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"Vincent," Cid said, lighting another cigarette, "I know you're nervous as hell, but would you PLEASE stop with the #$% pacing!" High above the ground, the Shera sailed through the sky, carrying two people; Cid and Vincent. Tifa had kept Cloud back to help with the planning, and Cid's wife Shera was even lending a hand. With everyone either busy or heading to Edge for the wedding in three days, Vincent was on his own, apart from a man he had never really gotten on with.

"Sorry, Cid," Vincent replied, "but I can't help it."

"Nervous, are ya?" Cid asked with a grin, "I remember when I met Shera's folks; thought I was gonna jump right out of my skin I was so shaky. At least you've met the guy before."

"And that turned out well, didn't it?" Vincent asked rhetorically, looking out the large window towards Wutai. He did not expect to be here again so quickly.

"Well..." Cid didn't feel like offering advice to this guy, but he couldn't just leave it hanging, "you didn't honestly expect him to react any #$% differently," Cid asked, "did ya?"

Vincent didn't turn around, but Cid could see his body tighten. "I didn't expect him to kidnap her," he said finally, after a minute or so of silence. Cid released a puff of smoke before taking a quick glance out of the window before returning the Shera to manual pilot, spinning the wheel.

"Well, you best figure out how you're going to bring Goto to Edge," Cid said, "we're almost there. You have any idea what you're going to say to him?" he asked, looking at Vincent. Vincent just turned and looked at him, crimson eyes glowing brightly. Cid hated when Vincent had that look.

"A little," the red-clad gunslinger said with a small smile on his face. Cid inwardly groaned; this was not going to end well.

When Shera landed and the hatch opened, Vincent strode determinedly out of the airship and through to the gondola, where guards were waiting. Fortunately, they were guards who had seen his fight with Soto, and they very quickly got out of the way. Vincent continued his walk through the gondola, passing many different people who whispered about what he was doing there. He ignored them; he had to see Goto, and nothing was getting in the way of that. When he got to the entrance of Goto's throne room, he shoved the doors open, startling the occupant.

"Lord Goto," Vincent said, inclining his head.

"Vincent Valentine," Goto said, standing up with surprise on his face, "what in Leviathan's name are you doing here?"

"I'm here to take you to Edge for Yuffie," Vincent said, "willingly or not." Godo stared at him for a few seconds, before trying to make a break for the door behind Vincent. Vincent's arm whipped out and caught his fleeing father-in-law-to-be. "I don't care what your reasons are for not wanting to go, Godo, but you are coming back with me whether you like it or not." Before Godo could respond, Vincent rapped him on the head with his claw and knocked him unconscious, hauling the man onto his shoulder before walking back down his previous path and taking him to the Shera.

"Why the #$% did you knock him out?" Cid asked as Vincent put him in a room on the Shera, before the two of them returned to the control room.

"A theory that doesn't include his reaction to me as a reason to miss his daughter's wedding," Vincent said. Cid tried to question him further, but the gunslinger wouldn't budge an inch. Once the Shera was up in the air, Vincent started to count under his breath.

"What are ya doing that for?" Cid asked.

"I don't have a watch," Vincent replied, before continuing to count. In a few moments, there was a yell of surprise and a crash as Godo fell out of his bed. Cid looked at Vincent, but Vincent just shook his head and held up a clawed finger to signal the pilot to keep quiet. A few moments later, there was a retch and a splatter echoing through the quiet ship. "I thought so; he gets hit by airsickness more so than Yuffie."

"THAT was his reason for not turning up?" Cid asked incredulously. "Damn, he must really hate flying to miss out on the brat's special day." Vincent grunted a response before moving to the windows, looking out as he waited for the journey to end and Yuffie to be back at his side. Only a few more hours, then all he would have to do would be focus on controlling

Yuffie was looking at her ring, concern on her face. The glow of the materia had faded when she and Vincent had fought Genesis. It was a bit brighter now, but nowhere near as bright as what it was before. It worried her; if it had been the cause of their joint Limit Break, what would happen if they needed to fight Genesis again?

That was another thing that had been bothering her while Vincent was gone; why had they been able to perform that Limit Break? It had been a long while since they had used Limit Breaks, and all of Vincent's were him turning into monsters. What did it mean?

"Hey, Yuffie," Tifa's voice snapped Yuffie out of her thought process. "Cid just called. They've got Godo and are on their way back."

Yuffie breathed a sigh of relief. She had thought Genesis might have attacked Vincent while he was on his own. Now that she didn't have to worry about her father or her fiancé, she could focus on the planning. Tifa had finally booked a minister that was willing to perform the ceremony on the cliff top. Barret and Cloud were helping to set up the marquee that would cover the guests. So many people were coming, if it wasn't for Vincent using his own personal wealth, they wouldn't be able to pay for so many people to eat and party afterwards.

"So, I think that is everything," Tifa said, going over her plans, "all that's left is for the groom to turn up, say 'I do' and that's the end of that." Yuffie slumped in her chair, exhausted.

"I didn't think planning a wedding would be so exhausting," she exclaimed.

"It is admirable that you have put so much effort into this," a voice said from behind them. Tifa and Yuffie turned to see Genesis standing at the door. When they both shot up, ready to fight, he gestured at them to relax. "I have no quarrel with you ladies," he said, "nor do I wish to fight Mr Valentine today. I simply wish to offer you my congratulations, Miss Kisaragi."

