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"Hello, little digidestined!" Etemon's voice rang out from behind Izzy's shaking form. The poor boy was violently shaking, like a seizure had come over him. In Etemon's left hand he held up poor Mimi by her cuff, unconscious.

Tai was the first one to speak.

"What do you want, Etemon? We defeated you once already. Why were you so stupid to come back again for another match?"

Sora took in a breath, hoping with all hope within her that Tai had not just made a fatal error in his challenge. Then, something caught her attention.. Izzy was still moving. Crawling, but moving. She ran towards his side, Biyomon trailing.

"Oh, yes. Tai. The leader. How could I forget? But you look so much.. smaller." Etemon's voice laughed so sarcastically. "Oh, and by the way, address me by the proper name- Metal Etemon. Etemon is so out of fashion nowadays."

Tai gritted his teeth together. His fists clenched, he shouted back towards the advancing enemy. "Yeah, so I'm smaller. SO WHAT?" Kari looked at him in disbelief. What was her brother thinking?

"Yeah, so I'm shorter. I don't care. As long as there are bullies like you in the Digital World, I'll always be there to stop you. For I am the bearer of the crest of Courage!"

Tai's speech made Kari speechless. So this is what makes Tai a good leader. This is what a leader needs to be able to do. To speak up and defend the group he leads. To take charge of the situation. She sighed. Oh why, oh why did I ever think that I would ever be a better leader than Tai?

Tai seemed to realize what his sister was thinking. He looked up at her with his wild eyes full of bravery and grasped his sister's hand.

"Don't worry, sis. Everything'll be alright. I promise."

With their joining of hands, something happened to Tai and Kari. A glow, mixed of Pink and Orange, started to swirl around them. Their eyes were filled with determination.

"Leave her alone, big bully, and drop her this instant!" Kari's voice came from the swirling cloud.

"Do it and you may just survive!" said Tai, from somewhere.

The cloud around them had grown so thick that none of the other digidestined could penetrate within it and see what was happening. Lightning streaks shot through it all. Sora looked up from her spot with Izzy.

"What's happening?" Biyomon asked her.

"I don't know, Biyomon," she answered. "I don't know."

Suddenly, Izzy began to stir.. "They will emerge strong.. strong.. stronger." he paused. Sora blinked down at him in his sorry condition.

"What??" she said.

"The radiance of purehearted friends and siblings will be released, and the darkness will be overcome." he said. Then, once again, he passed out. Sora looked at him again, then asked Biyomon in disbelief, "Where is he getting this stuff?"

The cloud was now like a wall. Metal Etemon started to back away. Suddenly, the cloud broke into a pillar of light. And inside the light..

"Tai!" Joe yelled. "I don't believe it.. he's back to normal!"

Tai and Kari were back to their normal ages and heights. But there was something else about them that was different. Tai's eyes were filled with determination and certainty. He looked down at his sister, equally determined. He allowed himself a grim smile, then said, "I hope you don't mind this, do you?"

She smiled back and said, "No. This is the way it was supposed to be." She said, "Are you ready?"

"As ever!" She and Tai took out their digivices and suddenly their crests shone with an awesome light.

Augumon Warp-Digivolve to... MetalGreymon!
Gatomon Digivolve to... Angewomon!

The two children and their digimon stood silently, determined to beat the enemy to a pulp. Metal Etemon seemed less sure of himself, but he still stood his ground. MetalGreymon started in, but Metal Etemon said to him threateningly,

"One step closer, and it will be Sincerity's end."

Tai and Kari stood determinately from their positions. "Back, both of you," Tai said to MetalGreymon and Angewomon. Metal Etemon laughed heartily.

"That's the problem with being a good guy. You are bound by the rules." laughed Etemon. "That's why bad guys will always have the edge." He laid down Mimi by the edge of the river and stood in wait of the digidestined's verbal assault, sure to come. He smiled. "And lucky me, I get the girl."

"No way!" yelled Matt. "I will not let you hold a finger on her!" he started to blush a little, after TK's look of wonder at his brother jolted him. He corrected himself. "None of us will! I care for Mimi like a sister, and I will not let some metal-plated jerk hurt her!"

Metal Etemon smiled at this. "Oh no? Well then, what about your brother? I guess you wouldn't mind if it were him instead, would you?" The beast held one arm behind his back. Matt started to look over at TK, then started to realize how close to Etemon he was, and how easily the beast could wipe the life right out of his brother. His skin paled.

