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Carly's making me take the stupid Splashface survey, and fill it out honestly, but I said, "Who the heck cares if it's filled out honestly?"

She told me that, "It will help people get to know you better and see the kind side of you."

Just so you know, I don't have a kind side.

Anyway, here ya go.

The Basics

Name: Sam Puckett. If you don't know that, get away from here. I have two fists that work perfectly well…

Gender: Female, duh.

Age: What are you, some pedophile? Crap, Carly's watching me. I'm sixteen, all right?

Birthday: It's not like it matters, but April 16, 1994.

Race: I'm white (yeah, white girl) but I could still beat you up.

School/ Grade: Ridgeway High, 10th grade (I got held back a grade, all right?)

Status: Awesome, of course.

Hometown: Stalker….Seattle (*cough* Carly made me *cough*)

Parents Still Together:

Siblings: My annoying twin, Melanie Puckett. (Yes, Fredwardo, she does exist!)

Pets: My awesome cat Frothy (even with one eye, she's still the best cat ever)

Orientation: Straight, stupid. See? You're a stalker.

Appearance (and it gets even more stalkerish)

Hair Color: I'm a blonde. And if you even try to make one of those retarded blonde jokes, my fist will meet your face. And it will not be a kind introduction.

Is it dyed? Of course not. If I dyed it, it'd be something a heck of a lot cooler than blonde.

Eye Color: Blue….but I'm thinking of getting red contacts.

Height: Who the heck cares?

Style: Pretty nice, I like plaids and chiz.

Glasses/ Contacts/ None: Sam Puckett has 20/20 vision.

Shoe Size: ….do you wanna buy me shoes or something? Cause Mama's fine with that. Size 8/9.

Piercings: Two holes in each ear :P I wanna get a nose piercing or something, that'd be pretty awesome.

Tattoos? Sadly, no. Carly says that, "I'll regret it for the rest of my life," but I don't really care. Except for when I get old, I'll have all that flab. A flabby tattoo. *Shudders*

Braces? No. Dude, I've hardly been to the dentist. You actually think my mother has money for braces?

Overall Best Feature? My personality and my hot bod. :P

Overall Worst Feature? Sam Puckett has no worst feature.

Likes/ Dislikes

Favorite color? Brown, cause it's the color of 'meatballs.' Take that whichever way you wanna. Meatball eyes, his meatball eyes….crap! How come I can't delete that? STUPID IDIOT COMPUTER!

Worst Color? Pink, of course. That's for saps like Carly (no offense, Carls)

Favorite number? 239, I have no idea why… or do I?

Favorite animal? Chickens and pigs, cause they make rockin' meat!

Least favorite animals? Humans.

Favorite flower? Ew, flowers! Flowers are for girly saps.


Least favorite food? Cucumber cups.

Favorite junk food? Fat Cakes FTW! How could you not like Fat Cakes?

Favorite restaurant? Groovy Smoothie, of course! Also Cheesecake Warehouse is really good.

Favorite candy? If anyone can get me some of those foreign chocolates that Missy gave me without the ancient expiration date, that'd be AMAZING. Seriously.

Favorite genre of music: ROCK, OF COURSE.

Least favorite genre of music: poppy happy crappy. Like that stuff Carly listens to.

Favorite nickname: Princess Puckett. Wait, where's the delete key? CARLY!

Least favorite nickname: ….blonde headed demon. I'm not a demon!

Favorite Book: Boogie Bear 3: The Return of Boogie Bear (Yes, this is a book)

Least Favorite Book: All the stupid books we're forced to read in class.

Favorite TV Show: Girly Cow!

Least Favorite TV Show: The dorky sci-fi action crap.

Favorite Movie: Boogie Bear/ Girly Cow movies.

Least Favorite Movie: Galaxy Wars. It's the dorkiest chiz ever invented, I mean, who likes it? Oh yeah, Frednub Benson. Offense intended.

Best Friend: Carly Shay. And Freddork Benson. (OH MY…..LADY GAGA! WHERE THE HECK IS THE DELETE KEY, CSHAY?)

Worst Enemy: Uncool adults, some humans and sometimes that Freddie kid.

One thing you can't get enough of: A certain dork. (WTH? I really have to stop typing the first thing that comes into my head because my NUBBY BEST FRIEND REMOVED THE DELETE KEY!)

