Guilmon, Kudamon, and Kotemon. We're reaching our goal slowly, aren't we?" He asked, the question meant both to be rhetorical and answered at once. Dorumon stayed silent.

The two reached the elevator at the end of a long, white hallway, one where doors were on either side of the walls, leading to an array of places in the underground center. The Tamer pressed the button on the elevator repeatedly and with a small 'ding' the doors opened, allowing the Tamer and Dorumon to enter. Using his tail, as his arms were stubs and therefore useless, Dorumon pressed the '4' button, standing once more by his Tamer's side as they began their ascent.

"You know…I just realized: this will be a reunion, won't it?"

Dorumon looked up at his Tamer, who was focused on the doors in front of him. "It does feel like one. I'm glad to see you're back to your usual self." He commented off-handedly. It felt nice to see that that his Tamer was 'normal' or whatever normal was for them. Some days, it was like his Tamer was fragile, ready to fall apart at the lightest touch. Other days, he was confident and easy-going, not unlike his personality from years ago. Dorumon wondered about his Tamer sometimes, but again, he'd stick by his side, no matter what.

"Oh. We'll see how long it lasts, huh?" He smiled cheerfully, stepping out into his "penthouse" when the doors opened. The building they were in was where the Proctors stayed and where the technical stuff occurred. Each floor served to help the Tournament: the ground floor was where registration would occur formally and where the Tamers could find information on their competition; the second floor and third floor were for the proctors and where the storerooms were held.

He sunk into a nearby loveseat, ahuddling out of his worn, black leather shoes. propping his feet onto a glass coffee table while loosening his tie. "The next time we have one of these meetings, remind me to feign sickness." He sighed, leaning his head back with closed eyes.

Dorumon trotted over to the chair, resting his head on the seat. "You're the one arranging the meetings; or have you forgotten that you're the boss?" He asked with a snort.

"I guess I'm still not used to it all..." The Tamer sighed, reaching to pet Dorumon on the head. "Wake me when Jayden calls; their first stop should be coming up. Night, Doru." With A last yawn, he fell to the dream realm, genuinely smiling for the first time since he'd organized the while accursed Tournament.


Memory blocks sucked. Royally. The worst part of them was knowing that you knew, but also knowing that there was this awkward lock in some part of your brain that you had somehow lost the key to. And if you tried to look for a back door, your brain would shut you out and then you'd find yourself in a cursed fog that served to annoy you even more.

At least, that was how Will felt when Jayden Hart appeared on the chair screen. The sight of the proctor was enough to trigger something in the recesses of his mind, something that he began to blindly reach for. It was quite aggravating, as Will knew that the memory was at the tip of his metaphorical fingers, but always managed to metaphorically elude him. He continued to stare at the screen long after Jayden had finished his talk, deep in thought. The whole ordeal was infuriating and after five minutes of pondering, Will gave up. When he needed to, he'd remember why he knew Jayden.

Then again, he wasn't sure he wanted to. Something about the proctor was off-setting and it wasn't just because of the snow white hair. Though that certainly was a factor. White hair just wasn't normal. Will cast a sidelong look at Gaomon and almost snorted, but caught himself by attempting to fake a cough so the sound that resulted was a mix of a hacking, choking fit.

Gaomon paused in the middle of his 'training', which had consisted of him throwing fake punches at the chair in front of him. "What's so funny?" The Digimon asked, narrowing his eyes at Will. "I'm supposed to keep myself fit and since we're on a plane, this is the best I can do!"

Will waved his hand dismissively. "Whoever said I was laughing at you?" He smirked, clearing his throat a bit. "But, um, be careful, Gaomon...there's people in the seat in front of you. Practice to your right." He told him, as the two of them had the whole row to themselves for the while. The plane still had to make a few stops and pick up other Tamers- theirs had just been the first of many.

"Fine and you take a nap. I doubt you'll have any trouble sleeping- you almost did so watching the videos." Gaomon returned, turning in his seat to deliver punches to an invisible opponent.

When William woke, he was aware of two things: that something heavy was on his lap and that someone was sitting beside him. The Tamer sat up hastily, Gaomon sliding off his lap with a dull thud and a string of curses that made William wonder just who Gaomon had been hanging around.

