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In the last chapter, we were left with a cliff-hanger when Rachel (the very first girlfriend of Christian) turns up in front of Trent's apartment door to return DJ's beanie.

In this chapter, Rachel and Trent catch up in his apartment, to which Rachel reveals what happened to her and Christian.

Onto Chapter 13: Broken Hearts

'Trent Garcia, is that really you?'

My mind tried to register what I'm witnessing in front of my eyes. The girl in front of me was Rachel Manlapaz. The girl who was one of the nicest girls during high school, the girl who was a brilliant cheerleader, and the girl who was Christian's first girlfriend. It appears that she dyed her dark brown and her almond-shaped hazel eyes always made her stand out from the crowd.

'Yeah it's me', I finally answered, while shifting my feet from side to side. 'Do you want to catch up for a bit?' Rachel looked at her silver watch on her left wrist. 'Well, I have a lot of free time at the moment, so I would love to'. I invited her inside my apartment and I realised that it wasn't as clean as I wanted to.

'I'm sorry for this place being a mess', I apologised while closing the door behind me.

'It's totally fine', she replied with a smile while she took a seat on the couch. 'I assume that you guys had a really wild night'.

'I guess the guys and I did'. As I sat down on the couch, there was a heavy awkward pause between the two of us. Rachel and I were good friends when she and Christian were going out. But ever since their break up, I barely talked to her in case Christian would get annoyed at me. Rachel's eyes were locked on the photo of Christian and I in his room. I could see that her lips were slightly quivering and her eyes showed pain, kind of the same look when I saw Gwen and Christian marrying all those years ago.

'How's Christian?' she asked while grabbing the photo.

'To be completely honest, I have no idea how he has been'

'Hold on, are you two still best friends?'

'I guess we are, but a lot of things have happened in the last several years'

'What do you mean?' I wasn't sure if I should tell Rachel about Christian's countless affairs, but I guess I can tell her from the very beginning.

'Well, do you remember Gwen from Total Drama Island?'

'Yes I remember her', she answered with a huge smile. 'Are you two still together?'

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and I could tell she knew what I'm going to say next will shock her. 'No. You see, Gwen married Christian nearly two years ago'. She bought her left hand towards her mouth and her eyes widened at my response.

'Trent, I'm sorry to hear that', she apologised. 'Is that why you and Christian are not that close anymore?'

'I guess you can say that. Our friendship kind of started to drift when he asked Gwen to be his wife all those years ago and now I barely talk to him. He seems to be very busy with his life, emphasis on busy'

'What do you mean by busy?'

'I feel that he is busy with his work, but other people have told me otherwise'.

'What do you mean?'

'According to a few people, including Gwen, Christian is apparently cheating on Gwen'. As soon as I said 'cheating', Rachel got up from her seat and I could see a tear trickling down her check. 'Where's your bathroom?'

'Down the hall and the first door you see on the left', I instructed while pointing my hand to the hallway. Rachel made her way to down the hall and I could hear her sniffling.

I leaned back to the couch and made myself a bit more comfortable. My mind kept thinking back to my friendship with Christian. We have been close friends since grade three, and now we have drifted so far from each other. Now with Rachel crying about him cheating, something seems a bit fishy. But I'm not sure if I should really ask her about it. I mean, I really don't want to pry, but I feel that if I can understand what happened between the two of them, I can understand why Christian is like this.

Several minutes have passed and Rachel is still in the bathroom. I got up from my seat and headed towards the bathroom and I could hear her crying through the thin walls. 'Rachel', I said softly while knocking on the door lightly. The door opened and I could see Rachel's eyes were puffy and red and there were black streaks along her cheeks. I guess her mascara wasn't water proof.

'Trent, I'm really sorry if I ran into your bathroom like that', she apologised in between her sniffles. I wrapped my arms around Rachel and she hugged me back. I had to admit, I wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do. This was my first time hugging her and I wasn't sure if she wanted me to do it. But as a friend, I need to comfort her and make sure she is all right.

'If you don't mind me asking, do you want to talk about it?' I asked, in hope that maybe I can help her out. She quickly nodded against my chest and we let go of our embrace. I looked down on my shirt and I noticed that her mascara was on my shirt. I didn't care though, as long as I can help her feel better.