"Too bad for you, you'll lose two people you love in one day.. Metal Electric Charge!"

The attack screamed itself towards TK, who had only just turned to see it coming. He looked over towards where his brother had been to say his final good-byes, but he was not there. He thought to himself, So this is how it has to end. Good-bye, Matt. He closed his eyes and waited for the attack to hit him head on.

But it never hit.

TK opened his eyes to a horrifying sight. Matt had jumped in front of him just as the attack was about to hit. Finally, his body stopped jerking and fell towards the ground.

"MATT!" TK rushed over to his brother's side to see a surprisingly calm Matt jerking on the ground. His blue eyes seemed to be filled with not anger, but love.

"Matt- Why? WHY?" TK started to sob on his brother's chest. Matt looked up at him and smiled, as best as he could. .

"This is the way it has to be, little brother. No matter your age or size, you'll always be my little brother. You know that, right?" TK nodded through his tears. "Take care of the others for me. And dad and mom."

There's rain falling all around me, thought Matt, then realized it was TK's tears. Again he tried to ease his brother's pain.

"I'll be OK where I'm going, TK. Don't worry." He took in his last breath. "I love you, TK."

Tai and the others crowded around him. "Hold on, buddy," Tai was heard to mention. But it was too late, as Matt's weight was pushing farther into the ground. Gabumon started to cry softly off towards the distance.

TK could only feel a heart-throbbing pain like no one could imagine. "I'm sorry, Matt.. I'M SORRY! Why? WHY?" He looked at his brother once more, then said, more softly this time, "I'm sorry Matt.. and I love you, too."

Suddenly, even though he appeared dead, Matt's crest began to glow. Softly at first, then stronger. TK stopped crying in amazement. His crest began to glow as his hopes grew stronger. Matt's breath started to come back to him. A singular strand of light started to form around them. Blue and gold intertwined around the brothers' beings as a stronger power went to work.

Etemon started to become afraid. This was too much.. If all the children could fight against Piedmon's attack without any extraneous help.. Well, as long as the other two didn't return to their former ages.. He allowed himself a brief smile..

That red-haired one is the key. He's been all along. Lucky for me, it looks like he'll never wake up. He laughed aloud.

The beams of light pushed back the other digidestined as stronger around the brothers they formed. Suddenly, Patamon and Gabumon were engulfed by the light as well, and the innards of the beam of light became opaque. Suddenly, the light broke into millions of shards of light.

The small shards revolved around the two. TK had become his correct age, as well as Matt. He sat by his older brother's side, praying and hoping that his brother would survive. Gabumon and Patamon shone with an eerie light cast over them both. Suddenly, Matt's eyes began to flutter. His crest shone with the deepest blue hue than it had ever been seen by any of the digidestined.

Gabumon cried out, "I can't take the energy!"

Gabumon warp-digivolve to.. MetalGarurumon!

Patamon yelled, "Let's get 'im, TK!"

Patamon digivolve to.. .MagnaAngemon!

Matt almost seemed to levitate off the ground from his lying position. He blinked a few times, regaining what seemed to be his composure. TK looked up at him in pride and love. Matt looked down at him.


"Yeah, Matt?"

"Thanks. I was almost a goner there." Matt looked down at his little brother. He then stared at his hands. "Why.. why, I'm me again! Ha ha!"

While Matt was celebrating, TK almost seemed sad about his change back into his younger self. He peered down at his feet. His brother noticed his disappointment.

"TK?" TK looked up at him with tears in his eyes.


"Don't worry.. In a few years, you'll look like that again," Matt winked. "And by then, I can show you exactly how to be the perfect ladies' man!"

TK laughed with him. Their crests became strong lights once more as they hugged. They both grew serious and stood in front of Etemon.

"Etemon, this is your final warning.. surrender or be defeated!" Matt looked up at him.

"So what? Four of you have become your rightful ages.. But the power of your crests shall not come to full strength.. two of you are still switched.. and that means you cannot win.."

Joe looked over at his friend, laying by Sora's side. This wasn't fair. Izzy hadn't asked for any of this.. He'd merely asked for a little respect. He looked over to where his friends were, and they were motioning for him to join in the fight, to leave Izzy behind.

