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With the lives of two of her agents in jeopardy, Hetty requests help from a trusted outside source. With a personal bodyguard on both agents Callen and Blye, the team go on the run. Lies, betrayal and deception, as well as ruthless pursuers follow. Callen and his bodyguard, Annabel, eventually find themselves separated from the rest of the team and running again. Their lives linked for years before they even met. Who is after Callen and Kensi? Why have Callen and Annabel's lives been linked together well before they met? What link does this have with his past? What does it mean for his future?

Without further ado...Read on.


Chapter 1

NCIS Headquarters, LA:

"Not good," exclaimed Eric to himself, as he picked up his phone, tucked it between his ear and shoulder and dialed Hetty. His fingers going back to his keyboard, furiously striking keys as he waited.

"Yes Mr Beale," Hetty answered, as she glanced at the clock. She was expecting an important call any moment.

"We've got a problem. A big problem. Need you to come up," Eric said quickly.

Hetty frowned. "Now?" she asked.

"Actually five minutes ago, but now will do," Eric answered and hung up on her.

Hetty looked at the phone in her hand, glanced up to the top floor. She frowned as she stood up and made her way to Eric. She had sensed the urgency in the way Eric had spoken to her. He was usually much more restrained and submissive.

"What is it Mr Beale?" Hetty asked, as she walked through the door, her tone a cross between impatience and puzzlement.

"This," replied Eric, pointing to his computer screen. Hetty stepped closer and looked at what was on his screen, feeling a chill run up her spine as she took in what she saw. She narrowly suppressed a shudder.

"How did you find this Eric?" Hetty asked in disbelief.

Eric looked at her, guilt on his face. He had obviously been doing something that she wouldn't approved of. "Do you really want to know?" he asked.

Whilst Hetty knew Eric was probably in need of a reprimand, considering what he would have been doing to come across this information, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Not when there were much more important things that needed to be done. That, and she was extremely glad he had been doing whatever it was.

"No," Hetty shook her head. "Do they know you found this?"

Eric shook his head and nervously played with his fingers, now they were no longer working on the keyboard. "No. As soon as I realised, I covered my tracks and called you." He looked at Hetty. "Is this what I think it is?" he asked, worried.

"I don't know," Hetty shook her head. "I hope not. Who do you trust, completely trust, that can help you delve deeper into this?" Hetty asked, as she looked at him. She saw the nervousness and the worry on his face and Eric saw how troubled and serious Hetty was. Even more serious than normal.

"Abby," Eric said, no doubt in his mind. Hetty nodded.

"Good, then go to her. Only Abby and Agent Gibbs are to know what you are doing. We do not know who we can trust. Do you understand?" Hetty asked. Callen trusted Agent Gibbs with his life, she would do the same.

Eric nodded. "Completely." He quickly loaded the necessary information onto his small portable computer and stood up.

"What about..." Eric started to ask, turning back to face Hetty.

"I'll take care of them Eric. You find who is behind this and stay safe," Hetty answered his question before he could finish it. "If you run into anybody, you have a personal emergency out of town and you are not sure when you will be back. Good luck."

Eric nodded, "You too," and fled.

In his haste, Eric wasn't looking where he was going and almost crashed into Callen and Sam.

"Whoa, Man. Where's the fire?" Sam asked as he dodged out of the way of Eric.

Eric turned around but continued to walk backwards, "Sorry."

"Where you going, Eric?" Callen asked as he stopped and watched their tech expert back away from them.

"Umm. Got to run. Family stuff," Eric replied, stumbling over his words, then turned around increased his pace. Callen and Sam watched him go, then looked at one another. Callen raised his eyebrows in question at Sam.

"Since when does Eric do family stuff?" Sam asked. Callen shook his head and frowned.

"Maybe Hetty knows," Callen replied.

"She's all yours G."

"Why me?" Callen feigned a look of terror.

"She likes you better," Sam responded as he walked away to his desk.

"Only when you don't want to talk to her," Callen said under his breath as he headed over to the lady in question's desk.


Hetty unlocked and pulled open her bottom drawer. She reached in, just as Callen came up to her desk.

"Hetty, what's up with Eric?" Callen asked. "Didn't know he could move that fast on his feet."

Hetty straightened up and looked at him, a neutral expression masking her inner turmoil. "Family emergency Mr Callen. He will be back when he can," she replied easily. It was the truth. Even if it wasn't quite what Callen would be thinking. He looked like he was going to continue with his questioning so she got in first.

"I'll be needing to speak with you, Mr Hanna and Miss Blye shortly," Hetty said, with a tone that told him he was dismissed.

Callen nodded, and left, though she could tell it was reluctantly. Hetty let out a small sigh, that nobody heard, as she reached for a phone she kept for circumstances such as these. One that had never been used before, that she had hoped she would never have to use. Heading to Nate's office for some privacy, knowing Nate was out for the afternoon, she closed the door and dialed a number she knew by heart.

"Yes?" a male voice answered impatiently on the second ring.

"Graham, I need your help," Hetty said. Even she could hear the desperation in her voice at the request she made.

"Henrietta?" Graham asked, his tone no longer impatient but concerned.

"Yes," she answered.

"What do you need?" Graham asked.

"More than I could hope you can give me," Hetty replied. She didn't try and keep the emotion out of her voice. She knew that the man on the other end of the phone was one of the few people she could trust completely.

"That bad?" Graham responded gently.

"I need to keep them safe and there is no one else I can trust," Hetty paused and took a breath. "I need your help and I need Annabel."

"You are in luck, she's just back. Tell me the rest and I'll take care of it," Graham assured her.

"Thank you Graham." Hetty closed her eyes briefly in relief, before she spoke again.