Harry never wanted to move ever again. He was curled up perfectly against his lover, idly stroking the strong arm that was draped over him. He was content to do nothing but lay there in that bed for the rest of his foreseeable future. A gentle kiss was placed at the base of his neck, and he shuddered at the feeling of lips against his skin. That arm tightened it's hold slightly, securing him snuggly against a broad chest.

"We should probably get up," his lover muttered, shifting his placement slightly so that he could lace his fingers with Harry's. "People will be wondering if we're alive or not."

"Let them wonder," Harry said with a content sigh. "I'm happy here."

A rich laugh met his ears as another kiss was placed on his shoulder. "I am, too. But we do have duties, you know. Classes to finish. Exit exams to prepare for."

"Sod them."

Draco blinked in surprise at Harry's response. Usually, he'd be the one with nasty bed-head and the want to stay buried under the covers for a century. The smaller man twisted around until they were chest to chest, a coy look in his emerald eyes. Draco's eyebrow shot up amusedly. Harry only ever wore that look on his face if he wanted something.

"What is it, luv?" Draco asked, leaning in to steal a lingering kiss.

"I want to stay in bed with you all day," Harry replied promptly, fingers threading through almost white locks. "I want to lay here and do nothing but shag you for the rest of the day."

Draco groaned softly just at the thought of it. "Sounds wonderful, luv… But what about our classes?"

Harry grinned slightly, rolling his eyes. "What part of 'sod them' didn't you understand? We're staying here. We're going to be lazy all day long. Hermione can bother me about it tomorrow."

Draco seemed to consider it, but really there was nothing for him to consider. He wasn't going to deny something that he, himself, wanted as well. Instead of answering him, he simply rolled them so that he was pressed perfectly to his lover in all the right places. Might as well start a day of shagging with a nice, long shag, right?