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Can anyone guess what comic Romeyn Falls is from?

Unknown Beast

Part I

Romeyn Falls, sounds fancy for a city made up of a bunch of smaller towns so close together someone thought it would only make sense to label them a city. The name and the reason didn't matter to the two men currently in town. They had a job to do, their only reason for being in Romeyn Falls at all and it wasn't for fun. Well, one of the men might consider it fun- wouldn't hesitate to say so out loud either…

"This way." He doesn't wait long and lopes off knowing his brother will be right behind him. They aren't exactly sure what it is they're hunting; all they know for certain is that people have gone missing; people are dead because of it. That's more than enough to get them on the road- hell they've taken jobs on much less.

They trail it to an alley behind a club, they can hear the thump of music from inside and in the semi dark the men make out other figures. The 'beast' has some friends waiting. Two more and that makes it three against two. Not bad odds considering the men are hunters and have years of experience but…

The men think they're dealing with shifters or some type of werewolves because of their appearance. The long nails and slightly protruding snout like mouth and sharp teeth- what else could they be? Sam thinks of Madison. He cant help the stab of guilt- because he couldn't help her.

From above, Aviel is watching them. She's been waiting patiently, quiet and out of sight but with the human's… she could leave and the ferals wouldn't bother her anymore…

'They'd come after me later. They just don't know when to quit.'

Because they know she is alone and they have a score to settle.

Aviel stands, a low annoyed breath her only sound. Her foot is on the metal hand rail, she bends slightly- torso hanging over the side staring at the converging ferals. The men aren't running, they aren't making any noise at all.

'Stupid humans are in shock.'

Aviel leans further out and pushes off the rail. She drops down from the fire escape, feet pushing off the trash bin. Her body arches gracefully, flipping off the bin and lands in a crouch between the humans and the ferals.

"You should run." Aviel tells the humans, hazel eyes never leaving the ferals. Behind her Sam's mouth is slightly open, brow furrowed-confused and he glances upward. Beside him, Dean is not amused by the order and he's wondering how and where the hell she came from.

"That's our dinner you're standing in front of." The feral snarls, he takes a step in her direction, the others mimic him.

Aviel's nails slowly elongate and her teeth grow- the sharp fangs bared but the rest of her face doesn't distort as theirs. She's not a canine and for that she's grateful- not dealing with the excess hair sprouting at incovenient times or the desire for raw meat-


Had Aviel been given a choice she wouldn't have picked either one, she would have chosen to be normal- a regular human mortal... No one gave her a choice and she is a feline feral. Her eyes change color, from the dark brownish-green to a dark coppery gold.

They aim at her back; hear the soft growl of her voice even with the snarling muts and hesitate. Where should they aim? The snarling muts outnumber them and yet the crazy girl isn't backing off…

"We're having kitty tonight." The feral lunges, moves so fast Dean and Sam don't react until they see Aviel tossing the first one aside and tangling with the second. The third feral goes for them while the first one gets up, shakes out its head and lunges at Aviel again.

She's dealing with two dog ferals, managing to slip between their attacks but frustrated because she's not hurting them. She goes in close and gets an arm- not her best but at least she drew blood.

The third feral gets Sam but it doesn't faze Aviel. She doesn't know them and doesn't care. The feral slashes her side, hurt and angry Aviel retaliates. She takes one down before the second grabs her. They slam into the trash bin and he pins her there. She hates being at a disadvantage and any semblance of reason is tossed aside. Aviel goes completely feral and lashes out, her nails do nothing more than shred the heavy jacket but they aren't her only weapon. She bares her teeth and bites into his throat. The feral convulses- shocked and in pain, he tries to push her off only helping her complete the job. Aviel snarls at the dead feral twitching at her feet, spits out his throat and blood while Dean tries to shoot the first feral.

Sam stares in shock as Aviel hops on the ferals back, she breaks its neck and lands in a crouch over the body. Dean aims at her but she has his gun and Dean's slammed into the wall at his back.

Aviel growls, it rumbles through her chest and snarls at Dean. Her nails dig into his clothes to poke at his skin which he winces at but he makes no sound, green eyes locked onto the coppery ones the gold irises like a cats. She forcibly calms herself, stepping back and dropping Dean with an effort. Aviel tosses the gun at Sam, winces because it hit him hard and part of her-the animal- wants to keep going, to tear into them as well-

"What the hell are you?" Dean is glaring, angry but unable to hide the scent of his fear. He's demanding answers as if it was his right but she just killed three things and let him live. She is dangerous, can feel it but figures asking questions would benefit them in the future and buy them time. In the back of his mind, Dean realizes Sammy has finally done it. He's managed to get Dean to look before jumping, at least this once.

Aviel snarls wiping at her mouth and spitting out more blood while Sam gets to his feet. The foul taste doesn't go away and she hates seeing the disgust on the human's faces whenever they see her for what she is.

Aviel looks at them, she lets them see her eyes and teeth go human, raises her hand so they can see her nails shorten and her fingers mold into human. She does it purposely, wanting to feel as though it is her choice to do so. The nagging voice in the back of her mind tells her that isn't why. It's out of anger that she flaunts her mutation; to scare them off when it usually doesn't take this long to get rid of some humans. The fight alone and their near deaths should have been enough.