We both went back to the living room and sat on the couch. I noticed that the photo of Christian and I was still on the coffee table and it was on Rachel's side.

'When you first grabbed that photo of Christian and I, I noticed that you looked a bit sad and in pain. What made you feel that way?' I asked. Rachel looked away from me for a few seconds and gave out a deep sigh.

'I guess you can say that it's weird seeing Christian that thin and by the looks of things, this photo was taken about a month after we broke up', she explained. 'Why do you have that photo here on your coffee table?'

'I only found the photo on the couch while I was cleaning up the mess this morning. It made me reminisce what happened on the day'.

'What happened on that day?' I wasn't sure if I should tell her about him hooking up with Annabelle.

'Do you really want me to tell you what happened on that day; I'm not sure if you really want to hear it'.

'Trent, please tell me', she begged. I gave out a deep sigh and began to talk.

'That photo was taken when I came back from Total Drama Island. I went to Christian's house to catch up with him. When I went to his room, he was making out with someone and I honestly thought it was you. But I found out it was Annabelle Mangala', I explained. I noticed Rachel's lips tightened to a thin line. She looked liked she wanted to kill her. She muttered something to herself that I couldn't hear, but I assume it was about Annabelle.

'Did Christian tell you what happened between him and I?'

'On that day, I asked him what happened between the two of you. He told me that you two broke up on mutual terms and you two talk to each other all the time'.

'That's not what happened', she quietly said. 'I think I know why Christian is who he is today and it's my fault'. I raised my eyebrow at her and waited for her to continue.

'Please don't be mad at me when I say this, but, I cheated on Christian', she admitted and looked down at the photo again. My mind tried to comprehend what I just heard. She cheated on Christian. Should I be mad at her for doing something ten years ago? In a way I should, because of all the events that happened afterwards. But for some reason I can't.

'With who?'

'River Thompson'

'Rachel, I have to admit, I'm not mad at you, but why did you do it and for how long?'

'I guess you can say I fell for his charm, just like how majority of the girls fell for Alejandro's charm on Total Drama World Tour. River kept flirting with me and I resisted majority of the time while I was with Christian. But on the day my two-year-and-three-month anniversary with Christian, River came to my house and we chilled as friends; watched movies and all that jazz in my room. The both of us were on my bed and I guess his flirtation skills managed to win me over and we made out on my bed, which made me lose track of time'. She paused and cried for a bit.

'You know Christian planed a huge night for you on that day'

'I know, and I'm really ashamed at myself for doing that'.

'Did you tell Christian?'

'No, he found out himself'

'Do you know how?'

'The days after my anniversary, I constantly kept texting and calling Christian to apologise for not going to his house. Christian finally texted me back and I was hoping that he would accept my apology, but it was a photo of River and I dry humping on my bed and it had "you are a cheater" on it'. Rachel kept on crying and she wiped her tears away by the sleeve of her long sleeve cotton top. No wonder Christian didn't want to talk about what happened; she really broke his heart. Especially with a guy that made fun of Christian throughout high school.

'Did you guys manage to talk after he sent you that text?'

'Kind of, but it was in front of a huge group of people', began Rachel while she tightly clutched on to her right elbow.


Today was the day of the mid-summer beach party. Majority of the people from school were going to be there and I was really pumped for it. But I wasn't feeling it anymore. It has been three weeks since Christian found out about my affair with River and he and I haven't spoken about it. I didn't want to go in fear that he might be there. But then again, would he really go to this party? Another reason why I didn't feel like going was River would most definitely going to be there. He kept calling me a lot, but I kept ignoring his calls. I didn't tell him about Christian knowing what he did, but I think he might have figured it out.

I lied back on my bed and I kept thinking about Christian and how much I missed him. I miss him telling me that I'm beautiful, our weekly dates and how he would always make me feel special every day. Of course my naive self made me fell for River's charismatic ways and it ruined everything. I felt a vibration on my bed and quickly grabbed my phone. My best friend, Annabelle was calling me. I pressed the green button to accept her call. 'Hello', I answered quietly.