"Haha. Gaomon's a funny Digimon. Good at fighting, but bad at balancing." A rather squeaky voice giggled, while William found the energy to focus. His neck was hurting and he felt sore, but he gathered that he had some sort of sleep. The appearance of a companion in their row meant a layover, but where?

"Lalamon- don't make fun of Gaomon. He might punch you; he can make a fist, right?" A male voice asked.

"Yes, yes! Gaomon can punch! He's a fighter, after all!" Lalamon nodded, turning hollow eyes to William. "Look, look! Gaomon's Tamer is awake! Nice to meet you! Lalamon is Lalamon!" She nodded again, standing in her seat to turn to her Tamer. "This, this Lalamon's Tamer, Li-Lian Yue Shao." She introduced, plopping herself down.

"It's nice to meet you...?" William attempted tentatively as Li-Lian faced him. He was hesitant as he held out his hand; what type of person wore a blindfold over their eyes when they weren't sleeping. Without meaning to, William jumped as Lalamon took William's hand and guided it to Yue's hand while muttering to herself.

"Likewise, sir. Please, just call me Yue; Lalamon likes to leave that part out." He smiled, dropping his hand after giving Will a firm handshake.

"Lalmon leaves nothing out! Lalamon is offended by Yue." The Digimon huffed, crossing her tiny stubs for arms over her body. "Lalamon wants to know what Gaomon's Tamer's name is, please!"

"Um, I'm William, but...call me Will."

"Will it is then!" Lalmon smiled, hopping down from her chair to pull a bag from underneath Yue. She threw it on her seat and climbed back up, leaning against it. "Lalamon must protect Tamer's things!" She told Will with conviction.

Gaomon began to snicker at Will's perplexed face. He nodded his Tamer close, grinning. "She keeps doing that with his stuff; according to her, Yue is blind." He told Will matter-of-factly.

"What? Really?" Will whispered back, sliding his eyes over to Yue. That would have explained the blindfold and really, when he thought about it…wasn't he tilting his head slightly, twitching when any sound was made. The Tamer looked over Yue again, noticing how tense the man seemed to be and…a cane, walking stick, whatever. The one Yue was tightly holding was black with a small, milky white sphere set on the top, his fist gripping it with great strength.

"Yes, really." Yue answered for him, the tiniest hint of a smile on his face as he turned to face William. "I'm blind, Mr. Will, not deaf." The Tamer reclined his chair, setting his cane across his lap so that the sphere was on his left and the bottom stopped about halfway across Lalamon's seat. "I'm sleeping; if someone comes by asking if I'd like food or drink…Lalamon's only allowed water; feed her soda and you'll be unable to participate in this Tournament."

"Where'd we land anyway?" William asked to no one in particular. The point had been bugging him for a while, because while Yue's name seemed to be so obviously Chinese, his English was impeccable.

"The plan landed in Beijing a few hours ago and I think we're off to pick up the Japanese Tamers." Yue answered for him. "I got lucky; I was in China to visit my mother and to do some work with my friend, who, incidentally, is on this plane."

"But you're blind…how are you supposed to fight?" Gaomon asked none too kindly. "Don't you have to see the Cards to be able to use them?" He had resumed his seat and was still practicing his punches, so that the sentence came out with awkward breaks between each word.

"Lalamon's Tamer fights no more! Not because he is blind, but because he has others he needs to watch over. Tamer is not entering Tournament. He is here because-"

"That's enough, Lalamon." Yue's voice was curt, cold, and steely. The air around them dropped considerably in temperature and despite himself, William shivered. "I'm sort of a 'sponsor' to this Tournament, here to watch over my friends." He smiled, voice warm once again.

"Yue, Lalamon is sorry; she doesn't like when others think Tamer can not fight because of his inability to see like them. They do not know you and that annoys Lalamon." The Digimon said quietly, playing with the buckle on the backpack. "And now she must sleep!"

William and Gaomon averted each other's eyes, afraid of what would happen if they made contact. Somehow, Will knew they would end up doubling in laughter and Will wasn't sure that Lalamon would be okay with that. Heck, he was pretty sure that if the plant like Digimon tried hard enough, she could kick Gaomon's butt in a battle without Yue using a single card.

But that was just the vibe he got. Who knew? Maybe Lalamon was a wimp and would go down after Gaomon lightly punched the Digimon. William sincerely hoped he would never have to find out.


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