No. He knew that road. It was a road with no chivalry, or honor. It meant that he had no respect for Izzy's well-being. He glanced over at Izzy once more. The auburn-headed kid lay there, just barely breathing.

To be a good friend was to be reliable. And he hadn't been that. Izzy had warned them ahead of time of the coming onslaught, and nobody had taken him seriously. Well, no more.

There's got to be a way to switch us back, he thought to himself. But how? I don't have the knowledge of how to do that... WAIT! The Knowledge..

Much to Tai & the other's shock, he went over to Izzy and tapped him on the arm.


Izzy's eyes fluttered. "Yeah, Joe?" He looked very weak. "It's time, isn't it?"

Joe said, "Yeah, but I don't know how."
Izzy smiled. "Then take my hand, and the Wisdom will come.."

Joe didn't understand, but he grabbed Izzy's glove and slipped his hand inside his friend's. Suddenly, he felt a burst of energy.

"AHHHH!! What the heck's happening?!??"

Izzy smiled weakly. "The time has come."

Two towers of lights, purple and blue, suddenly flew around the two of them.

Matt and the others stood in shock..

"Matt? What's happening to them?" TK asked his older brother.

"I don't know, TK.. I don't know."

The lights became stronger and stronger. Etemon started to pale. "No, the prophesy couldn't have come true… Could it?"

The lights came around them, tighter, and tighter, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud crack of thunder came from the sky. A thunderbolt, curiously colored red shot down and shattered the column of light.

Then, the digidestined saw a person standing in the midst of the rubble.

As the dust cleared, Kari was the first to speak.

"Izzy? Joe? Where are you?"

"We're here," said a man's voice. And then the person stepped into view.

A loud gasp came out from all the digidestined. It was not Joe, nor was it Izzy. It almost appeared.. to be both of them.

A muscular man stood out before them. He had purple hair and oddly colored stone grey eyes. He had on glasses, and carried what seemed to be a sword upon his back. He was of a medium stature and wore an orange shirt with some white striped shorts.

"I am Jyoshiro. The bearer of the crest of Wisdom." A strange, short figure also came out of the mist. "And I am Gotanamon, his digimon companion."

The other digidestined stood there in mixed fear and wonder. Finally, Tai spoke up.

"What happened to you guys? You look, well.. like a jogress digivolution, but that can't be! You're human!"

The man nodded at Tai. "The digital world holds many secrets. One of which is that humans can also jogress." Tai gawked.

"You mean, any of us could?"

"Yes, but only in certain situations. Like this." He paused and looked at Metal Etemon, who was shaking. "If humans and their digimon partners both jogress, then there is a level beyond Mega that they can reach. In fact, to a certain extent, we have digivolved." Jyoshiro clenched a fist.

"But on to the specifics later. For now, I believe a certain someone has to have a little talking to."

He faced Metal Etemon, who by now was cowering. "You.. You!!" was all that he could get out.

"That's right, be afraid, little digimon. We are ready." Kari gasped at the sound of the man's voice. It was so.. unlike both Joe or Izzy to stand up. Truly, this must be a digivolution.

"Crest of Wisdom, grant us light!!" the man yelled and whipped out his sword. He held it above his head. It gleamed. A digivice on his sheath glowed.

"Gotanamon jogress warp-digivolve to.. Lekabinomon!!"

"Whoa!" yelled Matt at the sight of the giant digimon. Man, Seal, and Insect seemed to be what was mixed into this creature. He had a full head of reddish hair and blue crystalline eyes. A weird symbol flashed on his chest plate, probably the symbol of wisdom. It gleamed white in the sun. Wings and claws flashed everywhere, as well as a long tail.

"Now, where's Metal Etemon?" asked Jyoshiro.

The metal monkey was hiding behind a bush. The purple-haired man laughed.

"Why are you hiding, Metal Etemon? Surely a Mega isn't afraid of a Pure digimon?"

"Pure!" yelled T.K. "That's what the level must be!"

Jyoshiro merely nodded at the young boy. He allowed himself one small smile, then turned to the massive creature and told him. "Take him out. He tried to kill Sincerity."

Sure enough, the being flew into the sky and formed in his hands what seemed to be a massive electric ball of water. "Hey, Etemon? Surely your metal doesn't corrode, does it?"

