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With the new season of Merlin started, I return with more Merlin fanfiction. :D This one contains spoilers for The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Battle For Camelot) Part I. Major spoilers as the majority of this revolves around a certain scene.

I, personally, have enjoyed the first two episodes (mainly because Arthur and Merlin clearly got married and have turned into an old married couple in the break) but was disappointed Merlin didn't reveal his magic to Morgana. I really was hoping/expecting that. What did you all think?

But for now - enjoy this. :) Warnings for gratuitus Arthur/Merlin slash. Please review. :)

Keep The Relationship Secret - Episode I

It was not long after Morgana disappeared. Gwen had retreated into sorrow, Gaius was always distracted and the King's mind was on Morgana and Morgana alone. It was not long after that when Arthur and Merlin's relationship began to stray beyond that of simply master and servant. In fact, it began to stray quite a bit further than basic friendship, even. Suffice to say, it was a romantic tale of undying love and misunderstanding that ultimately ended in happiness. But that was a year ago and this story is certainly not that one.

Typically, concealing this type relationship was hard on both parties concerned. And therefore a plan had to be put into place to limit the amount of suspicion aroused by other servants, knights and members of the court. Luckily, such a plan was basically already in place. Everyone in the kingdom knew of the teasing that went on between the two and how hard Arthur was on his servant (pun not intended). That simply had to be played to their advantage.

Because we all know that most, if not all, banter and teasing can easily cover up lingering looks and heartfelt smiles. Especially in Camelot and especially when no one is particularly looking for the aforementioned looks and smiles.

As the months went on, however, this did get more difficult to pull off. Even for Merlin and Arthur. Especially when the latter made such comments as 'Is your little bottom sore?' and insisted on blatantly showing off his naked torso to Merlin. There were times when Merlin suspected no one in Camelot had eyes or a brain to connect anything together with. Arthur must have suspected this too and had somehow decided that the right thing to do was to see how obvious he could be in his teasing and comments without anyone noticing.

Deep down Merlin knew it had to stop. At least a little bit. He just had to make Arthur see that too. And since the prince was still unaware his manservant was a warlock (since we're on the subject of oblivious things going unnoticed...) Merlin knew he had to use a bit of magic to instigate Arthur's thought process. Something he was not unfamiliar with, fortunately.

So that was how, a day later, Merlin found himself working as he half watched Arthur train with his knights. Merlin looked up from his work just in time to see Arthur completely thwart his two opponents. The young manservant pulled a face; raising his eyebrows and pouting his lips in a way that clearly expressed how impressed he was. He couldn't deny the prince had style. While beating two attackers was no amazing feat, the fact Arthur had done so blindfolded was. Not that Merlin would ever admit it. Frankly, he'd rather spend time in the stocks.

"Let's change weapons," Arthur commanded to his fellow knights. Merlin wiped the impressed look off his face in an instant as the prince turned towards him, pulling the blindfold off as he did. Ever the faithful manservant, Merlin quickly poured Arthur a goblet of water and offered it to him.

"What did you think?" Arthur asked Merlin, tossing the blindfold at him. The dark haired boy inwardly sighed. It was obvious Arthur was showing off for him. Could no one else see that? Still, he knew how this would go. Knowing the answer Arthur wanted, he'd give him the opposite and some teasing would occur. That was the plan. It always was the plan and, together, by following said plans they covered up everything else.

"I've seen better," Merlin shrugged noncommittally as Arthur's smile fell slightly into a sceptical pout; his way of showing he didn't believe a word Merlin had said. Despite only being "together" for a year, they really did act like an old married couple sometimes.

"Course," the prince nodded, sarcastically. "You are the expert at fighting with your eyes closed." Merlin refrained from groaning as the conversation turned to their previous expedition.

"You didn't see what I did when we rescued Morgana," he protested.

"Because you were hiding behind a tree?"

"No," Merlin shook his head in weak protest. "I was not."

Arthur raised his eyebrows and shot Merlin a cheeky smile (one he knew Merlin could barely resist) before turning back to his knights.

"I'm not going to use the blindfold," he declared to them. "I'm just going to fight like Merlin here." Arthur gestured back to his manservant. Merlin raised an eyebrow slightly and watched as his prince put on a somewhat over exaggerated performance.

"Oooh. I'm Merlin, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me," Arthur mockingly whimpered and Merlin inwardly sighed again. The other knights present began to laugh; Arthur really did have his teasing down-pat, all the more convincing, Merlin supposed. Tilting his head to once side, Merlin patiently watched Arthur waiting for the mocking to cease, in much the same way a mother would patiently wait for her child to stop being silly.

Arthur turned back to him a moment later and shot him, quite possibly, the widest, most teasing fleeting grin in history. While the brief grin was clearly Arthur saying a smug 'Ha!', Merlin still had to refrain from grinning back (and also from running over and kissing him to wipe the smug grin off his face). Instead he settled on shaking his head sadly. The prince really did have to watch himself.

"Ready?" Arthur had turned back to his knights. This time there were coming at him with maces. With revenge in mind and an idea to try and stop Arthur acting so obvious, it took less than a second's thought for Merlin to magic the prince's sword from his hands. A moment later, a mace slammed into him, knocking Arthur to the ground and (conveniently) into the mud.

Merlin grinned, rather wickedly, and watched as Arthur groaned and rolled over. With good practice, Merlin replaced his triumphant smile with a sympathetic grimace as Arthur turned to look at him. And, rushing forward, Merlin came to help him up.

"You ok, Sire?" He asked, a caring tone leeching into the last word that sounded only mocking (and slightly sexual) to Arthur. In that last word and in the look on his face, Merlin was also able to inflict a warning. Something along the lines of 'Stop being so obvious, you prat or I will deny you everything.'

Arthur groggily glared at him and in that instant Merlin knew he'd succeeded. They'd learnt to read each other well in the past year. So it was clear to Merlin, simply by the look on his prince's face, that Arthur was inwardly saying, 'Ok, fine. I'll stop it... at least in public.' Knowing that was the best he'd get from the prince, Merlin bobbed his head. "I'll see you in my quarters later, Merlin," Arthur growled in reply.

And Merlin nodded respectfully again and turned, allowing the knights to help their prince up (Merlin wasn't sure if Arthur would be able to keep his hands to himself if he was to help him up). With a slightly self-satisfied grin, Merlin returned to his work hopeful the relationship would be kept secret for yet another day. And besides, now he had something to look forward to. Because one thing was always for certain - the teasing and the banter and the payback always made for incredibly fantastic make-up sex.