Well, holy crap! I'm back with another story guys; Zero X has been put on hold for a while until I finish school and exams in November, but I finally decided I couldn't just leave you with the promise of Vincent and Yuffie's marriage. So here it is, the sequel to the 2000+hit story Vincent's White Rose; Yuffie's Red Flame! Danger, worry and a lot more FF-style fights are now around the corner for everyone's favourite pairing in the FFVII universe (you know its true). Now time to leave you with my favourite saying *takes deep breaths, preparing himself for it*

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"No, not coming out," Cloud said loudly, "I refuse to be seen like this."

Vincent shook his head, leaning on a nearby support. He was dressed in his normal outfit, absent his cape, his gun Cerberus and his golden claw. "Come on, Cloud," he said, "We have to meet the girls in about fifteen minutes and grab an airship back to Edge. We don't have time for your vanity." Vincent had become much more eased and relaxed in the past three months. It could all be contributed to one person, a certain Wutaian ninja. She had worked changes in Vincent no one would have believed possible before.

"This hasn't got anything to do with vanity; I refuse to be seen in this," Cloud said.

"It's the same thing, Cloud," Vincent replied, "Now quit acting like a girl and get out here. We need to buy these things before next week. Or do I need to call Tifa and have her drag you out here?"

"Alright," Cloud said wearily, "I don't need any more headaches today." The door to the dressing room opened and Cloud stepped out, dressed in a black suit with a matching black bowtie. His shirt was white; the only thing missing from the ensemble was the white Wutaian flower both men would be wearing on the day of Vincent and Yuffie's wedding. Only a week was left, so the couple, plus Yuffie's maid of honour and Vincent's best man were in Costa del Sol for the weekend to pick up all the things the wedding planner (same person as the maid of honour, the lovable Tifa) couldn't get in Edge, including the men's tailored suits and the girl's dresses. Vincent wasn't allowed to see Yuffie's dress, of course, otherwise he'd have an over-large shuriken thrown at him, and probably get knocked through a wall. Tifa took her wedding planning seriously...very seriously.

"Okay, say it," Cloud said, letting his arms rise a little before letting them fall to his sides, "I look ridiculous, don't I?"

"I wouldn't say that," Vincent said, shrugging as he pushed himself off of the support pole he was leaning on. "Come on; get changed so we can get out of here." Vincent left his friend to groan and run his hands through his spiky blonde hair. As Cloud changed into his normal outfit and carrying the suit in a bag he had slung over his shoulder, Vincent paid for the suits, carrying his own suit bag. The two left the shop and into the sun of Costa del Sol. Vincent raised a hand as he winced at the bright light.

"Where are they?" Cloud asked, "What the hell could they be doing – the airship leaves in a few minutes."

"You're questioning the timekeeping skills of women that have gone shopping?" Vincent asked. Cloud looked at Vincent, then shrugged and gazed out over the ocean. The glittering blue waters stirred some old memories, memories of AVALANCHE and the battles fought with the group. Here they rested, before setting off after Sephiroth.

"Man, it's been a while since we've been here, hasn't it?" Cloud said, "the last time would have been...god, has it really been over three years?"

"Time flies," Vincent said with a shrug, preferring not to dwell on the past too much these days. He'd paid his penance already. "Look," he said, something catching his eye, "there they are now." Cloud turned and saw Tifa, dressed in her typical outfit, and Yuffie, dressed in a re-tailored version of her old green outfit from three years ago. On Yuffie's left hand, a white gold ring flashed in the sunlight, a blue materia gemstone set into it. When she locked eyes with Vincent, Yuffie's stormy grey eyes lit up and a wide smile took over her face. She dashed forward and ran into his arms, hugging him. She looked up at him, and he smiled before bending down to kiss her. "Have fun?" he asked after the kiss broke off and they linked hands and walked to the airfield, Cloud and Tifa beside them.

"Of course," Yuffie said, "Tifa makes this shopping thing fun; I think it's the only time she can be that excited without everyone complaining. We sent the shopping ahead so that we could get here in time." Tifa threw a glare in Yuffie's direction, but Yuffie just grinned and latched onto Vincent's arm with her free hand. They walked, chatting for the most part, to the local airfield. As they entered the airfield, Vincent turned around to look for this shopping delivery, stretching. Suddenly, a sharp pain ripped through his abdomen; he let out a gasp of pain and collapsed to the ground, holding his gut.

"Vince? What's wrong?" Yuffie dropped to his side and put her hand on his shoulder. Cloud and Tifa turned as well, confusion and concern on their faces. Vincent grunted and shook his head as the pain began to subside.

"Its fine," he said as he forced himself up, Yuffie helping to support him, "I just twisted too far, that's all." Even as he said it, he checked that the old scar in his gut to make sure it hadn't been torn open. It had only been three months since he had fought against Yuffie's father's chosen suitor for her hand, and it had left him with an ugly scar, and occasional pain through his body, like now. "It's fine, nothing to worry about," Vincent said to Yuffie, who was still looking at him with concern, "Come on, we're gonna miss our airship." The four entered the commercial airship heading back to Edge; Cid still had to repair Shera after making her land in Edge with no fuel. The shopping was already packed into the cargo hold, so Vincent quickly whisked Yuffie away to their cabin before the ship took off, so she was sitting down when her air-sickness kicked in. After Yuffie went to sleep until they landed, he went to the observation deck to watch the clouds roll by.

