A/N An almost complete retelling of the Dragon Age Origins story, featuring all of the companions from DAO, Zevran will be the major focus. All dates are "Earth" dates to allow for continuity of the story as I write it. Since I have not bothered to draw up a picture of Erin in her armor yet, for now imagine her in a feminine version of the Assassin's Creed 2 uber armor set, in white with red trim. I may get around to drawing something up and posting it.

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Chapter 1: A Journey Started

May 1, 2010

The senior adviser checked over Erin's equipment carefully, the portal would open within the next 30 minutes and he had every reason to believe this would not be an easy trip for his Traveler. He made certain she had every weapon she could possibly require. Her rifle was disassembled and the pieces fitted in to their assigned places in her armor; completely concealed from anyone but herself and her personal team of Custodis. She hated the weapon, but he insisted she take it.

Components to make dissolving ammunition were stored in her pack, as well as malleable explosives and remote detonators. Having to carry this level of artillery on her person made her extremely uneasy about the coming mission and what may be required of her.

She was used to carrying an array of weaponry when she traveled. Most of it directly related to her Chinese and Japanese martial training under the tutelage of the Custodis masters. All of it had to be integrated in to her armor so that it was readily available when needed, while not hindering her movement or ability to remain completely silent while in stealth. Sewn in to the metal and leather armor over her left shoulder was a casing holding six throwing knives. A beautifully crafted Katana sword was sheathed at her left hip, partially covered by her cloak.

Her preferred weapon, the Kyoketsu-shoge, had its chain carefully wrapped around fittings attached to her armored belt, while the blade itself was sheathed on her right side at the waist. A 16 inch dagger was fitted along her right hip and thigh, hidden within the folds of her cloak and skirting. The gauntlets on each forearm contained hidden, 10 inch daggers and were made of a combination of metal and tooled leather.

He attached her pack to the fitting on the armor across her back which was designed to allow it to be easily removed when necessary. To the left side of the pack he attached her repeating crossbow, making sure the safety was on since it was loaded with a cartridge of bolts. The pack contained everything she would normally need to survive on her own for about 30 days, with the exception of major food stuffs. The adviser was certain she would be able to hunt or fish for food where she was going so she only carried a few protein bars and a water purification wand.

Everything was condensed to the smallest possible size for weight and portability. Her tent was a fairly extravagant affair, but with the advances in exploration equipment, it took very little space. Her sleeping bag and pad were extremely comfortable despite their economy of scale. She also carried various items for use in disguising herself, should it become necessary, as well as toiletries for bathing, basic survival items, her personal data assistant, a digital camera and a solar charging station.

While her adviser could sense some degree of the complexity of her journeys, he could not tell what exactly she would be fighting when she arrived. He could give her a vague time-line for how long she may expect to be in the alternate plain of existence, but he cautioned her that nothing was certain in that regard.

She well knew the risks of the occupation thrust upon her. She may not return from any given journey as many a Traveler had before her and many would after her. Poor men and women, chosen by an unknown entity for an occupation no one knows exists, left to their own devices in unknown worlds and spaces in the universe, never to be seen again in their own place and time. It was a cruel thing, to be chosen.

Regardless of the pitfalls, Erin relished her training under the Custodis masters in China and Japan. The weaponry they bestowed upon her was crafted ages ago by ancient masters of the martial arts, when the Custodis was first formed to support The Travelers. It did something to make up for the horrors she faced; the honor of wielding these weapons, passed down from the heroes before her.

There were at least 2 Travelers in operation at any given time per the ancient codex of the Custodis. The earliest accounts were documented by the Chinese predecessors of the more modern, Latin Custodis, around 2698 BCE. Each Traveler that has lived, died, or simply disappeared, is recorded in those pages. Their heroic deeds and sacrifices known only to those that served them and that they served on their journeys. Heroes all; always forgotten. They were sent away to battle as an army of one; to defeat demons and evil across time and space. Their skill rivaled by none, their stories told by no one.

There was a sudden flash of blue light that brought Erin out of her meditations on the past. It was time to get her game face on. Time to be torn from everything she knew to a place she knew not at all. As the light began to consume her and her being started to shudder and collapse in to its base matter, she spoke softly the words that held her together in times of trial…

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. And she was gone.