"How do you know my name?" Yuffie demanded with her eyes narrowed; she wished she had kept her shuriken with her.

"Why, I was fighting in the Wutai War," Genesis explained, "You were only a child then. I am not surprised that you do not remember me." Genesis entered the bar, and Tifa moved in front of Yuffie, hands raised in defence. "And I remember you as well, Miss Lockhart, when Sephiroth torched Neibleheim. You tried taking him on yourself if I recall correctly." Both women stiffened when he casually mentioned the horrors of their past. "But as I said, I am not here to quarrel. I offer my congratulations to the future Mrs Valentine, and I have a wedding present for you." Genesis reached into his coat and pulled out a white envelope. He laid it on the bar, and turned to leave.

"Though the morrow is barren of promises," he said as he left, "nothing shall forestall my return." Then he was gone, and Yuffie let out a sigh of relief. Tifa was still rigid; how dare he mention Neibleheim? He had no right to bring up the flames that engulfed her home, none whatsoever.

"Tifa, he's gone," Yuffie said, putting her hands on her friend's shoulders, "it's alright." Tifa began to relax, and Yuffie went to the bar and grabbed the envelope. She looked it over left and right, and then tore it open. It was a letter to Vincent, with something else inside the envelope.

"Oh no," Yuffie said, a hand flying to her mouth. "How could he do this?"

When Vincent arrived back at Edge, he took Godo out of his room and helped the old man down the ramp. His airsickness hit a lot harder than Yuffie's did, and Vincent didn't think to bring any tranquilisers, so Godo was vomiting the whole trip. Cid was going to get Shera and come back to Edge for the wedding.

"Vincent," Godo wheezed, taking deep breaths between words, "I want to apologise for what happened with you and Soto."

"No apologies are necessary, Lord Godo," Vincent said, hauling Godo's body along the street to the Seventh Heaven. When they got there, Vincent had to knock on the door to get some attention. It was Tifa who answered the door, and when she opened it she was shocked.

"Oh my god Vincent," she said, "what have you done to him?"

"Nothing," Vincent grunted, dragging Godo inside, "He just got really airsick."

"Dad?" was Yuffie's reaction as she helped Vincent get him upstairs and onto a bed. Since Vincent had moved into Yuffie's room, they had a spare free for emergencies like these.

"When he wakes up," Vincent said, stretching, "tell your father to lay off the second helpings at meals." He thought it was pretty funny, but Yuffie wasn't laughing. He looked at her in concern. "You know I'm only joking, right?"

"Vince..." the way she said his name, the way she wouldn't meet his eyes, Vincent knew immediately that something had happened.

"What's wrong Yuffie?" he asked. She didn't say anything, but handed him an envelope. "What's this?"

"A present from Genesis," Yuffie said, "he brought it about ten minutes ago." Vincent's eyes widened. "Vince, I'm so sorry."

Vincent couldn't take this; he opened the envelope and inverted it, shaking out the letter and something else that hit the ground with a 'thump'. Vincent looked down and saw a shard of crystal. He read the letter, and his eyes widened in shock.

I do apologise, Mr Valentine,
but I must ignore my conscience
in order to do what is right.
She never felt a thing, I promise.

With Regards

Vincent looked to the shard of crystal, and he felt sick. Genesis had gone to the Crystal Cave and broken Lucrecia's crystal tomb.

"What are you going to do, Vincent?" Yuffie asked, her voice sounding as if her whole world had been shattered. Vincent looked away from the crystal to see tears leaking from the ninja's eyes. He knew instinctively what she was thinking. If it had been over a year ago, Vincent would have torn the world apart searching for Genesis and make him pay for what he'd done.

"Nothing," Vincent said, drawing Yuffie's surprised gaze to him, "I'm not going to do a thing. He wants me to come after him, and he wants Chaos. He's trying to make me angry by sending me a crystal you can find anywhere and pass it off as a piece of Lucrecia's resting place."

"So, you're not..." Yuffie didn't have to finish her question for Vincent to answer it.

"I'm staying right here," he told her, tossing the letter to the ground and pulling Yuffie into an embrace, "with you. In two days, I'm going to make you Mrs Valentine and whisk you away from here. After all of that, if Genesis still wants a fight, I'll kill him for making you worry about me." Yuffie squeezed Vincent tightly, tears of happiness replacing the ones of fear. This was her Vincent, and nothing anyone did could keep them apart.

Genesis was waiting outside of Edge, watching the moon as he waited for Vincent Valentine to find him. He had left plenty of clues to his current place. Here, away from civilians, he would force Chaos to unleash itself and he would destroy it, saving the planet.

Genesis stood there for hours, and he was confused. Surely, the destruction of his precious Lucrecia's cave would be sufficient cause for Vincent to come after him. Why hadn't he shown up? What was keeping him? He had to turn up, he had to.

As the sun rose, Genesis realised that something else had happened. Vincent had to hate him, he had to. Chaos had to rise for Genesis to cut him down; where the hell was Vincent Valentine? In the light of the rising sun, Genesis realised that his plan had not worked at all. Vincent was not angry at him for destroying the cave. But he was sure that his love for...that was it! The flaw in his plan; Vincent loved Lucrecia. Past tense; he was now in love with the Kisaragi girl. She had changed him so much. Genesis's shoulder twinged from the memory of their defeat of him.

"I have made a wrong move," Genesis said to the lightening sky, "but I can correct it. It's your move, Vincent Valentine."

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