'Rach, I'm outside your house now. Are you ready to go?'

'I'm not in the mood to go'

'Rach, you have been in your room for the last three weeks and I want you to go out and hang out with everyone again. The group misses you a lot'.

'Look, I'm scared that River and Christian will be there, and I don't want them to see me'

'Look, technically you and Christian are still together and if he is there, you can talk to him and explain what happened'. I gave out a loud sigh and I considered that option heavily. If I can explain to him what happened, he and I can be happy again.

'Sure, I'll be out in a few minutes'

'Good, I hope you didn't gain weight while you were imprisoning yourself. You don't want us to ruin our chance for the upcoming comp in November', she said with a laugh.

'Don't worry I didn't gain weight. I'll see you outside'

'Laters Rach'. She ended our call and I placed my phone back on my bed. I got up from my bed and went towards my walk-in-wardrobe. I decided to wear my light blue bikini with my dark denim short and my purple butterfly shirt on top. I looked at myself in front of the mirror and my hair was in a tangled mess. I grabbed my brush on my dresser and just untangled the knots. I didn't want to do anything special with it so I just left it down. I grabbed my phone and my keys and went downstairs to go the front door.

As soon as I got out of the house and locked the door, I see Annabelle applying dark pink lipstick in front of her rear view mirror. Annabelle and her use of lipsticks was indeed a match made in heaven. She never leaves without one and she would usually reapply more every hour or so.

I got inside her ruby red convertible sports car and got myself comfy in my seat. Annabelle put the cover back on her lipstick and put in her little purse. 'Let's have the time of our life', yelled Annabelle. I gave her a weak smile while she started to drive off along the road.

'How are you holding up?' she politely asked.

'Honestly I'm not doing the great. Christian still doesn't want to talk to me', I replied quietly.

'To be completely honest Rach, he wasn't right for you'. I gave out a sigh. Annabelle always had something bad to say about Christian and she didn't really accept my relationship with Christian.

'Annabelle, you don't see Christian the way I see him. He is a really sweet guy and he accepted me for who I am'

'Rach, he isn't popular. Well he kinda is when he is with Trent. Now that is real sexy man', she smiled flirtatiously at the thought of Trent. 'Too bad he got with that Goth Girl from that grotesque show'.

'Annabelle, you really got to stop perving on Trent, you have a boyfriend'.

'Correction, I had a boyfriend. Jacob and I broke up several days ago. I wasn't feeling it anymore'. How can Annabelle feel that way after a break up? Then again, she doesn't care about being in a relationship, she just likes having fun.

We drove for another fifteen minutes until we arrived at the beach. Annabelle parked the car in a parking space that was had a bunch of trees along the side. Annabelle turned off the engine and got out of the car. 'Aren't you coming out?' she asked.

'Um yeah', I replied while getting out. 'Let's go'.

'Don't worry Rach, everything will be all right and besides, you didn't gain any weight'. I gave out a weak smile and the both of us headed off to the beach.

The both of us headed towards golden sand and the dark blue ocean. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, but I wasn't feeling it. My stomach was in knots and I couldn't help but feel sad while I see everyone in our year level smiling and enjoying their summer break.

The two of kept walking towards the rest of the cheerleading team. All of them were in their bikinis, eating a hot dog and talked amongst each other. Jessica, the shortest of them all looked towards Annabelle and me approaching them. 'Hey guys' called out Jessica. She was probably one of the nicest girls on the squad and she is one of my closest friends. The group looked at us and gave us a genuine smile. Both Annabelle and I smiled back and waved at them. 'How's is your summer so far?' I asked Jessica.

'It has been absolutely amazing', she smiled with glee. 'I'm now going out with this guy. His name is Cameron and he is the star archer at his school'.

'Good for you Jess', I smiled while giving her a hi-five. I'm happy that she is doing well. Her last boyfriend dumped her a few weeks before summer, apparently, she is very clingy. To be completely honest, she isn't like that. She is a very bubbly girl who tries to be positive. 'How are you and Christian?' she asked. I could feel my eyes starting to tear up, but I didn't want Jess to see it.

