Title: Differences, or "Why Grell Prefers Shopping With Undertaker"
Author: Reno-Sinclair/Karma's On The Way
Rating: T
Word Count: 263
Pairing: Undertaker/William/Grell
Warnings: Yaoi, Modern day, assuming Undertaker and Grell were together first, then Will joined in a few decades later.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. I hardly own the plot.
Summary: Why would Grell want something so awkward?

AN: Now, with summary! 8D This came to me at work, don't ask. Long, long, loong story.



Three pairs of eyes rested on the item eagerly held in the third's hands, draped across his fingers and resting in his palm in all of it's awkward, elegant, and even more awkward glory. While jade eyes were interested, intense silver seemed just as happy with the thought of the item being worn against that pale flesh. The third pair, the golden-green ones, seemed skeptic as to why someone would even want to touch something that... atrocious.

"Grell, why in the world would you want to wear...that?" Came the distinguished voice of William, who straightened his tight, pushed up his glasses and gave a rather disgusted expression at what was, inevitably, going to be purchased.

"Because, Will! Can't you see how elegant it is? It's even better than the one I'm wearing right now!" And that one was epic.

"William, do you honestly have that much of a problem with our lady's fashion sense?" Undertaker cut in, raising a brow that went unnoticed thanks to the curtain of hair over his face that kept anything past his nose hidden.

"It...I just don't understand how one could wear something like that."

"Well, can I get it?"

"Put it back."

"Go ahead."

Twin stares met one another as best they could through hair.

"Undertaker, you can't be serious...?"

"If she wants it, she will have it."


"Grell, do you want it?"


"Then you shall have it. Come along."

And that was how Grell Sutcliffe came into possession of a thong made of nothing but pearls and a single black ribbon bow.


AN: I found one at work today. It was gross, coz it was used and the pearls were a weird color. _;