Sam and Dean's Most Marvelous Fangirl Adventure
(An Epic Saga of Sam, Dean, and Fangirls)

Chapter One - The Girl at the Gas Station

The Internet is a scary place. Sam and Dean are scared of the Internet.

Very, very scared.

They have their reasons, of course. One might be this: they are real. Sam and Dean Winchester are very real and very here, even though their existence is made up of temporary housing and names that are not their own. They sleep and they eat and they shit and do all sorts of other human things. They get scared (they never admit it), they cry (they try their best not to, but sometimes the dead are very persistent, even past the salt and burns), and their feelings? They get hurt sometimes, thank you very much. Sam and Dean have delicate heads, if you must know, as alcoholic orphans of ambiguous moral standing tend to have. And they are offended.

They are offended that so many people in this terrifying digital hellhole known as the World Wide Web (of Endless Debauchery and Character Assassination) believe them to be nothing more than ridiculously attractive puppets.

"We're not here for their amusement," Dean groused one day, snapping his little brother's laptop closed. He stuffed half a panini, dripping with meat and condiments, into his mouth before continuing. "And I don't cry that much. Or make that many gay jokes. Or have an eating disorder."

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Dean," Sam sighed. "And how many times do I have to tell you to stop going to that site? Dude, wash your hands before you touch my computer again..."

Dean can't seem to stop going to that site, though. He stopped for a while, sure, because Sam put parental locks on that shit, clearly afraid of what reading fictional stories loosely based on their lives involving nonsensical traumatic events and unsavory sexual encounters was doing to his older brother - but it didn't last.

It might have, but then she came along.

Her name is Samantha Lovington, or it isn't really. Samantha Lovington is her pen name. It used to be sammywsbbgirl2846, but she decided that Samantha Lovington was classier. Dean knows this already, because he's seen her profile.

Here is a snippet of said profile:

Put this in your profile if Sam Winchester is the hottest guy eva!

lol oh im changing my name to Samantha Lovington because i think its classier than sammywsbbgirl2846 but its still me u guys and its okay because im still going to be writing my story i just think its better this way lol omg did you ssee sam last night he was so hot when he choked that monster i didnt like that girl tho she was kind of dumb and omg dean ate food looool

If you think Sam Winchester RULES put this in your profile!

And so on. Dean was perfectly happy when she was just a name on the screen. She provided good teasing fodder for whenever Sam was being especially fussy - but then she wasn't just a name on the screen anymore.

Not anymore, she's not.

She's a girl. At a gas station.

A random fucking gas station in the middle of nowhere and she's all alone and she knows them. She knows their faces and their lives and the stories she's managed to twist into reality in her head.

Dean blinks at her. Sam blinks at her.

The wind blows dusty earth against red shoes, a sunshine yellow t-shirt against a slight frame.

Her eyes are wide and hazel and full of the kind of innocent awe Dean's only ever seen on children's playgrounds. Or in mental institutions.

"omg," she says. "omg sam and dean are at a gas station and their looking at me omg looool"

Dean hears the small breath Sam sucks in by his side.

"I..." Sam trails off and swallows. He looks at Dean with eyes that are amazed and terrified. "Dean, I...I can hear the lowercase. Can you hear the lowercase?"

Dean can hear the lowercase. He nods slowly. "I can," he says. "I can hear the lowercase."

"And the improper grammar?" Sam asks. "And the lack of punctuation?"

Dean can hear all of these things when she speaks. He doesn't know how. He just knows his hands are itching for Sam's laptop. He just knows that he has to return to that site because visiting that site is no longer a form of self-destructive behavior, but research.

And research is very important.

"omg," she says again.

Dean blinks. Sam blinks.

"I must study you," Sam says, and his tone is so ridiculously serious that Dean almost laughs.

He doesn't laugh, though. He's too fucking weirded out to laugh. He just stands by and fills up his gas tank while the author formerly known as sammywsbbgirl2846 climbs into the back of his beloved car without any kind of verbal invitation.

She makes herself comfortable.

Sam swallows again, closes his eyes like he's readying himself for a jump down a cliff that will inevitably end in blood and guts and flattened limbs.

"Sammy..." Dean trails off.

"I think this is a case," Sam says. "I really do, Dean. I think this has to be a case."

Dean sucks in a breath and finishes filling up his car. Sam gets into the passenger seat, but Dean has to give himself a moment before getting behind the wheel. He stands outside with his hand on the door handle. The air is crisp and cool and part of him wishes this were a dream and that he'll wake up any moment now.

Because he's visited that site. He knows what he is and what he isn't and what people who don't know him want him to be.

"Fuckin' A," he grumbles.

And he opens the door.

And he gets in.