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Matt and TK were strolling along with the others, comfortably playing the caboose of the 8 children. Matt glanced over his shoulder at his brother. He still had mixed feelings about TK's new authority within the group. He sighed. It was indeed a hard thing to accept.

He's so grown up now. He doesn't need me any more. Ever since that 'playtime' with Puppetmon he's just, well.. so...

He sighed again, at a loss for words. Even thinking about it hurt his head. TK looked up at him questioningly, but Matt just kept on walking along.

He hides his feelings in deep. Matt is my older brother, and I do look up to him, but sometimes I wonder whether he doesn't need an older brother. He's always there for me when I need him and listens to my problems. Why doesn't he share his problems with me?

TK then pondered the thing he had been wrestling with all week. The thing he knew that was holding his brother back from him.

It's because I'm too little to him. He thinks I'm the one that needs someone to talk to, not himself. And because of that, I'll never be able to help my brother.

And with that thought, he hunched his shoulders, continuing their journey on the beating path that kept them traveling farther into the horizon. Little did TK know that things might change along the way...

Up ahead, Tai and Kari were having a similar conflict, although theirs was more voiced than that of Matt's and TK's "conversation".
The group had stopped due to everyone's being weary and tired. But it didn't appear that Kari & Tai were tired, from the way that they were staring each other down.

"Kari, I'm tired of this!" Tai said, looking directly at his sister.

"What, Tai. Are you tired that maybe somebody besides Matt has the guts to think you're wrong about some executive decision that you've chosen to make? Are you tired of dragging your little sister along? Sometimes I wonder at you, Tai. You are older than me, but act younger! I'm tired of your treating me like a little kid!"

Everyone looked at Kari in shock. Kari was not the type for loud outbursts or yells. It almost seemed against her nature to be so foreboding and angry. Sora was the first to break the awkward silence.

"Um guys.. do you two really have to fight? We aren't strong when we're not united, you guys know that, right?? Guys?" Sora felt like she was talking to thin air as she saw that the siblings were still staring daggers at each other.

"He's had this coming to him for a long time, Sora," said Kari. "He can't handle that maybe sometimes his little sister acts older than him- In fact," Kari smiled, "I think that he is younger than me, inside. He's just a spoiled little baby."

"Oh yeah?!?" Tai asked, looking at his little sister. "You don't know how easy you have it to be young, Kari. You don't have any responsibilities, you're free, you're young! All you have to worry about is when we're going to stop and how Gatomon is, while us older ones are the ones with the responsibility!"

Sora was growing more worried by the moment. If these two kept it up, they could split up the group. Mimi looked extremely pale because Sora knew she hated fighting. Then, Sora heard a noise from directly behind her.

It was TK, and he looked angry as well. Sora doubted anyone had ever seen this little, angelic boy grow so furious. He had turned around and was staring down his brother, much like Tai.

"OK MATT, WHAT'S THE MATTER???" he screamed at Matt, who was very much taken by surprise.

"Oh, nothing that concerns you, little brother," Matt said, not realizing he had just made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

TK then did the unexpected and leaped onto his brother's chest, throwing Matt to the ground. He held his older brother to the ground. You couldn't tell whether Matt was more surprised or shocked!


Matt looked bewildered, then realization set in as he thought about what TK had said. The anger was boiling within him, and he couldn't keep it bottled for long.

"TK!! I'm doing this out of responsibility! I won't have you hurt, so I won't tell you my problems! It's one of the things you do when you're older. I won't burden you with that load!!"

Mimi started to cry.

"WHY CAN'T EVERYONE JUST GET ALONG??!" she wailed to nobody in particular. Mimi went over to the bushes and sat, like she had when Matt and Tai had been fighting, earlier in the month.

And another noise was grabbing Sora's attention. Now Izzy was acting strangely towards Joe. His eyes were red enough to match his flaming hair.

"Joe, I am tired of this.. this.. being treated like a child! Of all of you, I am the most knowledgeable of people! And you.. all you do is, Oh, let me check this.. Oh, let me check that.. Well, I'm sick of it! Everyone treats you with the utmost respect because of your seniority through age. Nobody treats me with any respect! It's oh, yes. Thank you Izzy, or gee, stop typing Izzy. WELL I'M SICK OF IT!!!"

Joe was dumbfounded. He started yelling back. Tai and Keri were still at it. Matt and TK were on the brink of no return. The air was filled with yells and screams toward each other. Mimi was wailing, and Sora was the only one who felt that had not lost her marbles.

Suddenly, from the East, came a dark figure. It looked like.. No!

"Guys!" Sora yelled to the others. They continued arguing. "GUYS!!" she yelled at them once again and they stopped once again. Standing right above them was Piedmon. The children sprung into action.

Whoa! Agumon Warp-Digivolve to... WarGreymon!

Gabumon Warp-Digivolve to... MetalGarurumon!

Biyomon digivolve to... Gaurdramon!

Gomamon digivolve to... Zudomon!

Patamon, digivolve to... Angemon!

Gatomon, digivolve to... Angewomon!

Tentomon, digivolve to... MegaKabuterrimon!

Palmon, digivolve to... Lillymon!

The children faced Piedmon respectively with their digimon. However, Piedmon did not attack. He looked at them with almost a half-grin.

"So," he said in that melodramatic tone of his, "the digidestined are fighting amongst each other due to problems in your age differences."

Tai spoke up. "That's none of your business. Now state your purpose and go."

"Oh, but it is my purpose," he said and smiled an evil grin. "Now it's time to play, children. AGE CHANGE WARP!!!!" he yelled.

The digimon de-digivolved back into their in-training forms. (except for Gatomon, since we know she's a champion already.)

Right before losing consciousness, Tai could've sworn that things were going weird on him. Was it just him, or was everything growing bigger?

Sora and Mimi stood in silence as the others got hit by the full blast of Piedmon's attack. It was weird, and they could have imagined it, but were they.. glowing?

Sora stood in shock. They looked, well, dead. But she went to Tai's side, and found him still breathing. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mimi, could you check on the others?" she asked her. Without hesitation, Mimi also went and checked on the other kids. All of them were alive. Thank goodness.

"Well, Sora, I think we're staying here for the night," she said as cheerfully as possible. "I'll go collect some wood. You can stay here and keep a watch on the others." She motioned to Palmon, and they set off.

"Oh, Biyomon, what could've happened to them?" She asked her friend. Then she noticed something. Unless she was mistaken, Tai looked different somehow. She didn't understand how, or why, but… And then it hit her as she looked upon Matt and TK. They were lying side by side, Matt in a protective position trying to block his brother from getting hit. But the thing that shocked Sora so much was that TK was taller than Matt. And if her eyes didn't deceive her, TK looked as old as his brother had a minute ago.

Joe was the first to awaken. He noticed Sora coming towards him, worried.

"Joe! We were so frightened. Are you OK?" she queried of him.

"I'm fine," Joe answered. He noticed the others were down and out of it, then stood up weakly. He looked up to Sora..

Wait a second here, he thought. I'm supposed to be taller than Sora.

Then he looked at Izzy, laying on the ground. He seemed a good foot taller than he had a few hours ago. Then it hit him.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" he screamed. "I'M A CHILD!"

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