"Someone who just saved your ass." Aviel retorts. She looks them over and sniffs at them. Confusion as to why they are still standing in the middle of dead ferals gives way to disgust and a bit of concern for her own safety at what they are. "Hunters."

"How…?" Sam's features shift into confusion, then he's intrigued.

"You smell like gunpowder, oil, blood…" Aviel explains. That alone makes her stop and her eyes flick to Dean. "Moronically fearless." She adds with a thread of sarcasm in her tone.

Dean takes offence, he straightens, glances at Sam then at her.

"You should've run." Aviel states flatly, she turns away and starts walking to and past the bodies. Dean watches her, can see the feline in her swagger, the cat like grace of her movements when she was fighting… He frowns, looks at the bodies she's obviously going to just leave behind to rot.

"Wait!" Sam calls to her following after the… whatever she is. He ignores Dean's silent disapproval. "What where they?"

Aviel pauses, she wants to keep walking, they'd kill her too if they got the chance. Only they haven't done it and the stupid one is asking questions… She turns around. Her eyes flick to where Dean warily grips his gun. Sam is curious, his face open and trusting, still at a distance though and Aviel doesn't miss the caution both hunters are treating her with.

"Ferals." Aviel answers. But they don't know, this is something they haven't come across... "Humans with… a genetic mutation." Her eyes shift, the brown lightening noticeably in the dark of the alley. "Freaks."

Sam takes another step forward, closer to Aviel but she doesn't move, it wouldn't be smart considering Dean is gripping his gun tightly, already half raised incase she decides to turn on them. They know she doesn't have to, they'd seen how fast she could be and the ferals had been just as quick.

"Why did you help us?" Sam was still insisting on questioning her. He was too curious for his own good sometimes and Dean was getting more annoyed by it.

"Wasn't a fair fight." Aviel replied eyeing him with slight curiosity. He'd been scared a moment ago but she guessed most humans would be frightened knowing they were about to die. Hunter's were one of the few exceptions, because instead of giving in to that fear they used it. She had two prime examples standing in front of her…

"There were three of them." Dean pointed out. Did she think them idiots?

"And you couldn't deal with just one." Aviel noted. The truth was not easy to accept and it was clear Dean didn't like being hit with it. "Do your selves a favor and go the other way next time you find your self hunting a feral. You'll live longer." She starts walking again ignoring Dean's insults. He isn't following her and he isn't trying to kill her and her silence only aggravates him more.

"We have questions! Who are you? Your name at least. How does this- I mean how? How do you... become…" Sam follows her, the questions pouring out in a rush while Dean is ordering him to stop. Sam thinks of Madison, how similar the dead ferals were. He doesn't understand why its different, why the ferals haven't reverted to their human forms, how it's possible for the girl to control the change. He doesn't get the ferals aren't supernatural beings. Its evolution at work, their personal genetic mutation come to life and this is not at all the Winchester's regular gig.

Aviel finally turns to Sam; angry and wishing she hadn't butted in. She doesn't know anything about them except for what they are and its enough to beat a hasty exit. The foolish human doesn't seem to get she's dangerous, or he just doesn't care…

"Do I fucking look like Google to you?" She snarls, turning on the hunter. She wants them gone, wants to leave-

"Back up!" Dean orders. His gun is pointed at her but only for a second. Again, he finds himself without a gun. The copper eyes narrowed dangerously and the soft growl rumbling from her chest in warning.

"Third time, you loose the hand." Aviel informs him softly. She takes a breath and steps back, his gun clattering to the ground at his feet.

"We aren't going to hurt you." Sam promises, concerned for his brother and awed by her speed.

"Damn right, you aren't." Aviel vows, her eyes once again brownish-green and trained on Sam. "Now, be on your way." She points them back the way they came but Sam takes a tentative step towards her instead.

"What's your name?" Sam asks in a soft tone, trying to be the understanding 'I want to help' façade he's found useful over the years. Aviel frowns, she doesn't like the way he's looking at her or the sound of his voice- it makes her uncomfortable.

"Forget it, Sammy." Dean glares. "Let's go." He pulls Sam around but he stubbornly refuses to follow. She's staring at them and Sam waits...

"Aviel Guerra."

In the next moment she can't believe she really said that.

Dean hears the soft growl and wants to leave but Sam…. Stupid freak.

"I'm Sam. My brother, Dean." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder to the scowling face of his brother.

"Sam." Dean warns, recognizing the tone.

"Thank you." Sam ignores him. He takes another step towards Aviel.

Aviel tries not to let the normality of exchanging names in greeting perturb her though she hasn't looked for or wanted human contact since-

Aviel grunts, feels the sting between her shoulder blades, her sight goes fuzzy and then she's on all fours staring at the ground while her body is trembling.

Dean looks up, searching, gun slightly raised. Sam also has a gun in hand.

Aviel faintly hears the guys voices, confusion, panic, she can smell fear- hers. She is afraid and the world is going black around her, the sounds muffled and she can't move her arms or legs…