Chapter 6

It was six in the morning when Kushina came into his room. Naruto was soundly asleep. Kushina tapped her son's shoulders to wake him as it seems never to work. Kushina chuckled a bit before dumping a small pail of cold water over his head. All alarms activated in Naruto's body that forced him to wake in agony. Naruto's red, bloodshot eyes observed who had done that to him.

"Mommy, what was that for!" he yelled.

"You want to become a ninja today." Kushina smiled, "Move your little behind! You're burning day light!"

Naruto's room to the far left corner was his bed. The bed had white sheets, two white pillows, all five chibi stuffed dolls, and an orange sleeping blanket. His closet was further to the right of his bed. He had a dresser to the front left corner. On the dresser were two picture frames of his parents, and one of them when she was pregnant during that time. The closet was to the right when first entering. A large portrait of Kushina cradling an infant Naruto in her arm when he was just several day's old hung up on the wall.

Naruto frowned. He still felt sleepy and wanted to rest on a little more. Dragging his feet, Naruto could make it to the kitchen. Kushina cooked her famous fried ramen with scrambled eggs on the side.

"Before you start your training. You must eat. I will get your jumpsuit. It should be on your bed when your finish breakfast."

Kushina left the kitchen as he nodded his head. Naruto never understood why his training had to be this early. Then again, it happened to be at the worst day because he never slept passed nine o'clock in the evening before.

While Naruto was enjoying his Ramen breakfast. He noticed that the living room had several duffel bags that were stuffed completely. He wondered if it had to do with the training. He quickly gulped down his Ramen. When he had finished, Kushina began washing his dishes. Naruto made his way back to his room. However, on his bed, Kushina left him his brand new orangish jumpsuit that she had purchased for her son's training. The orange jumpsuit looked heavy duty.

Just by looking at his new jumpsuit, Naruto felt emotional. Today, Naruto knew that he would be trained to become a shinobi like his parents. He began to undress himself from his violet pajamas. He quickly dressed himself in the orange jumpsuit. He felt enthusiastic about training. There was a box next to his jumpsuit prior before he worn it. Inside, there was a pair of blue ninja sandals. Naruto had putted on as, it perfectly fitted his body frame.

His mother then called for him as he leaved his room.

Kushina wore what appeared to be a custom made scarlet kunoichi Konoha flack jacket. Underneath was a yellow, long-sleeve shirt. She had worn two rubber black bracers; one each had to metallic plates. The right arm bracer has the Uzushiogakure emblem engraved on the plate. The left arm bracers had the Konohagakure emblem engraved on the metallic plate. Kushina wore dark silver gym shorts that were way above the knee. A bandage coiled around her right thigh and hamstring. A weapon's holster was mounted over the bandage. Kushina does not have any leg accessory but black sandals. Kushina wore her favorite golden hair pin on her front left sideburns that held her hair in place.

"Well, it's time to go; are you ready honey?"

Naruto had seemed baffled to where they were going, "Where are we going?"

"We are going to my previous home, the Uzu no Kuni (the Land of Whirlpools) or what people refer to, is Nami no Kuni (the Land of Waves) now days. I want to show you the village where I had lived before coming here to Konoha."

"Yeah! But what about my training?" He asked with uncertainty.

"Here in the Land of Fire, I can't fully train you the way of Uzushiogakure. There in the Land of Waves are places were I could simulate your training. I promise you will be at jonin level when you complete your training. You will be Konoha's bright future that will 'revolutionize the world of shinobi' forever."


"Or you could just simply call it the Village Hidden Among the Whirlpools like most foreigners do."

He started to comprehend a little, "What's a jonin?" It was recondite to comprehend.

Kushina shook her head, not everyone could have Minato's brain a true genius. "Another time, lets begin the training."

"Okay," he replied, "What is the training?"

"I taught you knowledge how to speak, read and write primarily. You see Naruto. A shinobi must learn how to read and write before they become a full fledged ninja. There are three types of basic training to becoming a shinobi. First, there is physical training meaning that you exercise your body. Second you be mentality training meaning the mind, and third and foremost, spiritual training. I will explain the details later when you completed the first two.

"Today, and for the next two weeks on the road. You will train only to do physical and mentality training. This is the two most basic to start off from," she sipped her tea from the cup. "What I want you to do, is to carry one duffel bag that weighs just heavy as you until we arrive at the first training and camping ground," she could see the inspiration sparkle in those milky sapphire eyes. "I warn you it will not be an easy task."

About two hours later, the Uzumaki family walked up a precipitously steeped hill into the wilderness. There were forks of trails to choose from as Kushina had chosen the three o'clock path that was heading east Naruto gasped and panted for every step he took. He had never sweated this much in his life; his jumpsuit drenched in his perspiration. Sweat began sinking into Naruto eyes as he wiped them away with his sleeve.

"Can we rest a bit?" Naruto felt so weary and enervate from carrying the duffel bag. His muscles started to be tense up and squeeze due to the straining of his muscles from overworking them.

"Just a little further, we are almost there." Kushina turned to see a very exhausted Naruto. She knew that too much overwork could shorten the child's growth at this age. However, that was the chance she had taken and was gambling on the success that would help him fight the masked man when the time came. About a minute passed by. The Uzumaki family arrived at a lake somewhere in the Land of Fire. "We're here," Kushina said, "you may drop the bag and rest up a bit," she added.

