Here, have some Love Interest

The Pack thought it was amusing and highly appropriate. The thought-jacking sparklepire found it just plain hilarious. He himself felt that they could all go to hell while he packed up himself and his, used some tribal funds, and took off for the Bahamas. Hmmmm... that was a nice thought. The Bahamas. He could convince Her to wear a bikini. Only, the beach would have to be deserted. There was no way that he's share Her with anyone. This was part of what everyone else found so funny. Seth, amicable, easy-going, fun-loving Seth was the jealous type. More than Paul and Sam put together.

Seth phased human and pulled on his jeans, growling from the jokes and general laughter directed at him. He didn't care, it was time to go see Her. Walking to the little ice cream shop in Forks, hands stuffed deep in in his pockets, Seth contemplated.

His packmates called it daydreaming, but he didn't agree. This was serious thinking being done here. In fact, he was currently thinking of a more tactful way of asking Her out than to just drop a napkin with his number on it on her table as he left. Perhaps a more romantic approach...?

He hoped She would be there today. She always came every Tuesday at noon, without fail for the last three weeks. It had really just been an accident that he'd ever caught sight of Her. Quil had been a pain to Jake for some time. whining about wanting more time with Claire. He'd ended up whining a little bit too often, because Jake put him on double shifts for a few days. One of those extra shifts landed directly on the date and time that he'd promised Claire to go get ice cream. Much to Quil's disappointment, non of his packmates would take that particular shift. But Seth had been happy to take Claire to get her ice cream!

Claire had been happily settled with her rainbow sherbet, and Seth had just sat down with his much deliberated over cookie dough. Then, not three tables from him, he saw it. A flash of white on red. He looked closer, and saw it was a girl.

At first, he was confused. Where had he seen that flash of white? She had a soft-serve chocolate cone, and was staring off into space foggily. Then her eyes drifted down to the cone, turned it deliberately, and took another lick. The turn revealed the ice cream in question to be a vanilla/chocolate twist. After quite some time, the whole process repeated itself.

Seth soon learned to anticipate when the chocolate was facing him - it meant she took another lick of the vanilla, soft creamy white against the bright red tongue, then closed lips. He could smell her chapstick from where he sat, a cheerful raspberry scent. Sometimes she would accidentally get a tiny speck of the frozen treat on one berry coated lip, which prompted the reappearance of the often still-cream covered tongue.

Then the moment came. Instead of looking down at her cone, she brought it up to her mouth, though her mind was obviously still a thousand miles away. Seth didn't see the actual moment of contact, but the girl jerked the cone away from her face, a dab of chocolate now resting ridiculously on her nose.

He couldn't help it - he had to snort back loud laughter. Still too loud, the girl heard it and lifted her eyes reproachfully to find the offender.

Their eyes met.

Then the girl was no longer just 'the girl'. Now she was Her.

He smiled at Her, a tad arrogantly. She blushed violently, grabbing the napkin from around the cone and swiping furiously at the dot. Flushed, She finished Her treat hurriedly and left, which wiped the smile off his face quicker than the ice cream had gone from Hers.

Much to Claire's displeasure, she was removed from the interior of the ice cream shop and deposited in the interior of the Pack's communal truck. The seven year old opened her mouth to complain, and then realized the speed at which the shapeshifter was moving.

This wasn't quite 'imprint in danger' speed, but it wasn't as slow as 'secret about to be found out by a human'. Perhaps it was more along the lines of ' human imprint is getting away and we don't know who she is or where she lives' speed.

When Claire was dumped unceremoniously with Emily with only a garbled explanation from Seth, she decided that this was exactly the case.

Oh well. At least she still got her ice cream.