One thing you hate more than anything: Carly Shay removing the delete key!

Love Life (oh, Fat Cake)

Are you single? No chiz!

If you're single, do you like it? Maybe. Wait, why do you care? Serious stalker!

Do you have a crush on anyone right now? fnxoinvea YES! See, I'm being honest, Carly.

First Kiss: Freddie Benson (WTH vneiaonvknveainnvie CARLY! You typed that, and I can't delete it! Even if it is true…wthiavneianviena I hate you Carly!)

First Love: See, you really wanna know? Well, I can't tell you.

Have you ever cheated on anyone? No, because I'm a nice girl.

Been cheated on? Need I mention that hobknocker Jonah?

Ever made out with just a friend? Does kissing count? AHH I can't delete that!

Do you flirt a lot? …maybe…with just one person though!

Do you believe in love at first sight? I'm not some jank sappy chick, but I do believe in it because SADLY I've experienced it.

Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? Sam Puckett doesn't cry, loser!

Do you ever make the first move? If the guy is a wimp, yes. Proves Sam Puckett's stronger than them.

Do you want to get married? Sure, if that 'right guy' grows a backbone and asks me out.

Opposite Sex (What You're Attracted To)

Hair Color: brown

Short or long: Medium. Short makes them look like a nub, long makes them look like a stoner or a girl (Spencer).

Style: Well-dressed (Mama's already sloppy enough)

Age: My age, or near it! I don't need a Sugar Daddy or a little nubby kid.

Height: Taller than me XD

Weight: Not fat! Unless it's the World's Fattest Priest…

Muscular or Skinny: MUSCULAR! Sammy likes some muscle.

Do you care about looks? Well, they sure do help.


Can you drive? I could, but I wrecked and they took away my license.

Do you have a car? No, I never did. I wrecked Fredly Benson's car.

Do you have a cell phone? Yeah, I stole it.

Are you online a lot? Not a lot…

Can you speak another language? Italian.

Do you do well in school? Of course not!

Do you have an obsession? Um…maybe XD

Do you hate yourself? Yeah, cause I'm so emo *cuts self* Heck to the NO!

Ever smile for no reason? No, when I smile I have a reason. No one needs to know the reason though.

Talk to yourself? No, I don't! Yes, you do! I never talk to myself! Then who are you talking to right now?

Do you have any regrets? Actually yes, I regret not figuring something out sooner.

Do you trust people easily? No…people are bad, duh.

Forgive easily? Nope.

Do you get along with your parents? My mom? No. Ever since that therapy chiz, it's been a bit better but my mom still doesn't care.

Other people? Everyone who isn't a geek, nub, loser, Goth, pansy… well, mainly just Carly and hot guys, and Spencer. Sometimes the dork. Sometimes.

How do you vent your anger? I punch stuff or people.

Biggest Fear? Sam Puckett isn't scared of anything.

Biggest Weakness? I told you, I don't have one.

Goodbye (FINALLY!)

Did you enjoy this quiz? Heck no. Carly got a kick out of it, though.



CShay: SAM!

First, I didn't remove the delete key. Spencer accidentally burned just that key. No one knows how. It probably came off and Spencer tried to fix it. You know how it goes when Spencer tries to fix stuff or make stuff.

Second, what is all that stuff about Freddie? It sounds like you have a crush on him….XD. Even your description of the perfect guy sounds like Freddie since he got buff.

Third, what regrets?

SPuckett: Carly!

I don't like Fredward! It was just… accidental….so what if I do?

Why would I tell you?

CShay: Cause I'm your best friend!


SShay: Sam, you're so funny! I can't believe you like Freddie!

FBenson: …..


The Next Day at Ridgeway

"I saw your blog," Freddie told the aggressive teenager as he stood at her locker.

Sam blushed a deep red. "Spencer burned the delete key."

"So I've heard," Freddie replied dryly.

Punching his shoulder, Sam yelled, "I don't like you, Freddie Benson! So you better stop implying that, or your face will look even more deformed than usual."

"Sure you don't," Freddie muttered sarcastically. He then took her flaming face between his hands and kissed her roughly. "Just like I don't like you back."

As he turned and walked away, for the first time Sam Puckett felt a little bit of gratitude towards Spencer's horrible fixing techniques and Carly's want for Sam to have a blog.

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