Nevertheless, the bag fell to the autumn grass along with his body leaving a sicking thud. Naruto been breathless for several seconds before he recuperated. Kushina was astonished how much stamina a Jinchuuriki child had at this age. Most children could probably move about fifteen meters before giving up she estimated. Despite her son took several rests on the trip across the lake that each was no longer than thirty seconds. She knew Naruto just literally broke the law of physics for a child.

Regardless what clan a child was born from; no child kinetically could haul something "without training" that weighed proximity to his or her max weight and strolled for a kilometer. Even full-grown adults would scarcely manage. Most kids at the age of four could hardly manage a walk of half a kilometer on their own without dead weight. Being a Jinchuuriki proved to be more than high stamina. The awesome power of the Biiju could grant its container extraordinary power, which would exceed an individual far beyond any mere human could ever dream of. Normally, Jinchuurikis were considered to be super humanoid freaks of nature.

Naruto began stretching his legs out on the grassy terrain. About twenty meters away from the pond an open of flatten grassland that was great for camping grounds. Kushina and Minato camped here occasionally on their vacation off duty. Naruto noticed the wildlife, here were quite active this time during the year. A mother rabbit and her offspring hopped to pass Naruto. The blond toddler smiled.

He cocked his head to the left and seen Kushina setting up what appears to be a black punching bag from storage of the Fuuin-jutsu. The bag supported with a bottom heavy iron leg that held the bag in place. The bag appeared to be at least six feet tall from Naruto's estimate.

"That was sure of a nice warm up," she said, "may I ask, what's is a weapon?"

"A weapon is an instrument, tool, objects, or something that can harm any living or things."

Kushina giggled, there was hope for a second Minato after all, she thought. "Bravo," she clapped, "You will learn to use weapons starting now," she grinned.

The blond toddler felt so ebullient about wanting to learn how to used weapons." What I am going to use today, a knife, a sword tehehehe?" He was so sanguine.

Kushina snickered in a pestering way. "Nothing of the sort," Naruto was displeased. "Before you can actually learn to use any weapons. We all shinobi must learn to use our own weapons. Practically, all living things are born with weapons of their idiosyncratic." Naruto had gotten that grandiose look and "oh really" sarcastic expression written over his face. "What are the weapons, we... humans have?

How I so post to know? He shrugged.

"This is one of the weapons we are all born to do with," Kushina curled her hand. Naruto never gotten the notion. "This is a fist when we close are hands like this... come closer to get a better look." Naruto had a hard time standing due to his worn-out legs as he felt so torpor dragging himself towards Kushina "See this four knuckles, she pointed out, "these are what we use for striking that will inflict harm on people and things. Step back, allow me to demonstrate."

Naruto did what his mother had said. Kushina was in a boxing stance. Kushina's dukes were up, her left leg extended out. Her left-hand fist just bellowed the eye while her right is slightly more above with her face and chin tucked. Kushina took few deep breaths before jabbing with her left hand two times before striking with her right with a one-one-two combo. She did a number of reps as Naruto got the notion. Every time Kushina throws a that straight right the impact looked so excruciating that Naruto wished he was not on the receiving end of those blows.

"You see, anything we can use to inflict harm to another is considered a weapon l the Uchiha Clans Dou-jutsu the Sharingan." Naruto wondered what does a Sharingan look like. "This called a punch if using your fist to strike. That's not all; we can use our elbows, knees, teeth, nails, and other limbs as weapons to strike." Kushina does unremitting elbow strikes, knee strike, and kicks. Each impact sounded like vociferous booms that had echoed throughout the valley. Herds of bird soared to the skies panicking. "There are those who are born with weapons and techniques known as Kekkei Genkai (Blood Limit Jutsu) like the Sharingan.

"Jutsu is abilities or techniques that can amplify how we use our weapons. Like this," she had thrown a hook punch, "or like this," she had thrown an overhand. "These punching jutsu come handy in Fist Fighting that is normally for sporting or for those who are being introduced to Tai-jutsu. The more jutsu you learn, the better shinobi you become because you do not want to use the same-old jutsu in combat repeatedly that will make yourself predictable to your opponent." Naruto nodded. "Being unpredictable does not mean you have a great list of jutsu all the time. Jutsu can be use for a variety of strategies that will get your opponent thinking.

"This is why we have different punching jutsu to choose from. Like the jab," she jabs the punching bag with her left hand. "The jab which is the fastest punch you can ever perform basically. It's so fast. It lacks any power to do a significant amount of damage other than stun your opponent briefly. And we have the same punch like this," she punched the bag with a straight right." See, it generates power that severely inflict damage upon your opponent. The inconvenience inflicted this punch is that it takes a little time to execute which will leave you venerable for your opponent to attack."

"What's the use having two punches that seem useless?"

"Good question, this is why we have the jab to start things off with. The jab is not a jutsu use to inflict direct damage. It's a 'preparation' jutsu that only sets up your stronger jutsu which can be a straight right if you are a right handy... like this," she did a two-hit combo, one jab and a right straight. "The jab stuns your opponent, which gives you, time to prepare your strong jutsu or signature jutsu which would be the straight right. There are numerous of combination to choose from, but later that. I will demonstrate Tai-jutsu Fist Fighting by using this."

Kushina, held up what appears to be a sparing dummy for combat training. The dummy is about six feet long. Its entire body constructed using logs. Only its head, hands, and foot are seemed like human.

"What is THAT!" he exclaimed.