'Christian and I are fine. We're currently going through a rough patch, but I'm sure him and I can fix things', I replied with a smile. Well, at least I'm hoping that I can work things out with Christian. I haven't seen him or River yet.

'Hey guys, I have some juicy gossip for you all', called out a voice. The group turned around to see that it was Stacy running towards us. God damn it, why must she be so damn gorgeous? Her long brown hair that goes up to her waist, her tanned skin, her hour-glass shape; she looked simply perfect. She is the biggest gossip queen in the year level.

'What's up Stacy?' asked Annabelle with a smirk on her face. Annabelle loves hearing gossip from Stacy, especially if it's about boys.

'Well you see that large group over there?' she asked while pointing towards the huge crowd. 'A lot of the girls are admiring this guy who just arrived on the beach. He kind of looks Christian, but it cannot be him'.

'Christian, as in my boyfriend?' I asked.

'Well, yeah him', answered Stacy. 'How about you guys come with me and take a look for yourself'. All of us went towards the group that was surrounding the guy. I could see all the girls swooning and fanning themselves with their hands. I guess this guy has a huge affect on them. I could hear girl saying that he is the 'sexist guy on the planet', but that can't be true. I swear I heard someone say that I was 'lucky to have this guy'. I moved over to find a spot where I could see this guy. Once I found a spot, my eyes were locked on the guy in front of me. His body shape was kind of like Trent's, but he was slightly more muscular around the arms and legs and you can see his visible six pack abs. His black hair was slicked back, his hazel eyes looked at every girl and his smile showed off his perfect white teeth. That is when it hit me. The guy in front of me was definitely Christian. I could tell because of his huge dimple on the left cheek; it's probably one of things I love about him.

'Christian?' I called out, while he was flexing his muscles in front of the girls and in front of some of the guys he was hanging out with. Christian turned around to see who was calling out to him. As soon as he saw me, he quickly looked away and continued what he was doing.

'Christian!' I called again while walking towards him. He stopped what he was doing and faced me.

'What do you want Rachel?' he angrily asked. He crossed his arms across his chest, flexing his muscles, which made everyone drool, even me.

'Can we talk?' I asked quietly, in hope that he would accept it.

'If you want to talk, you can talk right here', he bluntly said.

'You really want me to talk to something private in front of everyone?'

'Why the hell not Rach?'

'What do you mean why not? This is something we need to sort out between the two of us'. I could feel a slight rage in me growing inside of me. I could hear the frantic whispers amongst the crowd. This is not what I need right now.

'You mean you want to do something with River in private, again'. The crowd murmured to each other while staring at me.

'Christian, you never let me had a chance to explain what happened'

'Enlighten me Rach. Tell me and everyone around us why you fucking skipped our two-year-and-three-month anniversary to make out with River fucking Thompson', he yelled back. Nearly everyone in the crowd bought their hand to their mouth, others gave me death glares. I looked back to the cheerleading squad, and nearly all of them were surprised at me. Well, except Annabelle, she was the only person I told about my regretful affair.

'Christian, it only happened once. I don't know what came over me. I remembered our anniversary and I was excited to go. I just lost track of time', I explained.

'Why was he there in the first place?'

'You know River and I are good friends and he and I just chilled for a bit on that day'

'Doesn't explain the making out session you did'

'His charm got to me' I quietly said. I hope that he didn't ask me to repeat it again. Christian looked away from me. I could see his eyes were starting to water and I wasn't sure if I should approach him or not. 'What I don't get is why you didn't call me to remind me to go on that night', I finally told him.

'I called you countless times', he said bluntly. 'I ran to your house to see if something bad happened to you. I knocked on your door and no one answered. Your parent's car wasn't there so it was just you at home. I even climbed a tree to go on your balcony because you would always let me go up there so I can visit you during the night and have a romantic picnic and all that jazz. But on that day, I saw you and him dry humping each other. I could have opened that door, but I didn't want to interrupt your indoor activity'. I could see that Christian was about to cry, but he didn't want anyone else to see it.

