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He writhed and wriggled, hips thrusting at nothing, wishing for something. Someone. Images flashed through his mind. Skin against skin. Breath mixing and mingling. Lingering kisses and angry bite marks. Groans that filled the night air with their passion and their lust. A dream so real he could taste the sweat. He craved it. Longed for it. Needed it. He needed him so bad. He wanted him like nothing else in the world. God, he wanted him so bad.

His breath came in short pants. His fingers curled around the dark sheets of his bed. He bit his lip, holding back a moan that didn't have a place in reality. His heart raced and he arched up. Why couldn't he have him? He wanted him everywhere. All over him. Nails raking down his back. Lithe hips bucking against his. Full lips calling out his name as they danced together beneath satin sheets. He would have him forever if he could. Keep him close. Keep him safe. Keep him his. He wanted him so bad.

His eyes snapped open and he gasped. There was that familiar ache in his chest. He stifled a sob, waiting for the wishes to fade. Waiting for them to drift away so that he could get some sleep. Waiting for something- anything- to keep him from wanting someone he could never have. Call it forbidden fruit syndrome. All he wanted was a big bite of that sin filled apple. All he wanted was piercing green eyes fogged over with lust and staring at him with the same longing he felt. He wanted. He craved. He pined.

"Harry," He whispered.

Even the name felt forbidden. Wrong but so right. Bodies pressed tight together. Screaming with each other. Going past the point of no return. Never looking back. He pushed his pale hair away from his face wtih a huff. He needed sleep. He needed Harry Potter.