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Freddie Benson (FBenson's) Profile on Splashface

Ugh, Sam's decided that if she has to fill out a survey for her stupid 'profile' on Splashface then so do I. And she picked the most embarrassing survey on here, the 'Love Life' survey. Love life. Well, I guess she'll also be embarrassed by this survey. Ha, Sam! Revenge is mine!

Well, I guess I should start now…

Love Life Survey

Name: Fredward "Freddie" Benson.

Nicknames: Freddie, Fredturd, Fredly, Fredduchini, Fredstupid, Fredloser, Freddork, Frednub, Benson… need I go on?

Age: I'm sixteen, just barely old enough to drive. Sam makes me drive her everywhere, though she should have one, but she wrecked MY CAR and they took away her license. Hmph.

Are you single? No, not anymore *sighs romantically*…wait, this isn't my laptop! Oh, yeah it is, so WHY ISN'T THERE A DELETE KEY? Only one person could have done this…SAM!

If not, who is your bf/gf? Why do you wanna know? OW! Fine, I'm currently dating SPuckett. Yeah, Sam Puckett. What's it to ya?

How long have you been together? One month, the best month of my life…Oh, chiz! Where's the delete key? Sam's gonna murder me when she sees that…

Do you have a crush on anyone right now? What do you think? I'm dating Sam, but I don't like her…sure. Of course I have a crush on Sam.

First kiss: Well, Sam said it on her profile, so I might as well say it now. My first kiss was Sam Puckett back in sophomore year. Yeah, I said it!

Ever kiss in the rain? It's sappy and chiz, but yeah, I did. And as I've before stated, my girlfriend is Sam, so you can guess who I kissed. She slapped me afterwards, told me I was a romantic dork, but I could tell she really liked it XD.

In a movie theater? During that crappy boring chick flick, Think About Me or something. Sam and I got bored so we just kissed the whole time. You can imagine the look on the mother's face behind us…Oh no! I'm so dead.

Underwater? No…that's a good idea.

First Love? Do you mean the first person I thought I was in love with or the first person I was actually in love with? I thought I was in love with Carly for the longest time, but it turns out that I'm actually in love with Sam.

Have you ever cheated on anyone? Um, no, not that I remember.

Been cheated on? *winces* Um, not really. Just…I don't really want to talk about it.

Used someone? No, I'm not a jerk. I'm a gentleman and I don't use people.

Been used? Oh, Valerie. I really don't think it's necessary to explain, but she sort of used me to get rid of iCarly and to promote her on webshow. It's stupid and it's in the past so I'm not going to dwell on it.

Lied to your bf/gf? I haven't really had that many girlfriends. Valerie, Sam…Carly. I kind of lied to Carly because she asked me if I had any feelings for Sam *chuckles nervously, oh yeah, no delete key, CRAP!* well, I did, and I said I didn't...now Carly AND Sam are gonna murder me.

Ever made out with just a friend? UGH. I kissed Sam when we were just friends. UGH, NO DELETE KEY! I really hate this computer.

Are you a tease? Um, I'm a Freddie.

Longest relationship? The one I'm in right now, actually. Yeah, I haven't had a relationship that's longer than a month. You got a problem with that?

Shortest relationship? I only dated Carly for a week. We broke up when I realized that I had no feelings for her and she only thought she had feelings for me.

Have you ever gotten poetry? *snorts* SAM PUCKETT writing poetry? Yeah, that'll happen. Well, actually, I have received a poem. You know that stalker Shannon girl a few years ago? Yeah, she wrote me a poem. It wasn't the best, but still. It's the thought that counts.

Ever get flowers? Dude, even if I am in the A/V Club, I am still a guy. And guys give girls flowers, NOT the other way around.