"Vincent," Tifa's voice sounded from behind him, so he didn't bother turning around; she'd keep talking even if he didn't respond, "you said it wasn't hurting anymore."

"It wasn't, until today," Vincent said, "I just overstretched a little, it's nothing." Tifa moved to his side and stared at him, with a pout on her face. "And there's no point giving me that look; I'm not Cloud."

"Vincent, you're getting married in a week," Tifa said, putting her hands, "Don't you think it's a good idea to start it with a little honesty?"

"We're getting married now, are we Tifa?" Vincent retorted. Before Tifa could start up again, Vincent rounded on her, "In case you've forgotten, Tifa, you promised to stay out of my business for a whole year, remember? It's only been three months, if you've forgotten how to count."

"Why are you snapping at me?" Tifa asked, "I haven't done anything wrong." Vincent didn't say anything, but turned away. "Vincent, something's wrong, isn't it?"

"Yuffie hasn't been sleeping well," Vincent said after a minute or so of silence, "You couldn't tell?"

Tifa thought about it for a second; Vincent was right, Yuffie had been exhausted for a while. She wasn't really throwing herself into helping her with the wedding plans like she was when Vincent proposed. Tifa had been so excited to actually plan a real wedding, she hadn't noticed until now.

"Do you know what's wrong?" Tifa asked tentatively.

"No," Vincent said simply, "I don't." Not a lot really scared Vincent; not since he first woke up 30 years ago as the Galian Beast on Hojo's operating table and had a full on freak out. But since he had entered his relationship with Yuffie, more and more was starting to scare him; Yuffie's silence right now was one of them. Whenever Vincent woke in the night, she'd be shivering in his arms from a cold sweat. Something was bothering her, and he couldn't put his finger on it.

Vincent had just defeated Soto. Yuffie felt all the worry vanish from her chest as she broke away from the group and ran towards him. Everything was going to be alright now. But then Soto rose up from the ground, drawing a knife. She shouted a warning, and Vincent turned, and got stabbed. She shouted his name again, and felt restraining hands stop her from going to his side. "LET ME GO!" she shouted, struggling as Vincent collapsed onto Soto, who was grinning madly; he whispered something to Vincent, and Yuffie could feel the anger that flared from his bleeding body. With a roar, he shoved his hand right through Soto.

"No one touches my White Rose," Vincent said, before collapsing onto the ground. Yuffie finally broke free from the hands holding her back, and she ran forward, reaching for a glowing Heal materia. "Vincent," she shook him as she tried to heal him, holding back the blood with her hands. He looked at her blankly, and then the light crept out of his eyes. "No...VINCENT!"

"VINCENT!" Yuffie shouted, sitting bolt upright in bed, covered in sweat. She was breathing heavily, and tears were leaking out her eyes. She gave a sob, her hands gripping the blanket cover so hard her knuckles went white. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her into an embrace.

"Yuffie..." Vincent's voice sounded above her. He was alright; nothing had happened, he was fine. But the memory of Soto's gloating smile, of the light going out in Vincent's eyes...the Wutaian heiress was crying freely, tears splashing over Vincent's chest. He stroked her hair, shushing her as he did so.

"It's okay Yuffie," he said, "It's alright, I'm here." Yuffie felt Vincent's lips brush against her hair, and cut off her tears, drawing in shaky breaths as she did so. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong this time?" her fiancé asked, "Or do I have to keep guessing?"

Yuffie didn't say anything, and her only response was to snuggle closer to Vincent, making sure he was real. "Just a nightmare," she said, clinging onto Vincent. But tonight wasn't going to be the night Vincent let this slide; he heard her scream his name, and he had plenty of experience with these sorts of nightmares. He slid and arm around Yuffie's waist and pulled her on top of him, making her face him.

"Yuffie," Vincent said, "this has gone on long enough. You're constantly exhausted, you're starting to lose your appetite, and I refuse to sit back and let this happen. I'm going to ask once more; what. Is. Wrong?" he punctuated each word. Yuffie looked at him with her stormy grey eyes, and swallowed.

"I keep dreaming about your fight with Soto," she said, "I can't stop thinking about it; every night, I have to watch it again and again until I wake up, and even then I..." she broke off and looked down. Vincent lifted her face up running his thumb down her cheek in a soothing way. "I never told you this Vince," Yuffie said, tears welling up in her eyes again as she tried to prepare herself; even though she had once thought that Vincent was playing up talking about his nightmares, she was having trouble, "but, back in the pagoda, after you killed Soto and I got to your side...I watched your eyes glaze over, the light leave them." She started shaking again, tears leaking down her face. "Vince, I thought you had left me, and..." Yuffie couldn't control herself anymore; she latched tightly onto Vincent, "and I thought that I'd never get you back," she sobbed. Vincent hugged her to him, offering what comfort he could. He let Yuffie sob, just stroking her hair and keeping her close, until the sobs stopped and she finally went into an easy sleep. He lay her back down onto the bed and kept an arm around her. He went to sleep as well, unaware that Yuffie was finally dreaming about something else, something happier.

Yuffie was standing in a large round room, white flower petals drifting through the air, a bright flame in the middle of the room. All her friends were around her, dressed up for an occasion. She looked around, and saw Vincent, dressed in a dark red tuxedo, walking towards her. When he reached her, he took her hands in his and smiled. Yuffie smiled to, feeling warmth from Vincent's hands. She felt content, and everything melted away, except for her, Vincent, the falling flower petals and the bright flame, covering the two with its heat. Nothing could spoil this moment, nothing at all.

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