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and N is my dream-prince.

sleeping beauty syndrome
(darling wake up, you aren't sleeping, you are just in a daze.)


The first time Black sees White after he left for his journey, she is accompanied by a green haired, green eyed stranger. And Black decides that he hates that guy— and Cheren does too, and Black could see his hands clench as he glares at the two, while Belle puts her hand on his shoulder, trying to calm the boy.

But it's too late, they both know that in Cheren's eyes—White is already the traitor.


He doesn't see White, until a few months later, but she was by herself this time— and Cheren was speaking in that low tone asking her why, she was spending time with that idiot. And Black didn't feel the pain or see the blood on his hand as he punched the wall, when White told them that she loves him.


Black disappears after that— and hopes that White would snap out of her trance. She isn't in love with the boy, she isn't. White comes to him later, and holds his bleeding hand— "I'm sorry," she says, "I know what you feel— but I'm sorry."

"How?" He manages to ask, and all she could do is shrug.

"It just happened. It was just one look."


He didn't see White for a while— but he got to see that green haired boy that calls himself N. He got in a fight with that boy, all fists and punches out of the raw anger—

"It's not my fault that she loves me, Black."

—Black saw red.


She was laughing when he saw her next— she was laughing and she was smiling and he couldn't look anymore— so he disappeared into the darkness. It's too painful to see her like this.


He was facing N in a battle and she was staring at him, with N at her side— holding his hand as if he was going to disappear any second— not that Black would mind that. Then N said—

"You know Black, every king needs a queen. And White's mine."

—then Black couldn't remember what happened next.


He never sees the two again— only hears whispers of what he could have done, and should have done. It was blatant knowledge that the queen always falls for the knight.

Just not in this fairytale.


to be continued

(and sometimes late at night he thinks that this whole thing was a dream until he sees the empty room and the forgotten childhood promise.)