Metal Etemon went white as he could get and just flung Mimi to the shore. He knew he was a goner.

"Electric Discharge Submerge!!" The seal-insect let the ball go, and suddenly Jyoshiro flew into the air, with his sword, letting the surge of power go into it. Then, he rammed it straight into Metal Etemon. He disappeared, destroyed.

A glow then surrounded Jyoshiro and Lekabinomon and floated them gently to the ground. When the grass had barely touched their backs, it vanished.

In its wake lay Tentomon alongside Izzy, who had returned to his former age, and Joe, with Gomamon by his side, also correctly aged. Both were unconscious, but it still seemed that Izzy was hurt in some way.

Mimi suddenly awoke alongside the shore.

"Oh!" she yelled and sat up. Palmon rushed to her.


But Mimi seemed to know that something more important than her awakening had happened. She saw the light dim around the grass, and the digidestined crowded around. Nobody spoke a word when she joined the group.

Joe's eyes fluttered. "Wha.. where am I?" He jumped up. "No.. Etemon! Mimi! I.." he trailed off as he saw his friends crowded around. "What's the matter? What happened?"

"Don't you remember? You and Izzy.." asked Sora.

"Well, I remember touching his hand, then I draw a complete blank," mumbled Joe. "I don't know what happened. Did we beat him? Etemon, I mean."

"Yeah, he's gone. But you don't.." said Matt.

"Izzy!" Kari had knelt by his side. "Izzy!" She touched his forehead slightly, and a pink glow seemed to surround her and the boy. His eyes opened.

"K..Kari!" he voiced. "Hi.. Wow. That was some trip. I must have fallen really hard." He saw his fellow digidestined's eyes looking very concerned.

"Izzy? You Ok, my man?" Matt asked him.

"Ye..Yeah. Just a little dizzy. Motor functions are also a bit sluggish." He laughed, exhausted. His friends all laughed with him.

Tai took Matt aside. "I guess neither of them remember. How weird."

Matt nodded. "Best not to say anything. Izzy's really beat up and Joe's wierded out as it is. Let's not chance telling them."

The rest of the day went by, with doctors Mimi and Joe watching their friend and nursing him back to health. Izzy's condition became better throughout the day, and everyone was happy, when, come nightfall, he stood up to stretch his legs.

During the night, Kari came to Izzy's side, wanting to speak to him.



"Do you remember when you and Joe were.. Well, what I meant is.."

"When Joe and I were combined?"

Kari's jaw dropped. "But I thought neither you or Joe remembered that. Joe said he didn't."

"Joe also does not bear the crest of knowledge. Reliability, yes. It came in handy to form the crest and warrior of wisdom, but other than that, it is a very weak crest. My crest comes with the responsibility of knowing and remembering things. This is why I remember it."

They sat there a moment, then Kari asked, "What did it feel like?"

Izzy paused, wondering how to give this answer. "I felt.. whole, strong, and brave. I didn't exactly know how to react at first. Neither did Joe. We were one. It was so weird. I knew Joe- every thing about him, his fears, his gosh darn million allergies. And he knew me the same way.. And yet, I had those fears. I had those allergies. We were like one being, literally. It was very hard to keep my personal self."

Kari smiled, then grew serious. "You .. well, you two also said that we can also do this.. jogress thing. What does this mean?"

"It means that things are probably going to be a lot weirder around here. I can already figure out mostly who is going to jogress with who.. or at least, make a logical guess. T.K. and Matt, but also Matt and Tai have a chance. Mimi & Sora, and you and Sora as well. It's.. difficult. Something happened to me while I was joined. I don't know what, but something tells me that I'm not exactly the same old Izzy that once was."

Kari laughed. "Why should you be? After an experience like that!"

Izzy grew serious. "Just tell no one that I remember all this. Got me, Kari?"

"But why?"

"Because they need to find out on their own." He glanced up at the stars. "We still have a long way to go, don't we?"

"Oh yes," piped in Tentomon, who had just sat down. "Izzy.. I.."

"I know," said Izzy. "Don't let the other digimon know."

Kari yawned. "I guess we all learned something from this experience. It's different to be older."

Izzy just stared into the stars. "Yes. It sure is different to switch views."

The two children and Tentomon fell asleep under the stars, getting ready for the hard journey ahead of them, and their destinies to unfold..

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