'Christian', I cooed while walking towards him. I placed my left hand on the right side of his face so that he could face me. He shut his eyes very tight so he wouldn't look into my eyes. I guess this is the best I can do. 'I'm sorry for what I did. It was a stupid mistake and please believe me when I say this, it only happened once. I love you and I always will. You are the best thing that has happened to me in the last two years and three months. You have no idea how happy you make me feel all the time. You're simply amazing and I cannot thank you enough for making the person I am today. Please forgive me for hurting you Christian. Please believe me that I'm truly sorry for hurting you'. Christian opened his eyes and his sexy hazel eyes stared blankly to mine. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, but his eyes didn't show anything.

'That's the thing Rach, I don't know if can believe anything that comes out from your mouth', he quietly said while gently pushing away my left arm.

'Christian, please don't let this be the end of the Christel legacy', I begged while grabbing his right hand. 'Please Christian, we can work this out'.

'Trust works both ways. How can I trust you when you ripped my heart out and smashed it on the ground on that night?' he managed to get his right hand away from my grip. 'I'm sorry Rach, our legacy is over', he quietly said. He turned away and walked in the opposite direction. Everyone took one last look at me and everyone followed Christian. Even the cheerleading squad took off after Christian.

I sat on the sand and bought my knees to my face. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears flowed down my face. I didn't want to believe that my relationship with Christian was over. The guy who made me feel like the only girl in the world has dumped me. I feel that there is a missing spot in my heart, because that was the spot where Christian belonged. I need him back in my life. Annabelle sat next to me. 'I have to admit, I'm pissed off that he broke up with you. But I have to admit, he has a sexy as body', she remarked.

'You know he is still mine', I bluntly said. 'Remember chicks before dicks'.

'Don't worry Rach, I know it's definitely against the cheerleader code. I will never do that to you'. She gave me a reassuring hug, while I continued to cry and cry. I knew I should have not have gone to the beach that day.


Rachel cried even more as soon as she finished. I grabbed a few tissues from a tissue box on the coffee table and handed to Rachel. She took hold of it and wiped her tears away.

'I can't believe he wouldn't accept your apology', I finally said.

'It's understandable; I did break his heart that day. He planned this huge day for us and I threw it at his face', she said in between sniffles.

'I have to ask, are you still in love with Christian?' Rachel looked me straight in the eye. Her eyes were blood red and I wasn't sure what she will say next.

'It's hard to not stop loving the first person who made you feel like you're on cloud nine. I have gone out with a few other guys in the last few years. They made me happy, but all of them didn't work out. Yes I still love Christian, but the Christian that was in the past. If I see him now, I'm not sure if my old feelings will come flooding back. But deep down, he is the first guy I loved and I'm pretty sure I'll harbour those old feelings. I'm ready to mingle with other guys', she explained with a weak smile.

'You mean like my friend DJ?' I asked while I gave her a playful wink. She quietly giggled to herself.

'Pfft, no', she responded with a smile.


The both of us heard there was knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it. DJ was standing in front of my door step.

'Hey man, I was wondering if you have found my beanie', he asked with a smile.

'Yeah I have it, but someone wants to give it to you personally. Please come inside'. DJ came inside and he saw Rachel on the couch. Both of them had a slight smile on their face.

'Hi I'm DJ', he introduced himself to Rachel. Rachel stood up from her seat and held the beanie on her hand.

'I'm Rachel and I believe this is the beanie that you threw on my face', she responded with a smile while handing the beanie to DJ.

'Yeah sorry about that, the guys and I were pretty unruly last night', he apologised. 'Since you had kept my beanie safe all of last night, let me thank you by buying you lunch'.

'I would actually like that DJ', she replied with a smile. 'Thanks for everything today Trent', she thanked me and gave me a hug.

'No problem Rach', I responded while hugging her back.

'By the way Trent, win Gwen back. I know you still have feelings for her and I know in my heart that she loves you too', she whispered. We let go and the two of them left my apartment. I closed the door behind them and sat back on the couch.

I thought of what Rachel said earlier 'It's hard to not stop loving the person who made you feel like you're on cloud nine'. It was absolutely true. Gwen made me feel like the happiest guy in the world. I don't think I can ever stop loving her.

Christian, I wish you accepted Rachel's apology in the first place.

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