Disclaimer: I am not Hino-sensei, therefore I do not own "Vampire Knight" or anything related to this manga, game and anime.

Author's Note: A short (and kinda hard-to-understand) ficlet dedicated to my friend, who is a fellow KaZe lover. :DD

"Of Despise and Adoration"

Kiryuu Zero loves Kuran Kaname, but will he dare admit it? No, he will not, his pride won't let him.

And, Zero thinks, Kuran isn't his type. The guy is sly, annoyingly so, and he hates him from the bottom of his heart. Yet why, he wonders, does he love him, of all people?

Just hearing Kuran's name makes him barf. He loves and hates the pure-blood, at the same time. It just doesn't make sense to him.

Kuran is, Zero has to admit, quite admirable—He did NOT just think of that, did he? Kuran is intelligent; he plans everything, goes through the possibilities before acting them. Needless to say, Zero is astounded (which he'll never say aloud over his dead body!) and irked that Kuran uses chess to plan his moves.

Even with the dark, mysterious aura Kuran emits, Zero can't help but get drawn towards the said male. Still, he hates him for that.

He despises Kuran so much that he eventually fell for him.