Sweetest thing you've ever gotten? I'm not even gonna answer it, because once SPuckett reads this, I'm already dead. Might as well not make it more painful. But I think you can guess…

Do you like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day? What the… Ginger Fox is a Sweetest Day? I never even heard of it.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I used to, when I first met Carly. Then as time went on I realized you had to get to know someone before the two of you could fall in love.

Do you fall in love fast? Depends. True love or infatuation?

Are you a player? Again, I'm a Freddie. I'm a dork of the highest kind. No way could I ever be a player.

Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? Ever cried over a girl? Why would any self-respecting guy admit to crying over a girl? I'd imagine we all have cried over a girl at some point in our lives, but no one would admit to it.

Ever been dumped? Wait. I "dumped" Carly, "dumped" Valerie, um, I have had a few dates but not any other girlfriends…other than Sam, of course, but we're still together (hopefully).

Ever dumped someone? Well, as I said before, I sort of dumped Carly and Valerie.

Do you have a lot of ex's? I don't know. I have Carly and Valerie. But I've also been on dates with Magic Malika, Melanie (if she exists?), Leslie, Shannon and Sabrina.

Ever dated someone more than once? As in broke up and got together again? No, not really.

Double dates or single? I don't know. Both have their purposes. Sometimes, I prefer single dates, but a lot of times I like double dates so I don't feel like I'm ditching my friends.

Do you want to get married? Yeah, when we feel like we're ready.

Did you like this quiz? Um, it would be better if I weren't posting it all over Splashface. Without a backspace key.


Sam, this was your idea in the first place, AND you removed the backspace key!

And Carly, you taught Sam the dangers of letting someone take a survey without a backspace key!


-Dead Fred Out.


CShay: FREDDIE! (Why is it that every time my two best friends take a survey, I have to yell at them?) and SAM! too.

To Freddie:

First, YOU LIED TO ME? You said you had no feelings for Sam? WHAT THE…Tickle Me Elmo?

Second, you DID NOT dump me. It was mutual, remember?

THIRD, you never loved me?

You're darn right I'm gonna kill you!

To Sam:

When I said maybe you'll USE this knowledge someday, I did NOT mean for you to turn it around and use it on Freddie. I meant one day you'd use what you learned. And NOT that removing a person's delete key makes them admit things.

You're both dead to me!

FBenson: ….I warned you, Carls.

First, what did you want me to say? I'm in love with your best friend? Yeah, that would've gone over real well.

Second, you THOUGHT you were in love with me so why would you wanna break up with me? It wasn't mutual.

Third, I thought I did.

Don't kill me!

MPuckett: I do exist!

FBenson: Hi, Sam.

SPuckett: I'm Sam.

First, you're a sappy dork. Just thought I should get that out there.


Third, you're dead.

Fourth, Melanie exists. Get it through your thick skull.

And to Carly: This is how I use my knowledge. You know that.

FBenson: I warned you, Sam.

First, I know.

Second, I didn't mean to. But I couldn't delete it *raises eyebrows*

Third, I know.

Fourth, no, she doesn't.

CShay: Yeah, I guess you're right.

SPuckett: Who is that to? And I don't care if I warned you..!

GGibson: You're dating Sam?

CShay: Oh, Gibby.


Sam ran at Freddie, fists flying. "WHAT WAS THAT, BENSON?"

"You're the one who took off the delete key, Puckett," He clasped her skinny wrists in his hands. "Yeah, go ahead, try to beat me. I've been working out."

Sam struggled against his strong grip. "I'm still stronger than you."

"Prove it," Freddie smirked at her.

"Fine," Sam removed herself from his grip. "But you asked for it, Benson."

They ended up wrestling on the floor. After it was over, Sam looked into Freddie's eyes. Breathing heavily, Sam whispered, "I guess maybe you're not as much a dork anymore. But you still are sappy, with all that chiz about me."

"I know," He replied, and then his lips were on hers again.

Splashface surveys were perfect for couples.

How was that? REVIEW and tell me. I don't think it was as good as the first…did I get Freddie right?